Hi everyone.
Well, the Big Boss man himself, the great Lee Dawson, has kindly given me
the chance to introduce myself and explain why I have come up with this
cartoon for his website. Please excuse any bad spelling or punctuation

My name's Tony, (yes another one) and I've been a fan of the King for many
years as well as dabbling in a little cartooning along the way.

I am a huge music fan and can't get by without having my fix on a daily
basis..........Music to me, is like the blood in my veins......Essential.

My music tastes range from classical to heavy metal but I always come back
to listening to the entertainer who has put more passion into music than any
other..........ELVIS PRESLEY.

From the sweetest of ballads to the heaviest rock 'n' roll, Elvis mastered
them all........Ok, so why have I felt the need to create this cartoon?
Like Lee, I have never understood the appeal of Elvis Impersonators and this is just a small way in which I think I can convey our feelings. IMPS are doing
nothing to preserve the talent of Elvis.  

They will never come anywhere near close. If anything, I think that they are helping in tarnishing the memory of a great entertainer and everything he built
throughout his career.

People just laugh when they watch an IMP.

But, it's not just the IMPS I'm annoyed about. It's the whole way that certain groups are now deciding to portray Elvis's memory as a joke figure.

From Steve Wright In the Afternoon's 'Ask Elvis' to the plastic so-called Elvis kits you can get it at fancy dress shops. It is mind numbingly tedious.

This sort of rubbish can be compared to taking a knife to one of Leonardo DaVinci's masterpieces. Elvis let you into his soul through his music like a
painter puts part of himself onto his canvas. Why should 'they' be able to trash everything that Elvis worked so hard for?

Why should us fans be subjected to anymore of it?

Towards the end of his life, whilst the power of his voice was improving, Elvis was beginning to lose confidence in himself. "When I am gone...will I
be remembered"?

Is this how ELVIS PRESLEY would like to be remembered?

To many of us, Elvis was like a brother.
He was always 'there' and still lives through his music. I, like many people, have also lost close family members and would fight anyone who would dare to
smear their memory.

Where has the respect gone for the memory of such a great entertainer?

Enough is Enough...

Leave it to one man........and one man only..........ELVIS PRESLEY.

Long Live the King of Entertainment.
Two fingers up to the piss-takers!!!
Tony Marriott