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EPE Quickly Remove More and More Lots From Their Auction
August 12, 2015 / Tony Stuchbury / Elvis Express Radio
We've been going on about all the highly suspicious looking Lots that have been put up for auction and authorised by Elvis Presley Enterprises as authentic Elvis Presley artifacts.

It all started out with the Obviously FAKE Chumpsuit, any fan with a passing interest in Elvis' stagewear knew that the thing screamed a huge WARNING, but despite this, EPE gave
the chumpsuit their thumbs-up with their seal of approval. In fact the following is what EPE proudly state regarding their certifications.
Each and every lot in this auction has been thoroughly researched and certified by Graceland Authenticated, the authority in Elvis and pop culture authentication.
Graceland Authenticated provides bidders with the peace of mind that the artifact they are buying is what it claims to be. Every lot in this auction is accompanied by a letter of
authenticity from Graceland Authenticated, so you can bid with confidence.

So, ever since we called into doubt the Chumpsuit (being sold by a well known Elvis dealer on the web), We noticed so many more highly questionable items, in fact, there were a
total of 25 lots that screamed FAKE!!

The display below housed a purple top that Elvis did wear as shown in the pictures included, but the Spinout album that EPE authenticated as being signed by Elvis has been
proved FAKE because that particular issue of 'Spinout' was released AFTER Elvis' death.
Then there is the mega-collectors piece, a guitar signed by
the legendary 'Million Dollar Quartet', Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis,
Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.

You can see the signed Guitar (Right) and below that, you
can see a close up of the autograph which to us here at
E.E.R is highly dubious.

It was not only us who had noticed many fake items, in fact
others had the same thoughts as us which was almost all of
the Elvis autographs were extremely questionable.

Another guitar which is claimed to be signed...
Respectfully yours
Elvis Presley
and also includes a signature by Col Tom Parker, which is
another Lot that is deeply questionable. The Elvis autograph is not the
only thing on this guitar that is in question. The Parker autograph is also
in question because as our own Joe Krein points out, Parker is known to
usually signs an autograph simply as 'The Colonel'.

PLUS, the man was known to not even sign things and use an ink stamp
of his autograph, The Colonel.

So, as the auction day arrives, EPE have all of a sudden removed many
of the Lots that we have been raising questions about over the last few
weeks and let's hope nobody gets ripped off with other items we have not
had a chance to examine