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Collector gets call from postal inspectors about early Elvis stamp purchase
August 14, 2015 / Commercial Appeal  /  Elvis Express Radio
A stamp collector in Memphis who purchased first-day covers of the new Elvis Presley postage stamp two days before its issue date says he was contacted by U.S. Postal
Inspection Service investigators on Tuesday morning.

“They were very kind; they were very polite,” said David Saks, who bought three sheets of the stamps Monday afternoon at a post office in Mason in Tipton County. “They inquired
as to whether I had previous knowledge that the stamps would be available before Aug. 12. I did not. They also inquired as to whether I had exchanged any additional money with
the clerk, which I did not, and would be illegal to do so.”

Saks, 63 and retired, said the agents indicated that he had done nothing wrong. He had called around to a number of post offices before finding one that said they had Elvis
stamps to sell. The stamp’s official issue date is today, with a ceremony at 8 a.m. at Graceland featuring Priscilla Presley and other dignitaries.

Saks acknowledged that news of his early purchase — which was picked up in national stamp publications — might have proved embarrassing to Graceland and to Elvis Presley
Enterprises CEO Jack Soden, whom he notified about the purchase and whom he calls a close friend. Soden did not respond to requests for comment. Saks, who estimates the lot
could be worth thousands of dollars, also denied a profit motive, saying he’s a collector, not a dealer.

“I just wanted to get the word out to the collectors. These kind of collecting anomalies occur occasionally. In any event, it’s not for sale, not at this point.”