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RV Dealership Buys Up Stamps Bus And Announce Elvis Bus Exhibit
August 06, 2015 / Elvis Express Radio
Back in May, the long battle of the TCB Bus was all but finally done and dusted..... The current owner, Larry Michaels was putting the troublesome Stamps bus on the auction block
through Julien's Auctions who auctioned the bus and predicted it would sell anywhere from $100,000 - $200,000.

We here at E.E.R battled for years to prevent fans being ripped off when the bus was being wrongly promoted as Elvis Presley's last tour bus. In reality the bus was NEVER used by
Elvis on any tour or Vegas engagements. Elvis helped Bass singer J.D. Sumner with the down payment (There's a copy of a $25,000 check Elvis wrote as a down-payment for the
bus), and that was Elvis' entire involvement with the bus (Oh he also drove it for a few MINUTES and nearly crashed it).

But despite years proving the bus was not ELVIS' bus, the King's name was still used to promote the bus, including it being advertised as "A very special and very large piece of
Elvis memorabilia" that was featured on America's NBC TV's "The Today Show." Tupelo resident and businessman, Larry Michaels appeared on the show along with the 1976 MCI
Crusader Bus, otherwise known as the "TCB Bus," which was used for Elvis' male backing singers, 'The Stamps'.

After the show, the bus was featured outside New York's Hard Rock Cafe until it went over to the auction block in mid-May where it sold for $268,000
The bus was snapped up by U.S. RV Mega Dealers 'Motor Home Specialists' who splashed out $268,000 on what must be Rock 'N' Roll's most over priced backing singers bus? But
the new owners consider the Stamps old bus to be
"an amazing piece of rock & roll history and we feel it has finally found it's final resting place here at Motor Home Specialists."
Donny O'Banion, CEO of MHSRV went on,
"Myself and my family are huge Elvis fans and we think a lot of RVers and Elvis enthusiasts alike will get a real kick out of visiting the
Elvis Bus while visiting MHSRV."

The dealership, located in Alvarado Texas, plans to build a large scale museum to house the bus, which will not only house the bus, but will also feature additional Elvis Presley
related memorabilia and artifacts.

The TCB Bus will be open to the public FREE OF CHARGE, twice a year during Motor Home Specialists World's RV Shows. These bi-annual shows take place in the Spring and the
Fall of each year. The first TCB Bus Open days will run from September 7th to 12th 2015.

German Fan Club, The King's World, posted on the dealerships Facebook page stating, "Congratulations to have purchased Elvis' TCB Tour Bus! Very good that this historic
vehicle will be on display at your company."

It seem's that the people running the German club believe this bus to have belonged to Elvis himself, which is as we all know totally untrue. We cannot help but wonder if MHSRV will
be trying to promote this as belonging to Elvis? But with the Official German Fan Club plugging it as such, the entire blame can be layed at the new owners feet.....

Time will reveal all and we shall bring you the latest news as and when.