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Elvis Presley's signature black quiff the most iconic hairdo in pop history
July 05, 2015 / Daily Mirror
Once again, Elvis Presley’s signature black quiff has been named as the most iconic hairdo in pop history.

The King - whose natural hair colour was actually sandy blonde - beat a string of music legends to claim the "top of the mops" title.
Elvis was styled in the mid-sixties by Larry Geller who quit his salon in Hollywood to become a full-time barber for the rock ‘n’ roll idol. In an interview Geller once revealed the secret to
Elvis’ glossy locks - a mixture of base shampoo, vitamin capsules, aloe vera and herbs were all used to style the singer’s world famous hair.

Amy Winehouse’s dramatic beehive came second in the 2015 poll of 1,500 music fans. The tragic soul singer, who died in 2011 at the tender age of 27, was instantly recognisable
thanks to her sky-scraping hive.

Other stars to make the grade include reggae legend Bob Marley, who was third, David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust phase came fourth – and Lady Gaga was fifth.
The Prodigy’s Keith Flint, the late Michael Jackson and Blondie’s Debbie Harry also made the top ten, as did Tina Turner and Cher.

The 1980s – widely regarded as the decade of fashion disasters – were hailed as the best for pop hairdos.
The research also named and shamed Justin Beiber as having one of the worst pop haircuts ever to be seen in public.
The poll was conducted by Thorpe Park Resort to celebrate the launch of their new pop music event, ISLAND BEATS. A spokesperson said: "Anyone who has lost that loving feeling
with their locks, visit our Headmasters stand for a little less conversation and some hair-action, please." The study also acknowledged styles such as Dolly Parton’s tumbling curls and
Eminem’s blond crew cut.

Among the hall of shame was Sinead O’Connor, who was among the first female stars to ever shave off all her hair. Cyndi Lauper’s red and orange mop, Ed Sheeran’s frizzy style and
Michael Bolton’s 1970s-style footballer’s curls also got a firm thumbs down. The Bee Gees, Miley Cyrus and Meatloaf also made the list of worst haircuts.

The poll also revealed more than one in ten women have tried to copy Amy Winehouse’s beehive, while around one in ten men have worn either Elvis’s quiff, or Liam Gallagher’s
‘Manc mop’.

01. Elvis Presley (Quiff)
02. Amy Winehouse (Beehive)
03. Bob Marley (dreadlocks)
04. David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust)
05. Lady Gaga (Hair Bow style)
06. Keith Flint (Green Spikes)
07. Michael Jackson (90s Curl)
08. Debbie Harry (70s Blonde Bombshell)
09. Tina Turner (Shaggy Mane)
10. Cher (80s Perm)

01. Jedward
02. Sinead O'Connor
03. Justin Bieber
04. Ed Sheeran
05. Michael Bolton
06. Bee Gees
07. Miley Cyrus
08. Meatloaf
09. Cindi Lauper
10. The Cheeky Girls