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But, have EPE incorrectly authenticated an item as we predicted?
July 20, 2015 / EER
Elvis Presley Enterprises have announced their next "Auction At Graceland"...
"Graceland Auctions has announced that its third auction of rare and authentic Elvis Presley artifacts and memorabilia will be held during Elvis Week 2015, featuring an impressive
174 lots, making it the largest and most comprehensive auction yet held on the grounds of Graceland. The Auction at Graceland will take place in the Graceland Archives Studio on
Thursday, August 13, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. EDT/7:00 p.m. CDT. On-line bidding will begin on July 27, 2015 at GracelandAuctions.com. Click here to register to participate in the

Elvis touched the hearts and lives of fans across the globe, and our goal for the Elvis Week 2015 Auction at Graceland was to include artifacts from across the spectrum of
collecting, including items owned by Elvis, gifted by Elvis, written by Elvis, used by Elvis and created to promote the king and his career.  Whether you are looking for a stage-worn
jumpsuit or a piece of 1950’s merchandising, a historical document or a rare test pressing, a TCB necklace or a movie artifact, this auction has something for you."

However, alarm bells are ringing with the announcement of this latest auction. When EPE first revealed they would authenticate every item offered for sale, regular listeners may
remember that E.E.R's Lee and Joe had fears that it would not be too long before something highly suspicious would be given the Graceland seal of approval which would be a
disaster for what is real and what isn't which has been an issue over the years with various unscrupulous dealers, former friends and aids of Elvis' and now with Graceland it's a new
level of False Treasures.

The item that rings alarms is what EPE list as....
Elvis Presley Light Blue “Starburst” Jumpsuit (see below), worn during 1973 at the Las Vegas Hilton and other concerts (Estimated $100,000-150,000)
Some of the auction highlights include:  
Elvis Presley Light Blue “Starburst” Jumpsuit worn during 1973 at the Las Vegas Hilton and other concerts (Estimated $100,000-150,000)

Elvis Presley "Viva Las Vegas" Jacket worn in dance scene with Ann-Margret (Estimated $30,000-50,000)

Million Dollar Quartet Signed Guitar with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis signatures (Estimated $20,000-30,000)

"TCB" Diamond and Gold Necklace gifted to Sammy Davis Jr. by Elvis Presley (Estimated $20,000-30,000)

1956 Elvis Presley Double-Signed Transfer Agreement moving 15 Songs to Gladys Music (Estimated $20,000-30,000)

Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Gold Owl-Shaped Ring gifted to a fan from the stage (Estimated $15,000-20,000)

1969 Elvis Presley Handwritten Signed Letter to Gary Pepper discussing the inaugural show at the International Hotel (Estimated $10,000-15,000)

Elvis Presley Signed Shirt from his personal wardrobe provided as the Grand Prize in a 1973 Boy Scout raffle (Estimated $8,000-12,000)

1968 Elvis Presley Film-Worn Jacket from "Live a Little, Love a Little" (Estimated $7,000-10,000)

1957 Elvis Presley Enterprises Elvis Presley Doll in rare original box (Estimated $7,000-10,000)

1971 Elvis Presley Signed Martial Arts Card with fingerprints (Estimated $5,000-7,500)

Elvis Presley's Personal Walther Model PPK/S 9mm Kurz Handgun ornately engraved "Elvis" and “TCB (Estimated $100,000–125,000)
But take a real look at this jumpsuit.....The images of Elvis used to show him wearing the suit only go to show that this is NOT the
same stage worn jumpsuit.
So, if EPE are not responsible for any item that they have certified turning up as being a FAKE, then what the hell kind of worth are their Letters of Authenticity (LOA)?? EPE really
are on a winner with this auction deal as they make good money from each item listed and sold without any risk if something is proved to be FAKE!

So what kind of money do EPE make from each item put up for auction and what cut do they get from each successful sale
* Submit an Item for Review and pay the
initial review fee of $50

* If your artifact is accepted for further research and review, ship your item to Graceland and the authentication fee to proceed. The authentication fee is calculated at 10% of the
fair market value of the artifact with the assumption that the artifact is authentic. The
minimum authentication fee is $150. You are paying for Graceland Authenticated services to
review and research in order to make a determination and provide an opinion on the authenticity of your artifact. Fees are for work completed to arrive at the result and therefore

* Not only does EPE make money from each item sent in for auction, they also make a tidy sum from each winning bid. If you win an auction, let's say $200,000.00 for a jumpsuit,
you then have to pay an additional 39.5% on top of the $200,000.00 winning bid. But get this, even if you are bidding over the internet from another country, EPE still charge you
the highly controversial EPE created "Elvis Fan Tax" - or as they call it, the Tourist Tax which is an extra 5% on top of the actual State Tax.

This highly dubious jumpsuit is not the only item in this auction that has brought doubt to it's authenticity?
PLUS, Gene Doucette. who along with the now deceased Bill Belew made Elvis' stage suits & even he has come out and said that he has never seen the suit before.

These 2 pictures of Elvis are being used by various sites to show him wearing the auction item, but you can clearly see that the suit that is being auctioned through Graceland is
NOT the same one that Elvis is wearing.
Let's say, you've bid with confidence and you won the Jumpsuit, then a couple of months down the line you discover your EPE Authenticated, bought with
confidence Elvis worn Jumpsuit is nothing more than an IMP worn garment. What can you do? Can you go back to EPE and seek a refund? Apparently not?

Even though they let you know that each lot is,
"thoroughly researched" & assure bidders that they can have "peace of mind that the artifact they are buying is
what it claims to be"
oh and of course, "you can bid with confidence". According to a source on the FECC, EPE have covered their backs on this matter as they
state in the small print, if items sold at their auctions are later down the line proved not to be what they said they were, they are not legally responsible.
Featured in the auction catalogue is the story behind this suit, which is not only bizarre, but adds to the alarm bells that this suit
already causes to ring loudly.

By all accounts, the suit was damaged while being cleaned on tour in 1973 and so it was returned (it's alleged) to I. C. Costume
Company who decided to not repair it as it would apparently be cheaper to create a whole new suit then repair it???? So an
employee asked the company if he could buy the suit and was told yes?

But just before the employee bought the suit, the sleeves and the collar were, for some reason, removed along with some stones.
Why? Well, we're told this was to see if a repair could be done for Elvis? Still not sure why remove the sleeves and collar to
determine this????? Oh, and the I. C. Costume Company label was also removed.

Years later, the employee sold the suit and promised the collector he would keep an eye out for the missing parts of the suit (no
we are not making this up, it's in the EPE auction catalogue.....the story goes on). Then in the year 2000 by some stroke of
unbelievable luck, the missing sleeves and collar were found, so too was the I. C. Costume Company label. Even the original
missing stones were found after being sawn into a pant leg hem.

And there you have it, the "TRUE" story of how this suit was damaged, bits cut off, sold, re-sold, cut off bits found, put back on
and now being sold through EPE's auction service.

The whole story and the matter that nobody has ever seen this suit, neither, (we're told) has Gene Doucette.

IF EPE allow this suit to go ahead, despite no evidence as yet to prove it is authentic, where do the fans stand when or if later
down the road this or indeed any other item is found to be a total FAKE? Let's see.
All the items up for sale at these Graceland auction are given big old thumbs up from the powers that be at Elvis Presley Enterprises. Below is what EPE does regarding examining
each item.....
Each and every lot in this auction has been thoroughly researched and certified by Graceland Authenticated, the authority in Elvis and pop culture authentication.
Graceland Authenticated provides bidders with the peace of mind that the artifact they are buying is what it claims to be. Every lot in this auction is accompanied by a letter of
authenticity from Graceland Authenticated, so you can bid with confidence.

OK, so EPE have told you that you can bid with total confidence and you get an LOA which proves the item you have purchased is authentic? But what about something like this
highly suspicious, 99.99% FAKE jumpsuit being sold this August?