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Startling Truths About The King Of Rock And Roll's Life, Loves, Film's and Music.
August 06, 2015 / Amazon UK
As the week of Elvis' death fast approaches, we see more and more Elvis items being released and this book is just one of
those things

The author, Trina Young, claims that her book reveals the truth about Elvis (where have we heard that before?), it will be
interesting to see where she gets her information from?

It's time to look at Elvis Presley from the inside out.

Elvis: Behind The Legend uncovers stunning secrets about The King of Rock and Roll's life, loves, films and music. Elvis:
Behind The Legend is a collection of over 30 succinct articles revealing surprising facts and discoveries about The King –
some light-hearted and fun, and some striking at the core of Presley’s heart and passions. With topics covering the full span
of Presley's life, it also explores some of the myths in the Elvis legend.

Elvis: Behind The Legend explores the inner motivations and desires of the man crowned The King of Rock and Roll, and
reveals how Presley's success actually conflicted with many of his own personal passions.

Elvis Presley’s public image as The King of Rock and Roll was constantly at war with his inner desires: the rock and roll
revolutionary who wanted to be a mainstream pop star, the teen heartthrob who wanted to be a serious actor, the defiant
rebel who dutifully served in the military, the sex god who released religious gospel records and the anti-establishment
symbol who proudly shook hands with President Nixon.

Similar to Bob Dylan, Presley was ultimately assigned a title and image that he never aspired to. While Dylan abruptly left the
musical genre of folk music that made him famous to freely pursue his other musical passions, Presley was never allowed to
escape his rock and roll image.

Many rock and roll fans wondered why Elvis had changed so much over the years and some even criticized him for it. Elvis
was forever compared to his 1950s image of sex, defiance and rebellion which in many ways led him to be misunderstood.
Startling revelations about Elvis Presley include:
* His hidden speech impediment

* How he truly felt about rock and roll

* The famous outfit Elvis hated to wear

* How Elvis learned to bump and grind

* Why serving in the army terrified him

* How Elvis launched his career by accident

* The woman who stood between Elvis and Priscilla

* What his ultimate ambition in show business really was

* Why he sang with a professed hater of rock and roll

* Why Elvis was willing to give up his career

* The acclaimed Elvis film that was surprisingly a flop

* What really happened when Elvis met The Beatles

* The tragic backstory to Jailhouse Rock

* Why Elvis never attended any of his movie premieres

* The real reason Elvis went to meet President Nixon

* How Elvis designed his own gravesite

* Who was bigger - Elvis or The Beatles?

By looking beneath the surface, this book gives music fans an insight into The King of Rock and Roll like never before.

The book includes Elvis Presley's complete box office earnings; full list of Elvis Presley's and The Beatles' certified record sales; and 8-page photo section.

Trina Young is a freelance entertainment journalist who has been writing about Elvis Presley for several years online. She founded a popular biography website on The Beatles at
Beatles-History.net. Her former fan magazine about The Beatles called "Daytrippin" is now part of the permanent collection at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives.
Her extensive research has included traveling to famous Elvis landmarks around the U.S. in Memphis, Tupelo, Las Vegas, Fort Chaffee, Palm Springs and Honolulu.

Release of the book is planned for August 11th.