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It's our idea of Elvis Hell, an entire festival surrounded by Imps! Imps! Imps! For a long time now, Collingwood, Canada, Parkes, Australia & Porthcawl in Wales have been holding
IMP-Fests each year and more and people turn up in their chumpsuits turning Elvis more and more into a caricature than ever before. But EPE don't mind any of that all the while
they are making money from the events.

Earlier this week, the Town of Collingwood refused to divulge how much it pays to Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) to license the Collingwood Elvis Festival. The Connection asked
municipal officials for the cost of the annual licensing fee and a copy of the agreement with EPE, but town representatives refused to provide either.

“Further to your request for information pertaining to the licence agreement with Elvis Presley Enterprises, please note that the agreement contains a confidentiality clause … which
explicitly provides for confidentiality with respect the agreement and the contents,”  

The licence fee allows the municipality to use Elvis Presley’s name and likeness for the festival. Also, the festival sends the winner of the festival to Graceland for a tribute contest
operated by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

The festival has been wholly operated by the municipality for the last decade, and has seen considerable operating losses over the last several years including $75,000 in 2014,
$40,000 in 2013 and $9,800 in 2012. The festival posted a $1,380 profit in 2011.

In addition to public funds for the festival, municipal employees, especially from the parks, recreation and culture department, are heavily involved in the operation of the event.

The province of Ontario has also chipped in with funding, through Celebrate Ontario grants, including $61,000 in 2015, $46,900 in 2014, and $48,000 in 2012

Even though town turned down the request from the Collingwood Connection to reveal how much EPE were paid for the right to use Elvis' name on the basis of a “confidentiality
agreement” contained within the contract. However, the clerk sent a statement Friday via email including the amount paid to EPE in licence fees.

Clerk Sara Almas said the town “informally” contacted EPE about the request and EPE “consented” to the town releasing a statement.

The statement said the licence fee of $8,500.00 was paid to EPE which then gave the town the use of Elvis Presley trademarks for the
2015 Collingwood Elvis Festival,
permissions to hold an
official Elvis festival and an officially licensed Elvis tribute artist contest as part of EPE’s worldwide 2015 Ultimate Tribute Artist Contest and a
licence to
produce and sell official merchandise that incorporates the name, likeness or image of Elvis Presley and the name of the festival.

There are no reports on revenue generated at the 2015 Collingwood Elvis Festival yet. Typically staff report finances from the festival later in the year (fall/winter).

According to the 2014 budget, the town generated $3,982 in program sales in 2013 and $5,859 in 2012. The budget also includes a line regards to promotional products and
clothing in which the town generated $1,500 in both 2013 and 2012.

The Connection did file a Freedom of Information request with the town on Wednesday to obtain a copy of the
EPE/town contract and also to receive copies of invoices from EPE
to the town from 2003 to 2015.

The Connection will be pursuing this request.
Collingwood releases previously confidential fees paid to Elvis Presley Enterprises
July 31, 2015 / Collingwood Connection