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EPE forced to remove bogus Elvis jumpsuit
August 04, 2015 / Elvis Express Radio
when it comes to ducks and IMPS but with the man himself, it's blurrrr! Look at the embarrassing screw up with the authentication of the 1956 Vegas Standee which EER revealed
was in fact an early 1980s REPRODUCTION. And who can forget the "Personally Owned & Worn TCB Pendent" on display at the "ELVIS AT THE O2" exhibit. This again was an
obvious FAKE and has been covered up by EPE & many sites. While we're at the O2, there's the album 'Elvis Presley' listed as Elvis' first album release from 1956, but the one
displayed is one from the late 70s.

3. Back when EPE first announced they would be holding auctions and giving the Graceland Seal of Authentication, E.E.R's Lee and Joe predicted that it would not be long until
EPE authenticated FAKE items which could throw Elvis Collecting into turmoil with more and more bogus stuff hitting the field all with the seal of approval from Graceland.   

The main issue with this service is that it's EPE do the following:
A - Initial "artifact" review = Pay EPE $50
B - EPE authenticate "artifact" = Pay EPE 10% of the fair market value of the "artifact".
C - When a lot sells, the winning bidder = Pay EPE 39% on top of the final bid.
D - EPE also charge the winner an extra = 5% of the Elvis Fan Tax

With EPE making so much money from every item put through to their auctions, it only makes sense for them to authenticate as many items as possible, and with so many items on
this latest auction setting off alarm bells, surely this now proves that EPE authenticating and selling the same stuff is a major conflict of interest.
Unless you were a regular of EER, you'd be forgiven if you had missed it?  

LOT #39 was listed in the Graceland Auction as
Elvis Presley's Light Blue
“Starburst” Jumpsuit, worn during 1973 at the Las Vegas Hilton and other
concerts (Estimated $100,000-150,000)

EPE announced that the jumpsuit had been thoroughly researched and certified by
Graceland Authenticated, the authority in Elvis and pop culture authentication.
Graceland Authenticated provides bidders with the peace of mind that the artifact they
are buying is what it claims to be. Every lot in this auction is accompanied by a letter of
authenticity from Graceland Authenticated, so you can bid with confidence.

But as it turns out, you can't bid with any confidence because as our regular listeners
will know, Lee and Joe called this suit a fake as soon as EPE announced it.

Now, after LOT #39 received 4 bids reaching $112,000 we see that EPE have now
removed the lot without any fan-fair or even a passing comment.

BUT that's not the end of the bogus alarm bells that are ringing VERY LOUD in this

One source of ours (who has been an authority on Elvis owned items for over 30
years) agree's with EER that there are many highly questionable items in the auction
to out right fakes.

Before we list some of the suspected items, here's 3 points you should remember
when it comes to bidding on these "Authenticated Treasures"...

1. Owners of these items pay EPE a bare minimum of $200 ($50 initial review + an
authentication fee is calculated at 10% of the fair market value of the artifact with the
assumption that the artifact is authentic. But there is a minimum authentication fee of

2. This auction has shown once again just how much EPE don't now about the very
thing and makes them a multi-million pound business....Elvis Presley!  They're fine