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August 19, 2015 / Elvis Express Radio
The recent EPE run Elvis auction has had more than it's fair share of obvious fakes and many more highly dubious approved items and now in the aftermath, another Graceland
authenticated Elvis treasure has been brought to our attention .

Lot # 124 - "TCB" Gold Necklace Gifted to Richard Davis by Elvis Presley
The necklace came with a typed letter dated Dec 18, 1985 and it is said to be signed Richard Davis?

There were 13 bidders battling it out for the TCB with their individual bids raising the total (include buyers premium) to $35,000.00

However, in the tip off, the following is alleged ...
"t will soon be out they [EPE] sold a TCB necklace that was not Richard Davis’. I spoke to his widow and it was not…EPE wouldn’t
pull that and it sold"

We must stress that this allegation is just that, an allegation, but we will be looking to bring you more information as we look into this in more detail. In the mean time, we were shown
a couple of documents both alleged to have been signed by Richard Davis?

So let's take a look:
The typed letter is dated Dec 18, 1985 and claims to be signed by Davis as a LOA
for his personally owned TCB necklace which it states was given to him by Elvis

But take a look at the signature .... Below this signature you will see another
signature which we are told is the real signature of Richard Davis signed in 2001?

IF this is indeed true then it's very clear to see that the top signature is nothing like
the example given in comparison.

Can YOU HELP? Do you have a signed item by Richard Davis? Do you know the
widow of Richard?

If you can help us look into this issue we would like you to contact us here at Elvis
Express Radio on

Pictured: Elvis with
Richard Davis in Las
Vegas 1970.