Way back in 2008 one of Elvis Presley's dearest friends and who was asked to be Elvis' best man at his wedding with Priscilla,
first answered a question / questions for E.E.R listeners. Now after 5 years, our ASK MARTY shuts it's email but we shall be
keeping his past Q&As online for you to take a look over if you so wish.
So many thanks Marty for answering the questions over the last few years.
Steve Asks Marty [17.04.13]
Hi Marty,
Once again, thanks for taking the time.  I keep revisiting Revelations and love doing that.  It is the best book IMO ever done on Elvis. A great read.  My
question is always about the music. Do you know of any song Elvis heard by another artist that he wished he had recorded first or was written for him?  Us
fans have our own list of songs we wish Elvis recorded, but I always wondered if Elvis had his.  Also, do you know of any songwriter or writers Elvis would have
liked to have been given a song specifically written for him ?  Its too bad Bruce Springsteen was never able to do that as he wrote Fire which I think was meant
for him.  Thanks, Steve

Marty Says:
Thank you for the compliments on the book,glad you like it.

I never heard Elvis express a desire to have wanted to record someone else's songs although he did record a couple.  Even though he wouldn't return to
American Studios after '69 because of a lie Parker told him, he liked some of the records Chips cut on others and incorporated them in his show with basically
the same arrangements.  "Sweet Caroline" and "I Just Can't Help Believin'" to name a couple.

The fact is Elvis never bothered to find out who the hit songwriters were, most of his songs came from Parker and Hill & Range because of their stupid
Publishing gimmick Parker came up with.  Every time a songwriter came to us with a song we were told to tell them to get it to Parker and if he couldn't get a
piece of the publishing Elvis never got to hear the demo of the song which is one of the things that pissed me off because it hurt Elvis' recording career.  I got
him to change from that briefly during the American and Stax sessions but then Parker again interfered.

I'm not a big Springsteen fan and I don't share your opinion of Bruce's music for Elvis.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [17.04.13]
I would like to please ask:
1, As you probably know, Gordon Stoker recently passed away. Please share your impressions of Mr.Stoker and The Jordanaires in general.
2, You saw ELVIS' show numerous times in the later years. Did you have a favorite part of the show?
3, That you know of, did ELVIS ever write a "Letter To The Editor" of the Memphis newspaper(s) expressing his thoughts on this or that, simply as a citizen of
the town?
Marty Says:
Gordon was a nice guy and fairly funny.  Most  of the Jordanaires were the same but especially Gordon and Ray Walker.

To be honest with you I saw the show so many times and he basically never changed it I got tired of seeing it.  You have to understand that being around it all
the time from the inside we had a different viewpoint and attitude towards it.  I personally wished he would have changed it up from time to time.

No, Elvis never wrote a Letter To The Editor.
Pia from Sweden Asks Marty [17.04.13]
Hi Marty, I'm a big fan from Sweden. My farther was a great Elvis fan, that's how I learned my Elvis :-) I have read many books, yours - with Lamar and Billy, Dr.
Nick's, the Maid's, Kleins, Schilling's, Geller's, Sonny/Reds you name it, I've read it. Not Goldman's, that one I won't read

I would like to pay my respects for you guys in MM, original group. You all did a hell of a job all those years. You had much fun but you sacrificed a lot too. I
feel warmth towards you guys. I would like to thank you for all you did for the King. I have much love for Billy and it makes me so sad to hear that nobody took
care of him and Jo after Elvis death, that's a BIG SHAME. The person who Elvis loved extra much. I hate Pricilla and Lisa-Marie for that, she didn't get her
fathers generosity. SHAME on her!

I would also like to ask you something Marty........
Is there any part of you that somewhere think that MAYBE Elvis did pull a hoax, that he didn't die? That Colonel helped him? Is it so impossible?
I'd like to dream sometimes that he got away to a calm and healthy life somewhere. What do you think of Jon Cotner?

Enough questions :-)
I hope you have a great life and please say hi to the other MM originals from me. You all did your best, the way things could be done. You took care of
business and Elvis watches over you with great love.

Marty Says :
Thank you for your nice comments.

No, Elvis did not fake his death. Unfortunately he died on Aug. 16,1977. He was not that kind of person who would resort to something like that.  if he was tired
with what he was doing and what his life was like back then he would have changed it and done something else.

As for the way Priscilla and Lisa treated Billy a few of us still hold that against her
Dave Wilkinson Asks Marty [17.04.13]
Hello Marty,
I hope you are fit and well. Just spent a couple of hours listening to Elvis. 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, all sound pretty good to me. It relaxes me, especially with a couple of

My question is this, a fairly simple one. With the commercialisation and money making project of Graceland since he passed ,when he was alive, obviously no
trophy room, where did he keep all his gold record’s/awards and did he look at them or not.

Marty Says:
The Trophy Room was started in some fashion while Elvis was alive.  That room was originally built by my brother in law to house Elvis' slot car track.  When
Elvis go tired of the track, he gave it to a children's charity and then all the things fans had sent him over the years as well as his many awards were kept in
that room.
Alex Asks Marty [17.04.13]
Revelations was an awesome book!  It’s obvious that Elvis was a very forgiving person. Over the years since Elvis’ death the original Memphis Mafia have
grown in new directions.  If Elvis had lived what do you think the Memphis Mafia would be like today?  

I was also wondering what you and Billy, Red, Sonny West and Dave are doing these days?  

Finally, there is a cool little video on YouTube you may enjoy. It’s called: Marty Lacker Vs Colonel Tom Parker!  In it you deliver a knock out performance. lol

Marty Says:
If Elvis had lived I doubt our lives would have changed that much from what we've been doing since he's gone.  Maybe Billy's would have changed a bit.

Billy, Sonny and I are basically retired.  I have no idea what Red is doing and Dave is still heavily immersed into his Martial Arts Studios in California and he
does travel the world teaching it.

Yes, I've seen that Youtube about me and Parker and I have to tell you there were a number of times back in the day when I felt like doing that to him.
Dan Asks Marty [17.04.13]
Hi Marty
Thanks again for taking the time to answer our questions.  My question is, before the 68 TV Special and during the middle of the 60’s did Elvis ever express a
desire to make a TV appearance back on Sullivan or one of the music shows like Shindig, or even a guest appearance on Johnny Carson?  it seems he was
the only major recording star who did not appear on TV during the mid-60’s.  I know he was busy with the movies and such, but it would have been great to
see him back competing with everyone else on the small screen.  Thanks Marty

Marty Says:
I never heard Elvis express a desire to be on TV, what he really wanted to do was perform live on stage which he finally got to do.  However, Parker basically
ruined it for him because he kept booking him in the same towns over and over again and Vegas as well.  After the first few years he got tired of Vegas.  he
really wanted to perform outside the U.S. but again Parker made up excuses why he shouldn't. We found out after Elvis died the reason for that was Parker
was an illegal alien and he wouldn't be able to travel with Elvis to other countries.  No passport.
Philip Tosini Asks Marty [10.04.13]
Hi Marty,
I have just comeback today from the Internment of the ashes of my friend Maria Davies into the family grave. She and her sister Gladys(who has sadly passed
on as well), where both big Elvis fans and had seen Elvis Live 33 times in 1969 1970 and 1971, and had actually met Elvis. They always spoke to Elvis' uncle
vestor whenever they visited the states. Uncle Vestor had given them one of Elvis' black sleeveless suede Jackets, uncle vestor claimed Elvis never wore it as
the color ran. I know this can't be proven, but I have no reason to doubt them. The Jacket was sold at Bonhams auction house 5 years ago to help towards
Maria's final care. I hope you don't mind me mentioning this as a little tribute to them both. thank you very much for giving me this opperunity.

I watched a documentary about Glen Campbell and it was saying how he used to be a session musician for Elvis and how he played on the backing track for
the 'Viva Las Vegas' soundtrack, is it true? Lee mentioned that he only played on 'What di' say' in the session.

Also someone mentioned to me in passing, That Tom Jones was going to record 'In The Ghetto', but was stopped because it was too political for him to do, as
he was not an American, so Elvis did it against the advice of parker. I know that Jones always has a habbit of making things up to make himself look better or
big himself up rather link George Kline does..
How true is this?, can you remember hearing of anything similar?, as I know you where involved in Elvis breaking from parker to do the '69 sessions even for a
short while. Pity he couldn't break away more often.
As I said someone I know just happened to mention it, they are not an authority or anything, just a rumour probably.

Before I go just one more thing, Lee and Joe mentioned on one of the shows about the song 'Girl Happy' Why? did parker or whoever was involved. decide to
speed up Elvis' voice like Mickey mouse on the song 'Girl Happy', it just doesn't make any sense, as obviously it sounds better at the normal speed.

Thank you very much Marty, for answering my questions I really appreciate it.

Take care

enclosed photo.

http://www.elvis-collectors.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=73367#p1100403 - these link takes you to info about my friend Maria and the Jacket and Tie.

Marty Says:
Hello Phil,
Sorry to hear about the passing of your friend.

Glen played on just one or two Elvis sessions and they were both for movie soundtracks in which Elvis had nothing to do with picking the musicians, that was
done by the music director the studio picked.  He was a very good guitarist though.

As for Tom Jones, you are correct in saying he's like Klein in that respect.  He has told a few untruths about him and Elvis since Elvis died.  Whether Tom
knew of Ghetto before Elvis I don't know, he may have had it played for him by Mac Davis who wrote it or by someone from Nancy Sinatra's music publishing
company who published it. Elvis got it directly from Billy Strange who worked for the publishing company and Mac. I also doubt Tom would have put the same
feeling into it as Elvis did because Elvis knew what it was to grow up poor and live in poor surroundings.

Elvis had nothing to do with speeding his voice up but it does sound like something Parker would approve of if it fit the scene in the movie since Parker really
knew nothing about music or performaning, all he was interested in was money.  They did all kinds of tricks in Hollywood without any thought as to whether the
artist approved or not.  they usually didn't seek the artist's approval..
Cliff from Scotland Asks Marty [10.04.13]
My favourite Elvis recordings were the Memphis 69 sessions. Did he ever consider doing  more there?
many thanks for your time   
Marty Says:
Hi Cliff,  
Outside of his early Sun records and his first few years at RCA that is my favourite sessions also and not just because I was responsible for him doing it. He
and Chips Moman and the rhythm section at American just fit so well together and the results of the sessions prove it.

Unfortunately because of a lie that Felton Jarvis and Parker told him about Chips Elvis would not go back there.  I tried to tell him they were lying because they
didn't want him to return there for their own personal agendas he still wouldn't go back.  After that he got turned off by recording and only did them because
Parker and RCA nagged him to.

In my opinion it was his loss because the records he cut after those sessions in the 70's were not as good or successful.

I hold Parker responsible for a lot of Elvis' misfortune and unhappiness including part responsible for Elvis dying at such an early age
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [10.04.13]
In the latest issue of Esquire magazine it says that, for many years, there's been a special "toast" (thought up by actor, Robert Culp) used at The Playboy
Mansion which goes like this: "Gentlemen, Gentlemen, Be of good cheer;
For THEY are out there and WE are in here".

My question is: Was there any sort of similar "toast"(or saying) said by the inner circle at ELVIS' home(s)?
Also: was ELVIS ever invited to The Playboy Mansion?

Marty Says:
Hi Randy,
No, we were not that vain or self centered nor did we look down at people at least some of us didn't but there were one or two who thought they were better
than others.
They were the only ones who thought that way because neither Elvis or most of us agreed with them.  

If he was invited (to the playboy mansion), I don't know about it but I do know he never expressed a desire to go there. As far as being surrounded by good
looking girls which is the appeal of Playboy, we had our own group of good looking girls who visited the house.  As I've said in Revelations, one Saturday night
just for the hell of it, I went around the house at Perugia Way and counted the girls who were there with us seven guys, 152 girls and that's no exaggeration.  
So we didn't need Playboy and Elvis certainly didn't.

I'm not bragging that's just the way it was because of Elvis.
Dave Wilkinson Asks Marty [01.04.13]
Do you think things could have panned out deferent, come Aug 16th, if Gladys Presley had been still alive. I’ve read she had a strong personality. Could she
have been the one person that made him see the light as far as the prescription medication abuse was concerned? I know a person has to help themselves,
but could she have changed him?

I also read that the August 77 tour starting 17th Aug, Portland Maine, finishing in Memphis,28th August, Elvis was really looking forward to this. But also at the
end of the tour he said he would take some time off and get himself straightened out. Do you think that the ‘Elvis What Happened’ book was finally imploding
and becoming a hiatus in his personal and professional life, as it was on sale and becoming public knowledge. Do you think he had reached a watershed
moment as deep inside he knew he needed help and the book merely confirmed this. I know he was anxious about the fans reaction to the book.

Marty Says:
Hello Dave,
To begin with nobody knows or knew what Elvis' inner thoughts were, however I think his mother could have influenced him greatly a helluva lot more than his
father did. She was not afraid of Elvis' cutting her off of any money as his father was. I didn't know her that well because for years '54 to '57 I was in the army
stationed in Germany.

He had told Billy that he was going to take a break after that tour but who knows if he meant it or not? He also said he was going to get rid of a few people like
Joe [Esposito] and [Dick] Grob. I think he didn't like Joe staying in California all the time when he came back to Memphis and he always knew Joe was Parker's
pipeline into Elvis' daily personal life and he really didn't like it and he really never trusted Grob.  

He [Elvis] always knew he needed help but he took the easy way and stayed on the pills. However, I can tell you from personal experience when you take them
all those years they put you in a depressed state of mind for a good while. That's why I thank G-d I had the strength to stop taking them after 15 years shortly
after Billy told me Elvis wanted most of us to stay away and give him privacy. Some people who take them for any length of time get a bit paranoid. So instead
of him changing he put his depression off on others.

As I have said in interviews, our book Revelations should be a good lesson for people who think the grass is always greener on the other side. That people
with fame and fortune have it better than others. Well Elvis had all the fame and fortune anyone could ever ask for yet he died unhappy at a very young age.

Fortunately for all of us his music will live on forever and so will his memory.  Stop and enjoy it.
Giuseppe Castiglia Asks Marty [27.03.13]
I have heard that Elvis hated photo sessions a lot, to the point of being in a bad mood for most of the day.
Where they really that boring? Did they take long?

People in show business usually enjoy the camera but I wonder if an outstanding photographer would have made a difference.
Any episodes that you can remember?

Marty Says:
Hi Giuseppe,
It was hard for him to sit still for any length of time but he knew he had to do them every once in awhile to promote a movie.  I wouldn't say it put him in a bad

The photographer wouldn't have made the difference because Elvis was not aware of who was good or bad nor did he care.

One thing he didn't really like is smiling when taking a picture because he always said when he saw smiling posed pictures by others he thought they looked
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [27.03.13]
Dear Mr .Lacker,
I would like to ask(please?):
1. Were basically all celebrities who attended ELVIS'(Las Vegas) show automatically invited to attend ELVIS' party afterward?  

2. Of ELVIS' band-members, who impressed you most?

3. Please tell about when and where YOU received your TCB and HOW you felt about getting it. Also, if you recall, what did ELVIS say to you about the TCB
by way of "presentation"?

4. Do you recall if ELVIS seemed to have any feelings one way or the other about the "tipping" that had to be done in the(Las Vegas Hilton)Showroom in order
for audience-members to sit close (closest) to the stage?
Marty Says:
Hey Randy,
1. No, not all of them were invited backstage and most weren't invited to the ones up in the suite.

2. Ronnie Tutt, who is not only a good drummer but a nice person and he was a friend of mine before he worked for Elvis. Ronnie used to live in Memphis and
he played on some of the sessions I did when I ran the record company including the ones I produced on Rita Coolidge.

3.I received mine at Graceland the night Elvis came home from one of his Vegas engagements right after he had the 12 original ones made, one of which he
gave me.  He just said, that he wanted me to have one.  No big ceremony. As usual I was glad he thought of having one made for me.

4. What the fans have to realize is that Elvis did not know or pay attention to what the hotel did as far as the people who came to see the show because he
basically concentrated on doing the best show for the fans.  He was aware of how Vegas worked in general although when he went to see a show he was not
subjected to all that stuff, he was treated as someone very special by all the hotels.

Unless Joe or one of the guys did not tell him what was going on in the showroom he did not know.  Joe was Parker's boy and Parker would let Joe know things
but Joe didn't always tell Elvis.
Robert Crompton Asks Marty [27.03.13]
Dear Marty I'm doing a floor plane of Graceland and I need to know what Elvis bedroom had in it and what his office looked like and the conference room
upstairs in 1957  and if u have picture of Graceland in 1957 inside the house like basement, upstairs and first floor, could u email them to me so I can get the
house right and stuff thank u for answering my email

Also, what workout and diet did Elvis do to lose weight?

Marty Says:
Hi Robert,
As much as I'd like to help you you're asking a bit much.
As for his workout it was racquetball and occasional excercycle time.
Arun Jassi Asks Marty [27.03.13]
Hello Marty,
I hope you are well. I would like to know how did Elvis make the decision as to what jumpsuit to wear on stage? Was it solely his decision or did other
individuals contribute towards it? I understand that Elvis wore the same Aztec Sundial jumpsuit frequently towards the end more than any other stage wear and
in fact, I believe that during the last ever two tours he wore exclusively this suit and no other. Do you have any idea why Elvis chose to wear the Aztec Sundial
suit so frequently? Do you think there was any significance? I read that his personal favourite jumpsuit was The Peacock suit.

Marty Says:
Hello Arun,
The decision as to what to wear was strictly his and was usually a last minute decision.

As for why he wore the same suit I have no idea because I really never paid attention after the first year or two.  In my opinion he should have stopped wearing
them and changed his look.  Now in hindsight it's a shame he didn't because the assclowns and the media have turned him into a cartoon jumpsuited
character since he has died.  Most of those clowns should have never been let near a jumpsuit. They think because they wear one, sunglasses and their
phony black hair they think they're Elvis but in reality they're making a mockery of him.

That's just my personal opinion.  If people want to hear and see Elvis they should listen to his records and watch his movies instead of wasting money on ass-
clowns.........Sorry if that's not the answer you wanted.
Dave Wilkinson Asks Marty [27.03.13]
The man said himself, ‘’the image is one thing, the human begin is other’’. Marty, though your long friendship/association with Elvis Presley, can you pinpoint
any times during his lifetime that you thought he was professionally content. And of the second part of the quotation, also, when he seemed to doubt himself,
probably away from the crowds?

For me he had an enormous amount of inner nervousness, possibly insecurity that he was never completely at ease with. This made him who he was. If you
watch the 68 Singer Special, during the T.V audience live segment his hand is really shaking when he starts Heartbreak Hotel, but later on during the song,
the confidence just flows and oozes as he sings, ‘’the bell hops tears keep flowing, the desk clerks dressed in black’’ The gravel and aggression in his voice is
unsurpassable. But also observe the timing of of body movements with the voice. It blows me away every time I watch it. (first saw it in Jan 69 as a kid, on
British T.V.) In the T.V, special he seems to have the reigns off and is enjoying himself with sense that he can still cut the mustard, and them some, after all
those crappie movie years. He looked real happy to me. And looks and sounds great. What do you think?
Enough of my ranting's,

Marty Says:
Hi Dave,
He was usually content at the beginning of good and different moments that were eventful in his career and life.  The 68 Special, after the first night of the
American Studio sessions, the opening in Vegas '69 and when he received the award from the U.S. Jaycees as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men in
'70.  He was really very happy when Memphis named Highway 51, Elvis Presley Blvd. in late '71.  I'm sure there were a few other times he was content but
those stand out in my mind.

Basically it was when he was presented a new challenge he would rise to the top.

As for your observations re: the '68 Special, methinks you have too much time on your hands but you seem very observant.
Chris from Vienna, Austria, Asks Marty [27.03.13]
my name is chris, I'm from Vienna/Austria and musician myself. (actually i just attended the IBC in Memphis 2 month ago). its cool to have the chance talk to
somebody who`s really aware of the music business/scene because I guess a lot of people in the "Elvis-world" aren`t...(which, in a way, is just another tragedy
in his story).

I first heard elvis when i was a kid, 8 years old. in retrospect it kind of changed my life, opened the door in a direction which dictates my life now, finally brought
me to Memphis, playing my music on Beale, recording with producer legend Jim Gaines, etc...

Elvis is such an inspiration, in every way. and it's the most fascinating story I ever heard of. So, what questions could i ask you? too many. but lets talk about
the music and the Blues.

1) do you have a good (untold) Elvis story about him and a great Blues musician. as a musician I'm always interested in musicians stories :)

2) have you any idea what he thought of people like john lee hooker? did he play records of john lee or people like buddy guy, muddy, elmore james, etc.....do
you think he would have liked Stevie Ray Vaughan?

3) once I read that producer Rick Rubin was thinking of doing an Elvis record the style of the cash-American recordings, just using elvis` vocal track and
putting new music to it. i guess that idea died for some reason. but I thought it sounded like a very interesting project. do you have any information on this

4) I want to add one more thing. A lot has been said and written about your friend Elvis and for us, who didn't know Elvis personally, it's like a searching for
answers. maybe even for our own life's. so thank you for doin what you re doin!

not long ago I found this video clip of that 2 year old kid. I watched it and, in a way, to me it's like the essence of the real power and spirit of Mister Elvis
Presley, which we maybe will never fully understand in its entirety. what this man has left to the world is HUGE !!! Timeless in fact ...

like Reverend Herbert Brewster once said: " he was a bundle of energy, set to music. and that echo will never die!"

just beautiful !!! what else is there to say ...

anyway, I thought this short clip would put a smile in your heart. thats why i wanna send it to you. (dont miss the ending :)

Sorry for asking this kinda stupid questions. but maybe you have some interesting answers to them.
thank you Marty for taking your time!

Marty Says :
Chris From Vienna,
Jim Gaines is an old friend of mine but I have not seen him in many years.  He's a nice guy.

1. Elvis had a longtime friendship with BB King and Bobby Blue Bland since he first saw them as a teenager in a Beale Street nightclub back in the very early

2. Elvis liked and listened to John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters and others, he was very much aware and knowledgeable of the old time blues singers.

3. Maybe Rick Rubin wanted to do that but that probably was just wishful thinking on his part.

4. You're welcome. I answer questions because I want the truth to be known about him especially since so much untrue crap has been written and said since
he died.  Some people make things up thinking because he's dead they can't be found out but they forget some of us MM are still here.

Thank you for the video clip.

I wish you good luck with your music, if you love it keeping doing it.
Robert Crompton Asks Marty [13.03.13)
Dear Marty, what did Graceland look like in 1957 like the inside when he first decorated Graceland?
The living room, kitchen, basement, upstairs & the music room.

Marty Says:
Hello Robert,
Graceland basically looked the same the only main difference was the color of the drapes that changed with the seasons.

There was no Jungle Room back then, that space was just a concrete patio and walkway.  His bedroom upstairs was not the way it ended up after my brother
in law and sister redid it in different colors and changed the ceiling to a jade color padded leather ceiling with two TV's inserted in the ceiling over the bed.  
The basement den was a plain white walled room as was the pool table room and had some of his awards and pictures on the walls.  Linda Thompson
changed the look of both rooms as they are today.

The music room and living room and dining room were the same as was the kitchen.  The room off the kitchen was the maid's room and then his Aunt Delta
stayed there for awhile before she moved into Grandma's room.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [13.03.13]
I would like to ask (please?):
Back in the day, what was your favourite food to eat at Graceland?
Thanks for your time, Sir.

Marty Says:
Hi Randy,
This is a new question, usually y'all want to know what Elvis' favourite food was.
My favourite was steak, only because of the way the cooks used to season it. Before the naysayers get the wrong idea, I've had plenty of steak before and
after I was with Elvis.
Sorry to have to include that fact but some fans are unbelievable in the negative comments they make especially in the last 35 years since Elvis is gone.
Jacob (From England) Asks Marty [13.03.13]
Hi Marty,
I hope you and your family are well.I am a boxing fan and I was wondering if Elvis met any boxers apart from Muhammad Ali and Mushy Callahan (Kid Galahad)
Did he ever bump into Joe Louis when Joe worked as a greeter at Ceasars Palace?
Also did Elvis get the inspiration for his pink Cadillac from Sugar Ray Robinson as Sugar Ray's pink caddy pre-dated Elvis' and was quite a famous car and
did he ever meet Sugar Ray?

Marty Says:
Hi Jacob,
I do not recall him meeting any other boxers, at least not while I was there. He may have met some in Vegas when he started performing there again in '69 but
none that I know of.  He never spoke of meeting any in the times I was not in Vegas.  I was there for at least a week out of almost every August engagement as
I was busy taking care of my Memphis music business. When he would get home he or one of the guys would tell me if they met anyone significant.

I do not think he met Sugar Ray however I did in the 80's when I was in Advertising Publishing as he was a close friend of the company owner who used to
promote his fights in Detroit.  Elvis loved the color pink in the 40's and 50's, some of his clothes were that color or trimmed in that color and that's one of the
things that made him unusual looking and standout in Memphis back then. It was his personal taste and Sugar had nothing to do with it. The black guys on
Beale Street here in Memphis back then had more to do in influencing him as many of them dressed in flashy colors.
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