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Elvis Appreciation Day brings in visitors from all over the world
August 09, 2015 / WTVA Tupelo / Elvis Express Radio
Hundreds traveled long distances to be in Tupelo on Saturday to visit the birthplace of Elvis Presley on Fan Appreciation Day.

“To see it in real life after you’ve seen it all your life on film, it’s amazing," said Jackie Stokley. Stokley has traveled all the way from England to be able to make it here on Fan
Appreciation Day.

"Thirty-seven years I wanted to come," Stokley said. "My children payed for me for my 50th for my birthday last year.  They always said when they were little they would get me
here, they promised, and they have."

Stokley was just one of the hundreds of fans who traveled to Tupelo on Saturday for the unveiling of two new Elvis statues that overlook the king’s birthplace and museum.

“Elvis has been pretty much been my whole life for roughly the past 25 years," said Tribute Artist, David Lee. "I fell in love with Elvis in my early twenties, and pretty much he is apart
of my everyday life. I almost consider him a friend. I know it sounds strange, but he’s been with me through the hard times and the good times."

The unveiling of the statues makes this fan appreciation day even more significant for tribute artist, David Lee who comes here year after year from Birmingham.

“The fan day here is just a big event and especially this year with the unveiling of the new statues so I couldn’t miss it this year,” said Lee.

The two statues unveiled represent Elvis at two different times in his life.

One statue pictures Elvis at age 11 and the other statue represents Elvis the entertainer in his famous eagle suit.

David Lee even helped with one of the statues.  
“I was fortunate enough to be the model for the statue," Lee said. "The big one, so I got an extra stake in it if you will.”

Despite the heat, these die hard fans poured in to witness this moment on Fan Appreciation Day.

“He’s the only singer that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I hear him sing and it stuck with me always. Nobody will ever replace him,” Stokley said.
Fan Appreciation Day is held every year in August. Elvis Presley passed away on August 16, 1977.