Next is the U.S. 3 track Radio Sampler which features 3 of the 2010 versions which are shorter, radio edits!
1, Suspicious Minds (3:40)    2, That's All Right (2:52)    3, King Creole (2:54)
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Here is the U.K. advance promo (left) and next to that is the single disc album which is housed in a cardboard outer case.
The single disc has the 'Opendisc' feature which gives exclusive bonus material on a special webpage including interview, info & video's
Below is the U.K. advance promo (left) and the 2 CD Deluxe Edition again housed in a cardboard outer case.
CD 1 features the 2010 version and CD 2 features the originals. Also you will notice the colour differs to the single disc edition.
This is the standard U.S. edition of the album
The ELVIS on the cardboard outer case is cut out revealing the images of Elvis on the inside cover which is shown here.
This is the disco for the one hour radio special which aired on U.S. radio stations
Here is the exclusive Walmart edition which features one of the 'Love Me Tender 2010' duets with Thalia from the Latin America version
This edition does not come with a cardboard outer case as shown above
And finally I bring you the U.S. edition of 'NOW 36' which includes 'Suspicious Minds 2010' and gives the chance of winning a trip to Las Vegas
to see the Cirque du Soleil's show, 'Viva Elvis'. And next to this is a poster advertising the album's release.
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'Viva Elvis' cover variations complied by L. Dawson - Covers scanned by L. Dawson, J. Krein and T. King
Here is the single that never was to be....or was it? Cancelled in the U.K. and then released in Europe this is 'Suspicious Minds 2010'
The single features the Viva Elvis and the original versions and the catalogue number is 88697809232
Here we have covers for single releases
Left is the duet 'Love Me Tender 2010' with Lisa Lois - Centre is 'Suspicious Minds 2010'
Right is the Duet Bundle for 'Love Me Tender 2010' on itunes which includes all NINE duets from around the world.