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This is Elvis and in the concluding volume of the trilogy Elvis: The Best of British, this time the focus is on
the RCA recordings of 1959-1960 and, consistent with the previous volumes, contains over 500 pages.

Discover exactly how Elvis, on his triumphant return from army service, reinvented his career at the top of the
entertainment world when RCA declared ‘Elvis is Back!’ before the movie G.I. Blues changed his life forever.

His story is graphically told through the music with over FIFTY iconic songs, originally released on the British
RCA label, having been extensively researched.

Over 1100 rare or previously unpublished photographs, charts and unique memorabilia, create a visually
enhanced record of a superstar with unsurpassed acclaim.

Read about the management strategy to keep Elvis’ name in the public eye whilst he was away, which not
only succeeded in retaining his image of more than just a singer, but as the pulse at the heart of a
generation. With its wealth of invaluable information, this book includes: -

° Every known photograph and press cutting of Elvis in Scotland, his only time on British soil!

° Photographs from the pivotal meeting with Hal Wallis in a German restaurant where Elvis’ future movie
career was mapped out!

° The New York Elvis songwriter who was thrown into the East River by mobsters and the British composer
who appeared on a £10 bank note!

This book includes a 30 track CD featuring many performances officially released for the first time.

Hear Elvis personally introduce his British chart toppers during this two year period along with other classic
tracks, rare movie versions and audio movie promotions. Add to that, exciting songwriter demos as Elvis first
heard them and you will own a unique CD to treasure.

Elvis: The Best Of British, The RCA Years 1959 – 1960 INTRODUCED BY ELVIS

01. I Got Stung
02. One Night
03.(Now And Then There’s) A Fool Such As I
04. I Need Your Love Tonight
05. It’s Now Or Never (O Sole Mio)
06. Are You Lonesome Tonight? Θ

07. My Wish Came True
08. A Big Hunk O’ Love
09. It Feels So Right
10. Soldier Boy
11. I Will Be Home Again
12. Like a Baby
13. Such A Night
14. Fame And Fortune
15. Doin’ The Best I Can

16. G.I. BLUES – (Short) Movie Trailer
17. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Duet with ‘Juliet Prowse’)
18. What’s She Really Like (Shower song)
19. Tonight’s All Right For Love (German single version)
20. G.I. Blues – UK Radio Advert No 1
21. Frankfort Special (Train version)
22. G.I. Blues – UK Radio Advert No 2
23. Wooden Heart (Puppet show version)
24. G.I. Blues – UK Radio Advert No 3
25. Shoppin’ Around (Live nightclub version)
26. G.I. Blues – UK Radio Advert No 4
27. Big Boots – (Slow 2nd Version - Take 6)
28. G.I. Blues – (Long) Movie Trailer

29. Pocketful Of Rainbows – Vocal: Jimmy Breedlove ΘΘ
30. I Gotta Know – Vocal: Paul Evans ΘΘΘ

Total Running Time: 67:42 minutes

Θ This single was recorded in 1960 and made No 1 in January 1961

ΘΘ Courtesy of Ben Weisman

ΘΘΘ Courtesy of Paul Evans
July 31, 2015 / FTD / ELVIS MATTERS