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'Elvis: Walk A Mile In My Shoes' is the latest book release from Arjan Deelen, the man who put together the critically
acclaimed book,
'Elvis: Caught In A Trap' from 2002, which focused on Elvis' August / September 1973 engagement at the
Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas.

That book was always going to be a tough one to top due to so many wonderful quality photographs to feast our eyes on.
So, how does this latest release stand up to that first offering?
So, as I asked at the does 'Elvis: Walk A Mile A In Shoes' stand up in comparison with Arjan Deelens first book, 'Caught In A Trap'? The 2002
book remains a top quality book and ten years on, the 2012 book is a worthy follow up and another Elvis project that Mr Deelen can be very proud of.

Arjan and his book have been getting great publicity from the media and as a result of this, Elvis has been getting some very welcome positive publicity. I have
included a couple of newspaper clippings from the Dutch national media.

This fantastic book is almost sold out everywhere.....BUT, Those that want to order the book directly via Arjan Deelen, can do so while stocks last...

The Price including postage is:
€40 Euros for Europe or on European US$50 for USA & ROW.
Get You're Book Signed - Arjan will be happy to sign it personally for those that are interested..

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This hardback A4-size publication comes with 160+ pages and is introduced
by former TCB band stand-in, Duke Bardwell - (Bardwell took over from Jerry
Scheff on Bass for the whole of 1974 and the first Vegas tour of 1975) - who
is interviewed later on in the book.

The book is full of interviews and photos, but before you say "oh not another
book of interviews?", for me this stood out from the crowd and has many
stories that I personally have never encountered before. One of my favourite
being from Ronnie Tutt recalling how during the opening in 1969, everyone
couldn't wait for the show to end so they would run down to listen to the
recording but they became discouraged to do this because Parker was the one responsible messing the tracks
up...He would have Elvis' voice take like 70% of the sound, and the entire rhythm section way down in the mix.

There is so much information gained thanks to Arjan's interviewing technique from many difference avenues of
the Elvis world. Those who knew Elvis close, those who worked with him, wrote songs for him and so on. Also
included are interviews with those people no longer with us. The catalogue of Elvis people becoming the
interviewees are:
Ronnie Tutt; James Burton; Glen D. Hardin; Jerry Scheff; Charlie Hodge; Duke
Bardwell; Shaun Nielsen; Mynra Smith & Estelle Brown; Jim Murray & Terry Blackwood; Scotty Moore
& D.J. Fontana; Michael Jarrett; Chips Moman & The Memphis Boys; Mary & Ginger Holladay; Johnny
Christopher and Ernst Jorgensen

BUT...Thats not all the book has to offer. The photo's are mouth watering, simply beautiful, and with around 300
of these, many rare and unpublished photographs there is plenty to feast your eyes onto. But then add to this,
that there are several photos scanned direct from the original negatives, which is really special when we get
many of those photographs published in FULL PAGE (A4 size), then you will really start to appreciate these in great detail.

In the last
'Elvis Files' book from Erik Lorentzen, we were treated to some fantastic photos from Elvis' live performance at the Forum on November 14th 1970,
well in
'Walk A Mile In My Shoes' we are spoilt rotten with 21 images from this same show, many of which are unpublished anywhere and really capture the
essence of Elvis as a live performer. Many dynamic, dramatic action shots, and 6 of these amazing images being full page photos in beautiful quality.

I'm a big fan of the Epic King of Elvis Books series....
'The Elvis Files', but this book is without a doubt, a fantastic addition to every fans collection, and other
photographic treats are: New York Hilton (June 9, 1972); Aloha From Hawaii (January 1973); Home Is Where The Heart Is (Elvis At Graceland); Caught In A
Trap (Vegas 1973); Greensboro (March 13, 1974), Houston, Texas (March 1, 1970); Snapshots (Moments In Time); The Concert Years (Seventies);
Memories of 68 (The Comeback); Meeting The Press (August 1970); Elvis In Hollywood (Through The Years); Miami, Florida (August 4, 1956); and finally
Memphis, Tennessee (Audubon Drive '56).......PLUS the many rare and unseen pictures used within each of the interviews that are within the book.
Arjan Deelen with his new book
Elvis: Walk A Mile In My Shoes' is a book of you will love and will go back to time and time again, first of all for
the hundreds of photos and secondly for the many highly enjoyable and entertaining interviews. And then as if the
book is not enough, you are also treated to a free CD featuring 13 historical recordings, starting with
'I Forgot To
Remember To Forget'
, the recent find by a wire tape collector. Then we're taken back to Elvis' March 19, 1955
performance at the Grand Prize Jamboree, Eagles Hall in Houston, Texas where we are presented the show for
the first time speed-corrected and restored in a renowned Amsterdam studio.
'Good Rockin' Tonight'; 'Baby
Let's Play House'; 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky'; 'I Got A Woman'; 'That's All Right'

Other highlights on the free CD is a very rare radio promo for a 1956 Detroit performance followed by master take
31 of the classic 1956 record, 'Hound Dog'. Many people have asked why the same old master take of the song is
included on this CD of rarities? Arjan Deelen is best to answer this for you...
"We used the version of ‘Hound Dog’
because the quality in my view is better than the other versions out there. It has great dept and bottom, and just
listen to the handclaps and drums…. I think it sounds fantastic. Both Constatijn and I believe that this is the best
quality recording of this song, hence its inclusion here. It’s important to point out (as you did) that the CD is just a
nice little extra."
Next is edited version of 'Brown Eyed Handsome Man' nicely put together from the December 1956 Sun Studio jam session with Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry
Lee Lewis and earlier in the session, Johnny Cash, known as the Million Dollar Quartet. Then for the first time we get the complete interview direct  from the
original mastertape source of Elvis interviewed by Hannelore Krab for the ‘Bayerischen Rundfunk’ in Munich, Germany on June 18, 1959.

The final 3 songs are
'I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever (Movie Version)', this version is not from the studio session but is in fact lifted direct from the
'Tickle Me' soundtrack. The final songs
'Let Me Be The One' and 'Spanish Eyes' are both home recordings, from April 1974 at his Palm Springs home.