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Hi guys and gals, Lee here! I love the old advertising stuff for Elvis releases and other cool things, but like most of you, the chance of owning
these classic old items is very slim indeed and so what I have done is invite my co-host Joe to share with us some of these rare and valuable
items from his personal collection........This time round Joe sends in:
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Joe tells me that he has never seen another one of these and that many of his fellow collectors have said the same to him. Lately this poster has been very
popular on bootleg CDs and in books. Joe loves the use 1970s colours, hot neon pink and a deep purple and says "I'm not sure as to what the value is due
to not being able to compare it to another, but it's that reason alone which makes it very valuable indeed.
What you are looking at is possibly one of the rarest Elvis concert treasures, so rare that it could even be the only one to have survived? It was on the Hotel
elevator on May 13, 1973. There were a bunch of female fans on the elevator and one of them decided she wanted it for her Elvis collection. But it was
sealed up in a metal frame screwed to the elevator wall, and all they had on them was a nail file, and so that is what they used as a makeshift screw driver in
order to liberate the poster from it's frame prison.

The even bigger problem was the Women had to stop what they were doing every time someone got on the elevator and had to try and keep straight faced
about it. This mission to remove the poster took them more than 15 minutes to get it out and ready to move before anyone noticed anything? The door finally
opened and they walked out with this huge cardboard poster under two of there arms leaving just tha empty metal frame on the elevator.