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The next edition of 'The Elvis Files' is
to be released this coming August
From the author of the critical acclaimed book Elvis: The King Of Las Vegas comes this stunning 7 volume
unlike anything you've seen before.
The Elvis Files is a very ambitious project and an epic series consisting of
seven volumes and written by Erik Lorentzen. Each volume of the series
carefully documents every known day of Elvis Presley's life from the 1954
through to 1977, covering everything from what he wore on stage to whom
he meet that day.

Each book is a deluxe Hardcover and contains hundreds of pages packed
with over a thousand images, many of them
never seen before, with
interviews and concert reviews.

The books aren't being released in volume order of volume, but the Seven
Volume series and proposed publishing dates are:
The Elvis Files Vol. 3: 1960-1964, (May 2010)
The Elvis Files Vol. 2: 1957-1959, (November 2010)
The Elvis Files Vol. 4: 1965-1968, (August 2011)
Erik Lorentzen met Elvis on June 23, 1973
The Elvis Files Vol: 5  1969-1970, ? 2012
The Elvis Files Vol. 1: 1953-1956, ? 2012
The Elvis Files Vol. 6: 1971-1973, ?
The Elvis Files Vol. 7: 1974-1977, ?

Erik Lorentzen will carefully be documenting almost every single day of Elvis' life from 1954 to 1977, covering
everything from stage costumes, concert & film reviews, the people he met, rare interviews, rare candid photos and
many newly discovered photos never before seen.

Here at Elvis Express Radio, We Are Taking Care Of Elvis With "The Elvis Files" and we will be keeping you up to
date as new information gets released by the author.

About the Author:
Erik Lorentzen has seen Elvis in concert many times throughout 70`s. The first time was in NY at Madison Square
Garden in 1972. The year after, in 1973 he got to meet his hero backstage at Nassau Coliseum, together with Pål
Granlund, Per Granberg, Yngvar Holm, and Kari Lundstedt. In 1975 Erik meet Elvis in Vegas with Pål Ganlund. In
1976 Erik saw his hero many times. Both whilst On Tour and during his Vegas engagements.
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VOLUME 4: 1965-1968 (OUT NOW)