Cameron in Scotland Asks Marty [09.03.13)
What is your favourite Elvis tracks from the 50's 60's and 70's. And if there is one song you wished he had recorded what would it be.
Great to read all your answers.
Best wishes to you and hope you are doing well.

Marty Says:
Hi Cameron,
That is the kind of question that in a way is hard, because in the 50's there was a number of records I liked, almost everything he did at Sun and a couple from
RCA. In the very early 60's there was a number of them I liked too...Things like 'I Got Stung', (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame, Don't Be Cruel and there
are probably others from that era.  Then it jumps to '69 and In the Ghetto and Suspicious Minds. I detested the movie crap he did in the mid 60's. There isn't
much he did in the 70's that I liked but there are two exceptions, I'll Remember You and Lovin' Arms.

I would have liked to hear him do R. Kelly's I Believe I Can Fly if he was still here.  However I would want him to do it with Chips Moman and the American
Studio rhythm section and also the great black Gospel choir, the Georgia Mass Choir.  Fact is if he was still here I would love to hear him do an entire album
with them singing a combination of Black Gospel that he loved as well as some R&B songs.  It's the one album he never got to do and that's a shame because
he loved that music and used to listen to some great albums with The Harmonizing Four and The Golden Gate Quartet, two fantastic black Gospel groups.
Ricky Frankland, UK Asks Marty [03.03.13]
Hi Marty, thanks for taking part in this question and answer thing, its fantastic. Could you please listen to some songs by johnbaron1977 on youtube. He
doesn't pretend to be Elvis I don't think? But wow he sounds so much like him. Listen to Blue Hawaii. I know u could give an opinion to Without Love and The
Fairs Moving On - seeing as u were there during the real deal!!! Please have a quick listen and tell me what you think.

Without Love =
The Fairs Moving On =
Blue Hawaii =

P.S i have no likening for impersonators either and I don't know who this guy is but the likeness is just unbelievable. I am just coming to the end of the
Revelations book and wow what a great read, I'm sad it has to end lol. Keep well.

Marty Says:
Hello Ricky, I appreciate your comments but with all due respect I would rather listen to a cat scratch his nails across a blackboard then to listen to an Elvis

It is well known in the Elvis World that I not only do not like Elvis Impersonators I detest them for making Elvis into a cartoon character with their fake sideburns,
fake hair, fake sunglasses and some with their ill fitting jumpsuits that look like they were made by Omar The Tent Maker.

I truly am sorry that I cannot answer your question because I choose not to listen to them.  However, I know one thing for sure without listening--they are not

If you want to hear Elvis music,
please listen to his records.

I do apologize if my answer is not what you want to hear but I have always believed in telling it like it is.
Judy Kessinger Asks Marty [21.01.13]
Hello Marty,
Thank You for your honesty and answering all the questions that are submitted to you. I wanted to let you know that Elvis has a young fan--all of 3 years old! I
was listening to some of Elvis' original songs in my car and my grandson asked me turn up the player. When I asked him if he liked the songs he shook his
head (with a smile) and said yes! It was such a delight to see the smile come across his face when he was listening. Since you receive so many questions I
thought this would put a smile in your heart. Thank You again and keep giving us the truth about Elvis. It is very much appreciated.
Marty Says:
Hey Judy
That is one of the nicest messages I have ever received from an Elvis fan.
Please tell your grandson hello for me and to keep listening to the music and his life will be more enjoyable.
Thank you for sending me that.
Jessica Veljanovski Asks Marty Jessica. [21.02.13]
Hi Marty, I'm from Australia and am currently reading 'Revelations from the Memphis Mafia,' and as much as I love reading it and how it is very honest, do you
ever think that you, or the other boys, are revealing too much? Also, I have always thought that Elvis and Priscilla were a lovely couple, but it can get so
confusing for us Elvis fans when there are always conflicting stories, as most of the Memphis Mafia boys don't seem to really like her. What is it exactly that
created such friction, that you dislike about her?
Thank you for your dedication and honesty to all of us Elvis fans.

Marty Says:
Hi Jessica,
Hope you're enjoying the book in spite of how you feel about the few things we have revealed. My answer to your question is no we do not think we revealed
too much, let me explain why.

Elvis is an important historical cultural icon and in my opinion the whole story about his life should be told warts and all, not so much for you fans today but for
people who discuss him 25 or 50 years from now just as books are written about Presidents of decades ago or other people who have contributed greatly to
mankind. I can tell you that there are certain things we didn't tell and never will.  What we have written that you and some others think shouldn't have been
said are really few and far between and really not that bad or important in the grand scheme of things or in his total life. There is so much more of the good of
Elvis that is in the book.

I have often said that Elvis was 95% good but he,like all of us, had his human faults and frailties, 95% is a pretty good number I wish I could say the same
about myself and others.  And speaking of myself, I have revealed so-called negative things about myself in my two Elvis books.  I don't have a double
standard when it comes to that.

As for Priscilla, I will use the famous phrase, "Don't judge a book by it's cover"  she's phony as a three dollar bill.  She has fooled some people with her smile
but behind it is a cold hearted person who will cut your throat in a New York second if you don't bow down to her and do her bidding which some of us original
guys would not do while Elvis was alive or since he has passed.  The very few who speak nicely of her are her ass kissers then and now.  Since she runs EPE
for Lisa, they're nice to her hoping she will throw them a bone every once in awhile so they can make a few bucks and make people think they're something
they're not in the Elvis World.  Some of us have kept our dignity and integrity and we want no part of it nor do we need it.

The important thing is we still love Elvis as we have for all those years and our loyalty has always been to him. He was our brother.  I have always prided
myself for telling it like it is and I see no reason to change in this stage of my life.  Billy is the same and so was Lamar.
Marian Erdman Asks Marty [21.02.13]
On the long trips from Memphis to Los Angeles(and back),I assume ELVIS listened to the radio quite a bit. I wondered: as he heard the latest hits played over
and over,would he eventually start singing along?  Did you get to hear ELVIS sing all sorts of songs on the road in the 1960s?

Also, I assume you attended some (if not many) of ELVIS' recording sessions. My question is: even if ELVIS and the band and singers were working on a song
you didn't especially care for, was it exciting for you, at least in the early years, to observe the process?

Marty Says:
Hello Marian,
Interesting questions.

When travelling cross country in the 60's, it got to be difficult finding a radio station to listen to for any length of time because as we got further away from the
station we would lose them.  So what I did is make tapes of some of the songs that Elvis liked to be played on the tape machine we had on,first the motor home
and then the customized bus. And yes, at times he and we would sing along with the songs.

As for the recording sessions I have to say you're asking the wrong guy about being excited because I have always basically taken things like that in stride
without being excited or impressed.  It was all business with us. I also have never been impressed because someone is a celebrity, I don't mean that so much
about Elvis but about others who were involved or who I have met thru the years.  Celebrities don't impress me, nice people do and some of them are not nice
people. I do have to say as the years went by and the songs got worse it was sometimes hard to listen to or see him put up with the crappy songs sent to him
by Parker to record both for the movies and then his records.

There are a few sessions I enjoyed, especially the American Studio sessions in 1969 because the quality of songs,the producer and the musicians were far
superior then what he was subjected to before and after.  Also because Elvis' attitude, enjoyment and gratification he showed during those American session
were a joy to watch as was the results of the sessions whereas many sessions before or after he did not enjoy all that much.  It got to a point where he looked
at recording as a drudgery and for that I blame Parker and Freddy Bienstock of Hill & range Music Publishers.  Elvis himself deserves some of the blame
because he didn't confront them and demand it all change.
Jennifer Jones From Greenville, MS Asks Marty [21.02.13]        
There are so many conflicting stories from so many! According to one of the MM, Elvis had a nose job done in the early years and then a face lift, eyes, neck
and chin work done in 1975. I have gone back to see, if I could tell any changes. I cannot. IF he did, Priscilla should have found that same doctor to do her
work. :>)

Also, I noticed in a video of Elvis and Priscilla playing on the beach in Hawaii that it appears Elvis had something wrong with his left wrist. The bone to his
hand/wrist seems to protrude more than normal. Did he break it as a young man and it never healed correctly?

I have also noticed that throughout Elvis years, he never seemed muscular. In his shirtless shots, there are no abs/6packs, guns in his arms, etc. Did he not
like that look or he just did not like working out with weights?

I know you and others say he did not want to marry Priscilla, perhaps not, but the love between them in those early years was self evident. I don't think he
fought it that hard, he knew he loved her and he wanted a family. Just look at their eyes on each other, the smiles between them, the tender and playful
touches in the home movie videos, no doubt they loved each other. For Elvis to marry anyone, she was the perfect choice for that time. Unfortunately for Elvis,
she grew up and realized that lifestyle was not a life for a married woman or man. For her to give Lisa normalcy, she had to leave and separate herself and
Lisa from that lifestyle. In the end, it has to be agreed, in spite of any "other" reasons for leaving, she made the right decision to go. At least they maintained
the friendship and caring for each other for Lisa's sake, so she would have both parents comfortably in her life with no "war" between them. That is admirable
on both parts.

Have you seen the movie that never made it to the theatres; but is out on DVD, "Lonely Street"? The story of what IF Elvis was still alive. If so, what are your
thoughts about the story, the actors and the music. I have only seen the trailers; but the character is pretty close to Elvis in many ways that I can see, not
totally, but close. Close enough that I intend to buy the DVD. It looks like a fun plot.

Thanks for your response. Great to read about your life with Elvis and your thoughts of this special human being.

Marty Says:
Hello Jennifer,
I enjoyed all your movies of the 40's,50's and 60's.  Now that I have made my unfunny little joke I will do my best to answer your questions.

Elvis did not have a nose job and that came straight from him.  However in '75 he did have some touch ups around his eyes by a plastic surgeon in Memphis
named Dr. Asghar Koleyni at the Mid-South Hospital. I agree with you about Priscilla.

In the early 60's Elvis injured his hand but I never noticed any kind of protrusion of his wrist after that.

As for his abs, he didn't work out.  He considered racquetball as his form of exercise or his excercycle whenever he needed to lose weight for his movies.

As for him not wanting to marry Priscilla, that came directly from him to me the day he told me he was being forced to marry her by her father and he asked me
to be his best man.  Elvis showed loved for every girl he went with for any length of time. He showed it with Anita Wood, Bonnie Bunkley,Ann Margret and Linda
Thompson and from what I was told,faked it with Ginger.  So what you saw between he and Priscilla was no different. That was his nature.  That doesn't mean
he wanted to get married nor in some of our opinions should he have gotten married back then. We have always felt that way because he liked to play around
too much. Even though he cared for the girls I named he saw other girls while in a relationship with them.  That was his nature and he shouldn't have married
until he got that out of his system.. Priscilla was not the perfect choice at the time,some of us felt Ann Margret would have been a better choice because she
was more mature, she genuinely loved Elvis, she was not threatened by us being around as Priscilla was, because Ann understood that Elvis needed his
friends around who he trusted and she would have taken care of Elvis so much better.

What your doing is believing the sob story crap Priscilla has told ever since Elvis died that she was the scorned wife.  You're reading your opinion of it all which
is not factual.  Normalcy for Lisa? Is that why she started cheating on Elvis with her dance instructor and then Mike Stone, what kind of normalcy is that for
Lisa?  Some of you fans have been fooled by her phony smile when she does interviews and says all of her nonsense in trying to make fans like her. Trust me
she doesn't really care about you all beyond the money you spend on Elvis related things and events since he died and she and the other initial estate
executors opened Graceland. Some of the guys and I can tell you stories about the cold hearted crap she has done towards us when Elvis was alive and since
he died but this is not the place to do it. Some of it is in our books.

I cannot comment on the movie because I have not seen it.  No Elvis movie that I have seen since he died has really done him justice or captured his magic.
William Rauhuff Asks Marty [21.02.13]
I have not asked a question in a while so here is the question... Does it bother you as much as me that in his lifetime the Grammy awards seem to look down
on rock & roll music and Elvis and even groups like The Rolling Stones as well. The three awards he received being for gospel music. Songs like Suspicious
Minds and In the Ghetto were totally ignored among many others. It seemed that the early days they would nominate Andy Williams or some other  easy
listening  singer constantly. It is also even as bad as some of the movies had great songs  Jailhouse Rock, Can’t Help Falling in Love, Return to Sender and a
few others. Nowadays would be nominated for Song from a movie Academy Award. Just my belief also bothers me Elvis through his passing cannot {I could be
wrong} be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Kennedy Center in Washington. It makes me mad that the crappy artist of today and man there is a
bunch of them out there are constantly getting Grammy awards for in my opinion crappy music.  We sure need Elvis today more than ever. I will be 60 next
year and I am just proud to have grown  up with Elvis and his music and during the era he lived. By the way would love to meet you someday and thank you for
being yourself. You and Sonny, Red, and Billy Smith  along with Lamar Fike have my respect for being honest and real. God Bless You Sir

Marty Says:
Hi William,
Gee, I've missed you.  Don't worry I'm not keeping score on who asks questions.
Your comments are my sentiments exactly and I have in the past voiced my opinion to a few of the honchos past and present of NARAS, the organization who
does the Grammys.

I am a co-Founder of the Memphis NARAS chapter and was on the National Board of Governors of the organization back in the early 70's which was
comprised of reps from the six NARAS chapters in the country.

Elvis was shabbily treated by them and I tell the story in Revelations in terms of the Lifetime Achievement Grammy they finally gave him in the early 70's. It took
me and a couple of my Music Industry friends to get them to give it to him after they did something shabby in regards to it.   

As for the artists today who get Grammys, they're a joke, most of them.

I have also been on a campaign with them in regards to Chips Moman and the six man American Studio rhythm section aka The Memphis Boys.  These guys
produced and played on over 120 big hit records and they go all the way back to the 50's and the Grammys are ignoring them but are awarding Grammies to
people who couldn't carry these guys bags.

They also belong in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame........Don't get me started on this subject.
James Asks Marty [21.02.13]
Hi Marty,  first i would like to know was there city that Elvis liked to perform in more than the others, or was there a part of the country that went more nuts for
Elvis than rest . my second question is, was there ever a woman that Elvis thought about more than the rest. and finally ,i know how much Elvis loved his
mama, did he stay the same when she passed away or did he seem to change in any way. I ask this because i know how it affected me when mine died and i
was a mamas boy like him.

Marty Says :
Hi James,
Texas was a state that loved Elvis especially Houston.

Elvis really loved Ann Margret and she loved him and some of us wished he would have married her because she was a genuinely nice, sweet and fun loving
person and she always made him happy when they were together. Unlike the one he did marry.

Elvis changed a bit after his mother died but that had more to do with him becoming a bit more worldly because of his stint in the army especially in Europe.

He had not however ever got her out of his heart or mind, she was always with him in spirit until the day he died.  A quick story.  We were on our way home
from L.A. in the customized bus in the 60's when we got closer to Memphis we heard George Klein play the new record by Tom Jones, "Green, Green Grass
Of Home."  The bus got eerily silent while the record played and it touched him and most of us,so much so that he had me call and get George to play it three
times in a row.  We reached Graceland and our wives were there to greet us and just before I was going home I went into the front hallway where he was to
see if he needed anything before I left or he needed to tell me something.  What I found shocked me, he was on one knee bawling like a baby,Larry Geller was
standing beside him.  I bent down next to him and said, "Elvis what's wrong?"  He sobbingly said, "Marty, I saw my mama standing in the doorway when we got
home."  That song had made him see that illusion. I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "Elvis, as long as you're here she will be here too."  He looked at
me with eyes that said "Thank You."  He wiped his eyes got up went half way up the stairs to his room, turned, smiled at me and said, "That was the nicest
thing you could have said to me." then he ran upstairs.  I felt sad.
Dave Wilkinson Asks Marty [21.02.13].
Hi Marty,
I've Been a fan of all genre’s of music since I can remember when. The common denominator for me is the music of Elvis Presley. His music, although flawed,
is without president in the history of popular music. It hold’s no peers. The reason I said it is flawed is because in the later years of his life I think the man could
have taken just a little bit more care to the output of material he was responsible for. Health issues, self inflicted or otherwise played a major part. Not that this
really matters. Moody Blue and Way Down (take 2 is my fav) still amaze me. Gives me Goosebumps. The album from Elvis Presley Boulevard, for me, bleeds
emotion, and is this one of his finest works.

So Marty I have a few questions...

1. American Sound Studio’s. As well as Elvis recording there, which other artist’s where you directly responsible for bringing to the the studio. I know Dusty
Springfield recorded there. Was it true that Elvis kept a copy of all Dusty recording’s wherever he went. The vocal resemblance, the presentation. the feel, the
emotion, in the studio only, between Elvis and Dusty is for me, uncanny.

2. Don’t you guys in the Memphis Mafia think that you where all like fans and in awe of the guy like the rest of the world. The man had an incredible amount of
charisma and could manipulate the situation to his needs. You guys where really no different from the outside world. This is important.

3. I can never understand Vernon Presley’s relationship with his son. He must have noticed the decline, but he never did anything about it. Just watched it
happen and ‘boom’ his son is dead.

4. The one thing I glean from Elvis is his really good sense of humour. The guy liked a good laugh. Things amused him big time.

Marty, on a personal basis. I have the finances to visit Graceland’s but will never go. For me, those jumpsuits on a manikin , in the trophy room. don’t cut it for
me. They have lost their magic.

Marty Says:
Hi Dave,
Thanks for the questions and for being his fan.

The persons most at fault for the crappy music Elvis recorded from the early 60's until he died are Parker,Freddy Bienstock of Hill & Range and Elvis bears
some of it for not confronting them and telling them he had enough of the crummy songs they were sending him to do and he would get good songs wherever
he could.  The only time he really took matters in his own hands was for the American Studio sessions and the results showed it.  The full story of how I feel
about it all and how he got to change for that session is in our book Revelations.

I had a hand in bringing Rita Coolidge, Dionne Warwick, Petula Clark,Bill Medley and a few others to American to record. I am unaware that Elvis carried
Dusty's records with him wherever he went. I don't know where you heard that.  I think you hear a bit of sameness between the two because they both were
able to interpret R&B music very well.

I think you have it a bit wrong about some of us in the MM being fans.  Did we know he was special and had charisma and magnetism,yes, but we didn't look at
him as fans as you all do. You have to understand that when you are around someone almost every day, when in fact you live together, when you are friends
or like brothers you don't look at someone the same way people on the outside look at or feel about that person.  We were family,not fans.  Sorry if I dispel
what you'd like to think it was.

Vernon was all about money because as Elvis often said he didn't want Elvis to lose his money or get mad at him and then he'd have to go find a job. So most
times he was afraid to say something that would make Elvis mad so he would not confront him about the pills or what he was doing to himself. What he used to
nag him about was his spending habits which in turn used to piss Elvis off. I think too there was a bit of jealousy on Vernon's part because Elvis was the
breadwinner but Vernon thought he was more of a man than Elvis. they had a couple of arguments about that.

Elvis had a great sense of humor, that's why we nicknamed him Crazy.
Deb Asks Marty [08.02.13]
I am re-reading bits of Revelations and we all know Elvis hated making these movies after a while.  Do you recall if there was any one in particular which he
actually despised more than the others?  I must be honest, I have them all on DVD, and there is only a handful I can sit through from start to finish.  

Marty Says:
Hey Deb,
I can think of one at this moment that he really hated from the start and that was Double Trouble.  
He really wasn't fond of any in the last few years of his movie making. The scripts kept getting worse and so did the songs.
Robert Lisandrillo Asks Marty [08.02.13]
My question pertains to Elvis' use of echo and reverb in his voice. Can you explain why he would use this?
I hear his voice and it is strong and resonant, I was under the impression that echo or reverb was used to amplify smaller voices.
Because you were/are in the music business could discuss this in an answer.

Marty Says:
In the early years Sam Phillips was a heavy user of echo.  Then RCA picked up on that with Elvis when they signed him but as the years went by it was toned
down a lot.  It was not Elvis' doing but that of the engineers in the studio.

Almost every artist's record has some degree of echo on it because it gives the record a sharper sound.

However, that's miniscule compared to the studio technology that is used on today's artists, many of them that really can't sing all that well. Also when they
double and triple track a voice it usually is done to cover up the fact they can't sing all that good. Beiber and Lady Gag are good examples.
Matthew Asks Marty [08.02.13]
I know that Elvis was a fan of Roy Hamilton and met him while both were recording in Memphis in 1969 shortly before Roy died. Can you tell me what was Elvis'
reaction to Roy's death?
And do you know what Roy's impressions of Elvis was after they had met. Also did Elvis ever invite Roy out to Graceland?

Marty Says:
Hi Mathew,
Roy was one of the singers that influenced Elvis at a young age and he was very happy to finally get to meet him and they both hit it off great from the start.

Here is a story I have written about before.
Elvis had been given a song called Angelique and he brought the demo for Roy to do the day they met because it was a beautiful song and in his generosity
he wanted Roy to do it and have a hit.  Roy was signed to Chip's Moman's new AGP label and that's why he was recording at American.  Roy cut the song and
it was beautifully done by Roy.

A few months after both of their sessions Chips asked me to run American Studios for him and I accepted.  Many months went by and I got a call from Bill Cook,
Roy's manager informing me that Roy had passed away after being in a coma for a month or so and he asked me to notify the media.  He then told me the
following story.

He was sitting by Roy's hospital bed hoping he'd come out of the coma when all of a sudden Roy raised up and said," Angelique,I'm coming my darling!" The
he laid down and died.  That story was true although it shook me up a bit.  Strange things do happen in life.

No, Elvis never did invite Roy to Graceland.
Judy Kessinger Asks Marty [08.02.13]
I'm enjoying reading all the emails you receive and there are some questions that are really out there!
This is more of a comment than question but I wish that we could get away from the "stuff" that is coming out regarding Elvis and his music.

How do you think Elvis would feel about what is being released these days and how would he handle it differently (looking at it from a point of him being here)?
It seems that the same thing is being released again and again with a different cover for each CD,  books being written, etc., etc.

One thing I have always wondered is why can't we get back to what Elvis was about --- the music? He loved music, his mother and father, his daughter and
those around him even before he became "Elvis". It seems that some were kicked out (in a sense) after Elvis passed and others weren't. His spirit will always
be with us, he spoke for the common everyday man when he sang, he understood what it was to be poor, to struggle, to reach the highest point and still not let
it change him as he knew who he was and where he came from. An image is projected on screen and the human being is flesh and blood. This is what I think
Elvis would agree with for himself when people referred to him as King.

People are making money right and left, Why can't we enjoy what Elvis gave us which is the music and his greatness? As long as there are those who buy
everything put on the market, money will continue to be made from a man that was as human as the rest of us. My respect for him goes a long way and I am
glad that you are open enough to speak the trust for those of us who want to know the same.

Marty Says:
Hello Judy,
In a way I agree with most of what you say.

As for his music nowadays I have always made that comment since he's gone that Sony/RCA and EPE have basically been milking the fans by putting out the
same songs in various packages and also using alternate cuts that Elvis did not approve of when he did the sessions.  I have always been in favor of leaving
well enough alone. Elvis approved the take he wanted released and it should be left at that.

However to answer the questions it's all about money and that's what Priscilla,Lisa and Sony are only interested in.

Nobody was kicked out after Elvis passed although Priscilla did do Billy Smith dirty in the way she treated him. And Vernon Presley did fire Charlie and Dick
Grob. Some of us have no desire to be associated with Priscilla or Lisa and so we don't do anything they sponsor.  She didn't care for some of us because we
didn't kiss her ass even when Elvis was alive and the few that did is the few she favors.  They have their nose up her ass in hopes she'll throw them a bone
every once in awhile so they can make a few dollars.  We don't need to do that.

In addition I have told many fans who have emailed me to enjoy his music and forget the rest of the crap.

In a way he was flattered to called the King but he meant it that in his eyes there was only one and he would point to Heaven.

PS: Enjoy the music and forget the other crap.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty  [08.02.13]
Did any of the professional football players ELVIS admired come backstage and meet ELVIS in Las Vegas?
Thanks for your time, Sir.

Marty Says :
Hey Randy,
Yes and they also came by the movie sets in the 60's when Elvis was making movies. Jim Brown and Rosie Greer to name a couple.  We also went to a L.A.
Rams game one day and after the game were invited to meet the players in the locker room which we did. A few baseball players too from the Dodgers.
Hazel MacKinnon Asks Marty [31.01.13]
1. I would really like to know what Elvis' height really was. I feel when I look at certain photos he was not six foot tall.
I know he wore lifts but feel his proper height was a bit under six foot.

2. I am reading the book which you, Lamar Fike and Billy Smith have contributed pieces of information and am enjoying it very much.
I know Elvis didn't have a natural life which must have contributed to him being a bit unusual.

Marty Says:
Hello Hazel,
He [Elvis] was 5 feet 11 inches tall without shoes.

I'm glad you're enjoying the book and hope it provides you with the answers+ you want about Elvis and his life.  We are all a bit unusual which is attributed to
our surroundings and what we accomplish and given in life and he was no different.
Walker Clayton James Asks Marty [31.01.13]
I always wondered out of all of Elvis'
songs were there any that touched him the most . I know he truly loved gospel and no one could sing it like him, was there anyone he loved the most or any
that he performed regularly at concerts that touched him personally.

Marty Says:
Hi Walker,
He liked a number of them. He liked singing "I'll Remember You" and "Unchained Melody".
Alex Voxakis Asks Marty [31.01.13]
Elvis has had a powerful cultural impact on us and the world to this day. I was wondering if he ever realized in his lifetime?  
Also, Elvis was into the martial arts. What do you think he would make of the present Ultimate fighting (MMA)?

Marty Says:
Hello Alex,
Yes, he knew it and he did his best not to take advantage of it.  Especially in his attitude towards people. He always was polite and respectful to people, that is
unless they were disrespectful to him or those around him that he cared about.

Ultimate Fighter is really not pure martial arts, it's more like street fighting so I don't know if he really would enjoy it.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [31.01.13]
1 - What was your reaction to ELVIS' meeting with President Nixon in  The Oval Office?

2 - Did you watch some of the early Super Bowls with ELVIS?

3 - Do you recall your reaction to hearing for the first time the "2001 Theme" played at the beginning of an ELVIS concert?

Marty Says:
Hi Randy,
I thought it was crazy when I first heard he was in Washington and had basically left Graceland to fly there by himself first going to California. At the time Sonny
and I were sitting in the Graceland Dining Room where I was planning his wedding to be held a few weeks later when Vernon Presley came in and asked if we
knew where Elvis was because he was not in his room nor had he told anyone he was going out.  It was early in the day and he was usually asleep at that

About 10 minutes later the phone rang and it was Elvis wanting to talk with Sonny. He told Sonny where he was and for Sonny to meet him in Washington.  
That's why we nicknamed him Crazy.  He was the only one I ever heard of who had the balls to just drive up to the White House, hand the guards a note for
the President that he'd like to meet him and get to meet him.

Yes, we watched many Super Bowls together with the other guys.

As for the theme I thought, "How fitting", I thought Moses was gonna come through the curtains not Elvis.....It was like, "The King Has Arrived."
Mariusz Ogiegło from 'ELVIS: Promised Land blog' Asks Marty [23.01.13]
Dear Marty, I have many questions for you if you don't mind?

[EER Addition: Due to the unbelievable amount of questions sent in to us by this contributor, I decided to use an alternate set up where Marty's reply are now
posted directly after the questions.]

Marty Says:
Wow Mariusz,
You have the distinction of asking me more questions at one time than anyone before.

01. You met Elvis first time In high school In Memphis. How You remember this time? What kind of person was Elvis in school?
02. Did You remember what music he listened then, what movies he liked?
ML: Elvis and I were not really friends in high school at Humes but we knew of each other because of the way we dressed differently than most guys back then.
Thus.I did not know back then what music he listened to or what movies he liked.

03. When and what were the circumstances. You started working for Elvis?
ML: I was invited to go see him right after I got out of the army and right after he moved into Graceland.  I began hanging out with him and the guys there
almost every night when he was at home.  I then went into radio broadcasting out of town and then from time to time over the next few years I would come
home to visit and go up to see him.  Finally I worked in radio in Memphis in '60 and then one night in '61 while shooting pool he asked me to come work for him
the next day when he was going to Hollywood to do Kid Galahad.  I accepted his offer.

04. You served in the army with Elvis. How You remember this time? How You remember stay in Germany and Paris. It was one and only time when Elvis was in
Europe. Did he talk something about Europe, European fans? Did he plan to tour Europe?
ML: I went into the army two years before Elvis, I did not serve in the army with him. Lamar Fike and Red West went over to Germany with him.

05. I live in Poland. On FTD album “Another Saturday Night” including show from June 7, 1975 (Shreveport) Elvis talk that “Joe Guercio is absent on the show
because he is on Polish weeding”. In 1973 during shows he jokes that “now we play Polish weeding songs mix”. Did Elvis talk something more about Poland?
What do You think where he heard about Polish weeding music?
ML: I never heard Elvis speak of Poland or the wedding song.

06. Elvis at the movies. How You remember time spent on movie sets? What Elvis thought (said) about his movies and songs recorded to this movies?
ML: Sometimes we had fun on the movie sets but then they became boring for him and us as they were not that good scripts and many of the songs were
bad.  he got to a point where he didn't enjoy doing any of it.

07. Few Elvis’ movies was filmed on the open air. I read many fans memories from “Follow That Dream” and “It Happened At The World’s Fair” sets and other.
Did  presence of fans disturbed at the work? How to the presence of fans at the plan did Elvis react?
ML: Fans really never bothered Elvis and he always got along well with them,he appreciated his fans.  Most of the movie sets were closed to anyone not
involved in making the movies.

08.   I would like ask You about one movie (it’s very special movie for me because it was my first movie with Elvis which I saw ever). “Viva Las Vegas”. How You
remember time on this set. Newspapers many write about big romance between Elvis and Ann Margret… What was it true? During filming this movie president
John Kennedy was killed. How Elvis react on this sad news?
ML: Sorry, but I was not on 'Viva Las Vegas' as I had briefly gone back to radio but then. It was months later, I came back.  Elvis and Anne Margret loved each
other and she is and was a wonderful nice person and a lot of fun to be with.  Many of us wish he would have married her instead of Priscilla.  Elvis was very
angry when Kennedy was killed and we watched the whole event on TV.

09. I read that in 1963 was planned big tournee in USA. Did You heard something about this?
ML: As far as I know there never was plans to tour in '63 as he was still under contracts to do movies.

10. May 1, 1967. Elvis weeding. You was on this ceremony. How looks like this ceremony. Many fans ask me what Elvis talk during press conference after
weeding (I never read or hear it). How do you remember this day?
ML: Elvis was nervous during the wedding because he really didn't want to get married, but he made the best of that day.The whole thing was really not
pleasant to be in.

11. The ’68 Comeback Special. Did Elvis was happy from this project. I read that he was very nervous before parts of ‘live show’.  Comeback Special was one
of this moment when Elvis opposed Colonel Parker. Parker’s vision was “Christmas Show”. What relations was between Elvis and Colonel? How You remember
Colonel Parker? In Your opinion he was a good manager?
ML: He was nervous about the Comeback Special, I had quit working for him by then but we talked about it. He was happy to do a live show instead of the
movies but he didn't want to do Parker's Christmas show as he thought it was stupid.  I have never been a fan of Colonel Parker as I never trusted him.

12. Elvis back to Las Vegas. Elvis back to touring...How looks live with Elvis during touring. Did You especially remember some shows? Few days ago we
celebrated 40 anniversary “Aloha From Hawaii”. How looks like preparations to this historical show?
ML: He was happy to be back touring instead of movies and at first he liked Vegas but then he got bored with it doing it twice a year, every year. He really
wanted to tour Europe and Asia but Parker talked him out of it.

13. In 1973 Elvis and Priscilla was parted. Some people saying that then problems (with his health with drugs…) began. How Elvis was affected by a divorce?
ML: Elvis and Priscilla parted because he got tired of her as he really didn't want to be married and he always saw other women on the side.

14.   August 16,1977. Very sad day for every fan around the world. How You remember this day? Did information about Elvis death was shock for You?
ML: Yes, August 16 was a sad day,I was shocked when I heard about it but not surprised that much.

15. “Elvis: The Man You’ll Never Forget”. Why in Your opinion we still remember Elvis and still love this man from Memphis?
ML: People remember Elvis because he touched them with his music, his reputation for always being nice to people and because of his charisma and
magnetism.  He changed the culture of the world in the 50's and people don't forget nice people.

16. Dear Marty. It was big honour for me can talk with You. Thank You so much for Your wonderful memories and all best wishes from Poland.  
ML: Since you have so many questions may I suggest that you get a copy of ELVIS AARON PRESLEY: Revelations Of The Memphis Mafia written by Billy
Smith, Lamar Fike, Me and Alanna Nash. It is a big book and it's full of answers to all your questions.  You can probably buy a copy on or eBay.  
By the way we do not get royalties from that book anymore as it is out of print so that is not why I am recommending you read it.
Doug Guild In Henderson, Nevada Asks Marty [20.01.13]
Thanks for answering my question a few months ago. Hope you are having an enjoyable holiday season.

Who of today's performers do you think the King would have liked? Jon Bon Jovi gives his all in his live performances (like Elvis did). What about Brandon
Flowers, Tim McGraw or Chris Daughtry?  Thanks again for answering questions from the fans.

Marty Says:
Hello Doug,
Out of the three he would probably like Tim [McGraw]. I have no idea who Brandon Flowers is and Daughtry's too heavy.

He would also like some of the songs Celine Dion has done, especially "Because You Love Me".  Also Beyonce.

I seriously doubt he'd like much of today's artists as many of them really can't sing and use gimmicks. I doubt he'd like Lady Gag who is nothing but a clown in
clown costumes and Justin Bieber's smart ass attitude would be a turn off as well as the fact that he's too studio technology enhanced. When you hear these
artists with their voices double and tripled tracked in the studio you know it's done because they're really not all that good of a singer.  Same goes for all of
them who use all these dancers on stage with them that's to distract from their singing. That's my opinion knowing him as I did.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [20.01.13]
Within his inner circle, did ELVIS like for his birthday to be paid-attention-to in a "big way"?
Also: did ELVIS like to celebrate the birthdays of people in his inner circle?

Marty Says :
Hi Randy,
Yes, he [Elvis] liked his birthday to be noted by us.  Usually we would all chip in and get him one special gift.
Usually it was custom made for him.

He would acknowledge others birthday every now and then. However if you mentioned it was your birthday sometimes it would seem like you're asking him for
a gift or money. Because of his stature and the fact that some were always trying to get things from him it was a sensitive thing to do. I know I never reminded
him of mine and that's because that's not what I was there for.
Yvonne Parry In England Asks Marty [20.01.13]
We now know, thanks to you, about Elvis liking Monty Python, were there any other British shows that he liked and watched?
Also I read recently a rumour about Elvis visiting London while on leave from the army during i think in 1959  and having Tommy Steel as his guide who neither
confirms or denies this, I can't believe Elvis would do this without anybody knowing about it who was close to him.
Marty Says:
Hello Yvonne,
He loved Peter Sellers and all his movies.  That's about all I can think of now.

The Tommy Steele story is a lie perpetuated by Steele himself.  Elvis was never in England in his life. The closest he came was when his plane taking him back
to the U.S. from Germany at the end of his army stint was when it refuelled in Prestwick, Scotland.  Many celebrities, like Steele have made up false stories
about them and Elvis because they think since he's gone they won't be found out. However they forget that we are still here to expose them.

[EER's Addition: In 2008, theatre producer Bill Kenwright (Steele's associate), told this outright LIE on Radio 2 to presenter Ken Bruce after being told the
tale by Tommy Steele. Steele backed up the LIE by saying: "It was two young men sharing the same love of their music. I swore never to divulge publicly what
took place and I regret that it has found some way of getting into the light. I only hope he can forgive me." More to the point, lets hope Elvis can forgive him for
lying like a rug? Elvis Express Radio contacted BBC radio direct with statements from Marty Lacker along with other information (ie; facts) pointing out how
Tommy Steele and or Bill Kenwright were lying about the secret trip and challenged them to a debate on BBC radio...To this day they still declined our offer.]
Walker Clayton James Asks Marty [20.01.13]
I wanted to know if there were any drug in particular that Elvis liked the most and crabbed more than the rest. I know he read the PDR regularly, just curious
what his fascination was in knowing that book so well , thanks for reading.
Marty Says:
I'm sure you have good intentions with your question but I think after 36 years since he's gone, it really doesn't matter.
As for the PDR, he read it to be sure he was being prescribed the right and safe thing.
Bill Wratchford Asks Marty [18.12.12]
Hi Marty,
This really is a cool thing that you are doing here on this site. I always felt that guys like yourself, Sonny, Billy and Red should have been called upon for
interview and Elvis projects, rather than subjecting us fans to Joe Eposito's sugar-coated version of what actually went on.
I have a couple of questions that I'd like to ask.

1) We've all heard the stories about Elvis not caring for Robert Goulet and shooting out tvs when he appeared, but I was curious if it was anything in particular
that annoyed him.

2) In some pictures and video footage, Elvis is shown carrying or drinking from a green colored bottle. I was wondering, was that bottled water or soda?

3) The Jerry Lee incident at Graceland. I had heard stories that Elvis was the actual person that posted his bail after he was arrested and was wondering if it
were true or gossip.

Marty Says:
Hello Bill,
Thank you for the compliment.

When Elvis was in the army in Germany his girlfriend back home, Anita Wood, was touring as a singer with Robert Goulet. One day Elvis got a letter from Anita
letting him know how things were going as well as telling him how much she missed him. They were serious about each other for a number of years.
Goulet thought he'd be cute and was there when Anita wrote the letter and he put a note on the bottom of it teasing Elvis by saying, "And don't worry Elvis I'm
taking gooooddd care of Anita".  Intimating that he was getting it on with her which was the furthest from the truth because Anita was not that kind of girl.
That pissed Elvis off and when he saw Goulet years later on TV he was in a bad mood and remembered what Goulet did on the letter, so he took his gun out
and shot the TV and said "Fuck You Goulet!!!"

What he was drinking was Mountain Valley brand of bottled water that was bottled in Hot Springs,Arkansas.  Parker introduced him to that water and he had
cases sent to Elvis.

I have no knowledge of Elvis paying Jerry Lee's bail.

Merry Christmas,
Al (Mountie from Canada) Asks Marty [18.12.12]
Hi Marty,
In January we will be in Hawaii for the Aloha celebration. I did not buy the EP package as it was too expensive but got my tickets for the events we wanted to
go. Mostly we will spend several days alone quality time with Mrs Marian Cocke.

1- What is your honest opinion about Mrs Cocke? I thing that she is a sweet hear.

2- What happened after the Aloha concert? I heard that the next day there were a trip to Pearl Harbor organized but Elvis when back to medication. Can you

3- Where you there at the Madison Square Garden? What can you tell us about it that we don’t know and what do you thing about the new release a prince
from another planet. I heard Jerry comments but I take more with your honest comments.

4- Do you still have some stuff that was given to you by Elvis that you can sell at a reasonable price to a Canadian fan?

Thanks my friend and TCB.

Marty Says :
Hi Al,
There's a few of us who are not too fond of Mrs. Cocke and that's because she has badmouthed us since Elvis died.  She's as bad as George Klein and
Esposito sucking up to Graceland and Priscilla.
She really makes herself out to be more than she really was as far as Elvis was concerned.  He was polite to her but in private had a different opinion and
called her Warden Cocke. Hope you enjoy your time with her.

That night after the Aloha Show We all had a good time in Elvis' suite at the Hilton Hawaiian Village because of the show being so great.  So we were all
looking forward to going to Pearl Harbor and when it was time to go we knocked on his door and Linda Thompson answered it. When we asked if they were
ready she had this unhappy look on her face and shook her head NO and then told us he was not in any shape to go and was sitting out on the balcony.  A
couple of us went out to the balcony and he was sitting there with a towel around his neck sweating profusely and we could see he was out of it.  It was
disheartening to us because for the previous month before the show he was clean and didn't take anything ,no pills. However when the show was done he
went right back to them.  We went to Pearl Harbor without him as the Admiral in charge of the memorial was waiting to take us on his private boat.

I was not at Madison Square Garden with him as I had music business to attend to in Memphis.

Fact is I presently have an item for sale on eBay that expires tomorrow evening. It is reasonably priced because I never ask for the exorbitant prices that some
do.  I only sell something when I have a project to do and I only ask what I need for the project,I'm not interested in soaking the fans as some are.  if you're
interested here is the link:

Merry Christmas,
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [18.12.12]
Dear Mr.Lacker,
I would like to ask (please?):
Did ELVIS receive "tons" of presents each Christmas from fans, movie studios, RCA, (Memphis) Cadillac dealers,etc?
Thanks for your time, Sir.

Marty Says:
Elvis mainly received Christmas cards from fans and the occasional gift.
As far as anything from movie studios and RCA Parker had them sent to him if there was any and I guarantee you he kept them.  Elvis mainly got gifts from us,
his father, Priscilla or the girl he was going with at the time.

I have no knowledge of the greedy car dealers ever giving him anything.
Merry Christmas,
Yvonne Parr from Leeds, England Asks Marty [18.12.12]
Hi Marty,
I visited Graceland  in May this year which was a massive thrill for me. I would like to ask when there were lots of friends around  including you of course and
they needed the bathroom, the ladies in particular, which bathroom would they use as i noticed no bathrooms were in the basement or the ground floor and i
can't imagine them using Elvis's private one having to climb 2 levels, unless i missed one somewhere else? Also did Elvis ever mention he would like to sing a
James Bond theme like Tom Jones had done, I'm sure it would have been great.
Again thank you for your time and have a great Christmas and all the best for 2013,
Marty Says:
I have to say this is one of the most unusual questions I've been asked.

You missed the bathrooms  There is a bathroom in the basement off the small hallway leading to the steps to the Jungle Room. It was attached to Charlie's
bedroom in the basement.  There are also three bathrooms on the first floor.  Nobody used Elvis bathroom but him but there is another one up there on the
other side of his office which was Priscilla's or the girl he was with at the time and we used that one when we were upstairs.

Elvis never expressed to do anything that Tom Jones did contrary to the few things Tom has said since Elvis died.  He also expressed no desire to do a Bond

Merry Christmas,
Martin Lopez Asks Marty [18.12.12]
Hi Marty,

Firstly may I take this opportunity to offer you and your family the best wishes for the festive season and say thanks for answering my previous question and
taking the time to answer these ones.

1) How did Elvis feel about soul singer Al Green becoming a reverend at his Gospel Church in Memphis?

2) Do you know if Elvis ever met Al Green at the church or Graceland ( I know they are said to have bumped into each other in a toilet at a club in Memphis)

Thanks again for your time.

Marty Says:
Hello Martin,
I might be wrong but I'm not sure Al established his church while Elvis was alive.  For a number of years he concentrated on becoming a major artist.

Al performed at one of Elvis' New Year's Eve parties at The Manhattan Club in Memphis.  He performed with band leader and his hit record producer Willie
Mitchell who was also a good friend of mine.  Elvis would think more about Al if he knew he was also into church as much as he became.  he did enjoy Al's
Merry Christmas,
Gerard McCluskey in Scotland Asks Marty [10.11.12]
Hi Marty,
Many Thanks again for answering my previous questions, as well as these:

1) Did Elvis get to meet Andy Kauffman? And or What did he think of him?
I was aware he wrote a letter to Elvis wither he actually got it, I don't know. I'm also aware he tried to meet Elvis while in Vegas, again I don't know if this

2) I was made aware that Angela Lansbury didn't get on well with Elvis during "Blue Hawaii" Is this another rumour or any truth to this?

3) Hal Wallis to me was basicly like parker, just wanting to churn movie after movie, I believe Elvis may have thought ok finances are ok for the next few years
but in fact he was getting less than parker as well as having no say in what he did in the movies?

4) What hold did he (parker) have over Elvis, if any? Could anyone have done what parker did in the 50s by exposing Elvis to TV?

5) What has come to light since Elvis passed is a lot of the side deals made by Parker, that Elvis never knew about. He must at some time felt like he was
being taking for a ride by parker and Hollywood. At almost every opportunity in his life I see where he could have and probably should have went in a different
direction, i.e. in the 60s making less movies and more concerts, in the 70s, dumping Vegas shows after 72, getting rid of parker european tours, everytime we
see that he had a challenge he got to it.

Marty Says :
Hi Gerard,
As far as I know Elvis never met Kaufman, at least he never met him while I was around nor did I hear from Elvis or any of the guys that he did.

I was not on that movie so I couldn't tell you about he and Lansbury.  I never heard him mention her.

Wallis only cared about money and that was just like Parker.

Parker had no specific hold on Elvis except that he knew Elvis didn't know that much about the business side of it all. Parker was good for Elvis in the 50's
because he got him known quickly and made quick money but he was no good for Elvis from the early 60's till the end and Elvis would have been better off if
he had dumped him then but Elvis was loyal.
Stephen Asks Marty [10.11.12]
Hi Marty,
What did Elvis think about being an only child and do you have any observations about how that status impacted him?  It seems like you and the MM guys
were the brothers he never had.   I am an only child myself and have sometimes felt a void because of that, but then I can also see that some adult siblings
are geographically or emotionally distant, so maybe it isn't a big deal.

Also, to follow up Al's question from a few days ago, Anne Murray's autobiography came out about three years ago, and in it, she wrote that she never had a
chance to meet Elvis because they never played Vegas at the same time.   She also wrote that Linda Thompson said in a 1979 radio interview that Elvis really
liked Anne's music, and that the endorsement really meant a lot to her, both then and now.

Marty Says:
Hello Stephen,
Elvis sometimes mentioned his twin and joked that he doubted the world could have handled two of them.
He probably would have liked it if he had a brother and yes, he and we from the early years look at him like brothers.
He did like Anne's music and way of singing.
Tony Fischetti Asks Marty [10.11.12]
Hello again Marty I hope you are well my question is, was it Parkers idea the MM or Elvis himself to be kept isolated  from the public etc.
I read that Elvis had just as good security or better than that of the President. I have been an Elvis fan for a long time and I only found out things about Elvis
he died. I only saw Elvis in his movies and listen to his music that was about it in those days. It blew me away when I heard about his drug use etc, you
guys the MM kept everything quiet for a lot of years, I think that is just amazing. I don’t think celebrities or famous people these days have that type
of loyalty.  I understand there were a few people in the group who  didn’t fit in or was there for the wrong reasons but you guys the MM made sure that they
didn’t last. You guys must have really loved him.

Marty Says:
Hi Tony,
Parker was the one behind the isolation in the beginning.  Yes, we were loyal because we cared about him a great deal and while he was alive what happened
with and by Elvis stayed with us within the group, back then it was nobody else's business what he or we did.

As you know since he died some of us have revealed what went on all those years and that is due to the fact that some of us feel he was too much of a
historical cultural icon for his history as a person not to be written about for history's sake.  And yes another reason we wrote books was for the money.  It was
not the only reason but anyone who writes a book and tells you he /she partially didn't do it for the money is full of shit.  Writing a book is not easy and it takes
valuable time in your life for you not to be compensated for it.
Gerard McCluskey in Scotland Asks Marty [27.10.12]
Hi Marty,
I understand some of these questions have a hypothetical answers, but any ideas of an answer I guess its better than no answer at all:

1) Although it is common place now for artists to duet on albums, who (if any at all) would you think Elvis would have liked to of collaborated with then and/or

2) Also In `72 he was asked during the press conference before the Madison Square Garden show about writing his own autobiography, to which he
answered, "maybe, but not right now". Do you think Elvis would of embarked on this type of project? if so would he of laid bare his faults and home truths?

3) Also how was fan mail handed? did Elvis take time to respond to any of them, I've heard stories of the guys in the group getting pretty well accustomed to
signing Elvis' name for a fan wanting an autograph. I can understand this as Elvis would of been spending day and night trying to deal with them.

4) And lastly, If you could, is there anything you would have changed during you time will Elvis?

Thanks again Marty for taking the time to answer my questions,

Marty Says:
Hi Gerard,
I can't think of anyone Elvis would have liked to do a duet with nor am I in favor of what EPE is allowing now for Sony/RCA to allow some female singers to sing
with him on his records as a duet.  Although Celine Dion is a great singer I'm not in favor of deluding Elvis' original records. Elvis is Elvis and should be allowed
to stand alone as the icon he is.  I especially don't like Lisa Marie singing with him because she can't sing and they're only doing all of it for money and to get
people to listen to her.

I never heard him say he desired to write his autobiography and if he did he wouldn't have bared his soul.  As a side note, Larry Geller's claim that Elvis told
him to write it and Larry wrote a diary of things Elvis did with him is a crock of shit.  Elvis would not take the chance of what someone would reveal about him
while he was alive.

All the mail was handled by the Graceland office behind the house.  Most of it was answered by his cousin Patsy who would sometimes sign his name.  The
guys would sometime sign his name when a request came from someone at the Gate although depending on the mood he was in he signed some too.  Every
once in awhile Elvis would go out to the office and look at the mail and if it was something touching like from a young child or someone terminally ill he would
write a note to them.

Would I have changed anything during my time with Elvis? Yeah I probably would have tried harder to talk him out of marrying Priscilla.  Other than that I
basically enjoyed my 20 years being close to him and things happened as they were supposed to in the course of life.  However in hindsight, I might have
warned him about a couple of the guys although I'm sure that although he put up with them he probably was aware of how they were.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [27.10.12]
In the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Dolly Parton says her "greatest regret" was that ELVIS never recorded "I Will Always Love You".

Mr.Lacker, I'd love to ask YOU:
Do YOU think "I Will Always Love You" would actually have been a good song for ELVIS? I know it was a (massive) hit for Whitney Houston. But do YOU think it
would have "worked" as an "ELVIS song"?     


As you may know, Lance LeGault recently passed away. Please share with EER readers your impressions of Mr. LeGault.

Marty Says :
Hey Randy,
Elvis would have done a great job on that song for two reasons, one, the song was dramatic song that Elvis liked and two it would give him a opportunity to use
the full range of his voice.  He liked doing those kinds of songs.

Lance was basically a nice guy but he was a bit stuck on himself.  May he rest in peace.
Tony Fischetti Asks Marty [27.10.12]
Hello Marty I hope you are well and thanks again for giving us Elvis fans your time. My question is why did Elvis let people like Priscilla Presley force him to
marry him, I understand that he made a promise to her parents and also had pressure from Parker. Reading your Memphis mafia book it seems to me that
these two people made his life a misery and he let it happen. May I ask you what are your thoughts on this?
Thank you.

Marty Says:
Hi Tony,
I was against it the day he told me that her father threatened to sue him for breach of promise and go to the media and tell them he had been living with her
since she was 16, actually 17. I told him to tell her father to go Fuck himself and that he wouldn't go to the media because how would that make him look as a
father who let his young daughter go from Germany to Memphis to be with someone older than her just because he was rich and famous.  Parker advised him
to marry her because Parker was afraid of losing his goose that laid the golden egg.

Elvis let it happen because he thought, as Parker told him, that his career would be ruined just like Jerry Lee Lewis' did when he married his 13 year old
cousin.  I told him Jerry Lee's situation was different in that she was only 13 and she was his cousin.  That's like incest.

I might add that Priscilla and her father denied this in Elvis By The Presleys but I believe Elvis because he had no reason to make that up.  He could have just
told me that he decided to marry Priscilla without telling me the rest of the story.   In my opinion that documentary should have been called Elvis By The
Al in Canada Asks Marty [27.10.12]
Hi Marty,
Did Elvis ever talked about Anne Murray and did he ever met her?  
I know that he did not forget Montreal for cutting him off in the 50’s but  did he ever mention about doing a tour in Canada in the 70’s?

What is your biggest souvenir of the Aloha From Hawaii? Please give us specific like back stage before or after etc....God bless you my friend.

Marty Says:
Hello Al,
Elvis liked Anne's voice and her style of singing.  We heard her a number of times on the radio.  I don't recall him mentioning Canada at all.

My memory of Aloha is that it was a great trip for all of us, it was a time when we all enjoyed being together and when the show was over he was overjoyed at
the job he had done.  When I went backstage to his dressing room right after he left the stage he had a big smile on his face and we hugged as I told him it
was a great show.
Tony Fischetti Asks Marty [17.10.12]
Hi Marty, I am from Australia and  can I just ask you, did Elvis know how big he really was in terms of being famous?
I remember back in 1977, I was at school and when we heard that Elvis died half  the school was crying, a lot of students went home because they were too
upset. It's a shame he did not tour overseas.
I feel he was poorly managed by Col. Parker at the tail end of his career. Thank you for giving us Elvis fans your time.

Marty Says:
Hi Tony,
Yes, he knew how famous he was and he always attributed that to his loyal fans and was much appreciative of you all.  I think he would be quite happy to know
that you all are still thinking of him after all these years.

I agree with you about Parker but I would have got rid of him in the 60's and got a manager who really cared about him and was not only all about the money
no matter how it affected Elvis.  Parker didn't care what how his carny tactics effected Elvis' personal life or career.
Randy Erdman in Chicago Asks Marty [17.10.12]
Dear Mr.Lacker,
I would like to ask (please?):

1, I've always read that ELVIS disliked swimming. Did the pool at Graceland get much use?
2, Did ELVIS' taste(s) in food change much when he began to perform in Las Vegas and have the (International Hotel/Hilton) professional chefs at his service?

Marty Says :
Hello Randy,
Elvis didn't swim very good and that was due to the fact that because he was poor growing up in Mississippi and early on in Memphis he had no access to a
pool.  However, he would use the pool at Graceland and gradually learned to swim in a fashion.  He was not afraid because quite frankly he was a bit of a
daredevil when it came to doing things like scuba diving, driving fast, etc.  At one time he bought diving air tanks and used them in the pool just for a lark and
would go underwater using them.

As for his taste in food, he was not adventurous in Vegas or anywhere else and he stuck with the southern foods he grew up with plus hamburgers, etc.  
However, in California Billy and I got him hooked on corned beef sandwiches as long as we cut the fat off the meat.
Deb Asks Marty [17.10.12]
Hello Marty – Hope all is very well with you. My question is about the great 1969 Memphis sessions.  A year before Elvis went there, Dusty Springfield cut the
great Dusty In Memphis LP with Chips and had a great hit with ‘Son of a Preacher Man’. Was Elvis aware of this LP and single?  

He did cover Dusty’s ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’ so I assume he was aware of her work and admired her vocal talent.  Just curious if he knew about
her Memphis album and if in anyway, that may have inspired him to record with Chips.  Again, thanks for your time.

Marty Says:
Hi Deb,
Elvis knew of Duty's record because I brought him a copy of it just as I did other records that were cut at American like 'Steamroller Blues' that Chips cut on the
Masquerade's which was a funky R&B record. I'm sure he took them in consideration when I talked him into recording there in Jan. '69.
I has been talking with him about Chips and the studio band since early '68.
Michelle K. in Chicago Asks Marty [08.10.12]
First, I want to thank you so much for answering questions for all of us. I asked a couple previously, but have a couple more if you don't mind.

Question One: Is there anywhere that I can see a photo of what Graceland (and the Memphis area surrounding that piece of land), looked like in the early
days of Elvis purchasing it? To see the area now, it seems a piece of land surrounded by not much else but souvenir shops and closed businesses. Was the
house in a "neighbourhood" surrounded by other houses on either side? Was all the land surrounding the house today always part of the estate property?

Second question: what company/companies made the scarves that Elvis threw to the fans in concert? My mom was lucky enough to get one. I was too young
at the time to even try. I got my love of your guys music from mom though.
Thanks for your time.

P.S. I am reading the MM book and thoroughly enjoying learning so much.

Marty Says :
Hello Michelle,
The only place I can think of that you might get a picture as you described is from the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper's archives. You could probably
write them and ask.

The land around Graceland when he first moved out there was forest, there were no subdivisions with houses that are around in now.  The land across the
street where all the shops are now was basically forest also and then they built one small strip of shops that had nothing to do with Elvis or memorabilia.  then
they built a very good steak restaurant after awhile called The Beef & Liberty.  Those souvenir shops did not pop up until after he died.

Glad you're enjoying the book.
Steve Asks Marty [08.10.12]
Hi Marty
Much obliged for taking the time for us fans.  It is really appreciated. My question is about the movies.
We know Elvis hated making them by the mid-60's, but were there any he was proud of besides King Creole?  
From what I’ve read he liked that one. Also do you recall him not getting along with any of his co-stars in particular?

Marty Says:
Hello Steve,
He liked Wild In The Country and he really enjoyed Viva Las Vegas because of Ann Margret other than that I don't recall him saying he was proud of any of
the others. I also don't recall him not getting along with anyone except Stella Stevens who thought she was hot stuff but neither Elvis or us thought she was
and she had an attitude because he didn't make a fuss about her or try to hit on her.
Suzy Horvat from Australia Asks Marty [03.10.12]
Hello Mr. Lacker,
I was wonder what you may or may not know about another Last Will and Testament Elvis had prior to the one he had done in March of 1977?  Specifically
were the Stanley step brothers ever beneficiaries to anything??

Marty Says :
Hi Suzy,
No they were not. Elvis' intentions were to make Priscilla and Lisa the sole beneficiaries while he was married to her. After they split, he [Elvis] removed
Priscilla as beneficiary in the new will that was written.  After they split he told some of us more than once that he did not want her to have anything to do with
his estate should he die.  Lisa then became the sole beneficiary.  In conversations he had with me, he stated more than once that he really didn't consider the
Stanleys as his brothers.
Tony Fischetti Asks Marty [03.10.12]
Hello Marty, The reason why I asked you whether Elvis may have  had bipolar is because in your book Elvis and the Memphis Mafia, and what a fantastic read
it is by the way, it seemed to me that you guys, the MM, did not know what kind of a day it was going to be for you guys, one minute Elvis is up and the next
minute he is down. It would have been a frustrating life for you guys to have a friend or a boss like that. Lamar says it was like living in a velvet cage, is that
what it was like for you?

Maybe it was the medication he was taking. I read Dr Nick’s book and he says that Elvis suffered from the way it was a crap book. In your
Elvis and the MM book I liked the way you stood up to Elvis when he put your family down regarding the work your sister and brother in law did at Graceland.
That's another example of Elvis being super nice to you and then he will turn on you, and  from what I have read about Elvis you are the only person from the
MM that Elvis has ever apologised to.

Marty Says:
Hi Tony,
I'm not a doctor so I really can't give you a definitive answer whether he was bipolar or not.  However, I do think that the pills had a lot to do with the way he
acted. I learned from personal experience they really screw your head up and change your disposition at the drop of hat and so if something makes you mad
you explode.  It really wasn't frustrating for me, more inconvenient at times because of his sometimes demands but if you care about someone you get over it.

I would like to think that most of the original guys would have reacted as I did when he went on that tirade about my family.  The whole thing lasted about five
minutes and then he walked away and I turned around after I told him what I thought and went home for four days. I also had a strong feeling that his father
caused it with a lie. It turned out that I was right about that.

As for the apology it is the only time I ever heard him say the words, "I'm sorry", normally if he knew he did someone wrong his way of saying I'm sorry is to give
them something.  He didn't quite understand that he didn't have to buy their good graces or friendship, saying I'm Sorry would have been good enough for
most of them, especially the original guys who grew up together with him.
Cameron from Scotland Asks Marty [03.10.12]
Good to communicate with you in this way and very kind that you are doing this.
My question is...The area around Graceland seems a bit dubious and quite rough, what was this like during Elvis's lifetime?

And my other question is Junior Smith, how did you get on with him, I read in the Mafia revelations that some of the guys gave him a wide berth for various

Marty Says:
Hello Cameron,
Graceland was much different back then it is now. It was cleaner, safer and more quiet.  When he first moved out there it was not part of Memphis and there
was not much out there nor were there many people.  Once it was annexed by the city it started to grow and more people moved out there.  Because he lived
there it got the area known by many.

Junior was quiet to most of the guys who really didn't know him that well.  He had suffered some traumatic injuries in the army and at times he could explode
and become dangerous. However, when he was around Elvis he was OK. I think the problems he had was the caused his death prematurely at relative young
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