Michelle in Chicago Asks Marty [30.09.12]
I have 2 simple questions that have probably been asked many times before, yet I cannot find the answers anywhere.
Is there any video footage in existence of Elvis performing/recording (in the dark) "If I Can Dream" in '68 where he was on the floor, getting really emotionally
into it and, as Steve Binder stated, was in a foetal position on the floor by the end of the song? I am confused as to when that particular recording occurred as
on the DVD of the '68 comeback it shows 3 takes of the recording of the song with the 3rd one being chosen for the show.
Was the "on the floor" story just a practice go, done in Burbank?
Also, is there any particular reason why Elvis never performed this song live at any point?

Marty Says:
Hello Michelle,
I have never seen any footage of the song whether he's standing or laying down.  I was not there when he did that show but I never heard him or any of the
guys say anything like that after he came home.

As for doing it live I have no idea why he didn't do it, however in my opinion that song was not that good.
As a message song it does not come anywhere near In The Ghetto in my opinion.  Could be he really didn't think that much of it.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [30.09.12]
Dear Mr. Lacker,
I would like to ask (please?):
When you hear ELVIS records, what goes through your mind? Do you, in the case of a lot of his songs, right away recall being in the studio when this or that
song was recorded?
Also: was Los Angeles/Hollywood a "great" place to be in the late 1950s and the 1960s or could you "take it or leave it"?
Thanks for your time, Sir.

Marty Says:
My reaction when I hear one of his records depends on which one it was.  Many of them in the 60's and 70's I really don't like to listen to because the songs
were beneath his talent in my opinion, they were mostly the crap that Parker and Bienstock sent him to do and it bothered me when he did them and bothers
me now.  Of course there are exceptions and I enjoy them when I hear them.

However after many years in the studio and the music business I really don't listen to records anymore.  My listening is confined when I'm driving and my car
radio stays on a Memphis R&B oldies station and they don't play Elvis.

L.A./Hollywood was good back then because it was basically new and different for us plus the clubs were better and so was the talent in them as well as in
Hollywood making movies.  I'm not a fan of today's music artists, many of them are really not that good but they use studio technology to make them sound
better as well as double triple tracking their voices because they really can't sing all that good.  They're too gimmicky and the way their P.R. and the media
acts today they are really media celebrities as opposed to true talented singers.  Same with some who call themselves actors and actresses.

That's my personal opinion.
Tony Fischetti Asks Marty [30.09.12]
Hello Marty read all your books and you are my favourite Memphis Mafia.
Just one question do you think that Elvis had bipolar?

Marty Says:
Hello Tony,
Thank you for the compliment however I'm not the only MM that is a good guy.
As for Elvis being Bipolar I have no idea.
Dave Asks Marty [24.09.12]
Are you 100 percent sure that Elvis is dead. Could it be possible that he was put into the witness protection program without any of you guys knowing about it.  
The reason I ask this question is because about two and a half years ago a black man drove his truck through the gates of Graceland and damaged them.   A
man who looked and walked exactly like Elvis appeared and was pissed off about it. If it was him, it must mean that he still spends time at Graceland.  Also, in
2008 there were some clues on a Coldplay album that indicated that he was still alive.  To cut a long story short it indicates, If you want to let Elvis know that
you love him raise your forefinger to the side of your head.  I have seen several people do this when talking about Elvis.

Marty Says:
Oh Dave, You found us out!
Actually Elvis is in my protection program and has been living in my garage!
We play cards every Sunday night and we had a helluva game last night.

Sorry Dave, my answer is as ridiculous as your question and the notion that he would fake his death.
That witness protection story is one of the funniest and most ludicrous I've heard since he died.  There was absolutely nothing for him to be placed in any kind
of witness protection.

As for Coldplay and their song mentioning Elvis that is nothing but an obvious spoof by the writer of the song and Coldplay. Nobody in Coldplay or the writer
wouldn't know anything about Elvis when he was alive because they weren't even a group when he was alive. Most of them were probably not even born yet or
if they were they were in diapers....Just how would you think Elvis would see everyone who put their finger to the side of head when they mentioned his name?

Please understand I'm not trying to make fun of you, it's just that the notion he faked his death and is still alive belongs in fantasy land.  There is no way in hell
he would do something like that. It's time some of you conspiracy theorists gave it up. Unfortunately Elvis died on August 16,1977 and nothing will ever change
that except a miracle if G-d sends him back down here.

Other than that I appreciate your efforts in keeping his memory alive.
William Rauhuff Asks Marty [24.09.12]
I go on most of the Elvis internet sites but EER and EIN are my two favourites. My question is this.  Why in the world is FTD records releasing so MANY
recordings of Elvis that has already been released time and again and is not very good quality. I have bought some of the  movie soundtracks mainly for the
packaging and some of the concerts that were never released in his lifetime.  They are releasing 20-25 albums or cd a year. At 30 dollars or in  some cases
much more who can afford to spend the money . It seems to me that EPE wants to get every dollar a Elvis fan has. I know fans do not have to buy all of these
recordings but I do not think Elvis would have liked most of this . It is great to find a rare concert to listen to and purchase even at inflated prices but how many
cd releases do we need from a April 1975 tour when the set list was the same.  I think FTD has released over a 100 titles in 10 years and doing 3-4 ever
quarter. The concept originally was for unreleased material but now it is all of the regular released albums in his lifetime plus a few outakes from the recording
and then it comes a CLASSIC album selling for 30-35 dollars a copy. I love Elvis as much as anybody but Love Letters from Elvis and some of the other
albums were not classic albums even though I bought them when they were released. What is your take on this? Any truth the rumor that EPE try to get Mary
Ann Mobley to give 33 1/3 of any photographs she autographed with Elvis while she was in Memphis.

Marty Says:
Hello William,
I have long stated that it bothers me greatly that they are milking the fans by constantly releasing out takes, these outtakes were not to Elvis' approval when
he did those sessions.  What he always wanted was to do the best job on every song and for every fan.  I know that he would be unhappy to know these
inferior takes are being released in various albums.  Elvis selected the take he wanted originally released and that is what they should stick with.  They really
have not improved or enhanced the recordings better than the original.

As you have probably surmised it's all being done for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ with no regard for Elvis' legacy.  I think it's time it is stopped. However, as
long as fans buy that stuff they will continue to sell it.
I really don't keep up with who is behind these albums, if it's Ernst then he needs to find something else to do.

I heard that too about Mary Ann but I do not know if it's true.  I do know that EPE sicced the cops on Andrew Hearn's Dolan House event to be sure he wasn't
selling pictures of any of us who made a personal appearance there.  He usually sells them so that the fans could get them autographed by whoever was
appearing that night.  In our case it was Billy Smith and I.  Just to clarify, Billy and I were not selling pictures and never have.  Unlike a few others we don't
charge for our autograph.
Simon Ackerman Asks Marty [20.09.12]
Hi Marty
In a recent answer you gave to a question, you stated "He and I did design some clothes for two movies for him to wear and he kept those"... I would love to
know as I'm sure all other fans would also love to know which movies you and Elvis designed the clothes for and do you remember what the clothes were?

Marty Says:
Hi Simon
They were Double Trouble and Spinout.
I designed a couple of shirts and then he said he wanted to wear a colorful jacket made out of velvet or suede, so I designed the Maroon sport coat he wore
on stage. He also wanted a type of bolero jacket and he and I designed the red one with the black straps in the front instead of buttons.

I also bought him his favorite black Hardy boots that he wore for both pictures.

Because I was not a member of the design union used by the movie studios I was not eligible to get wardrobe credits on screen at the end of the film.  
Don Feld was listed as the designer because he designed everything else for the whole movie.
Al Boulianne Asks Marty [18.09.12]
Hi Marty,
With my job as being in charge of VIP, I meet a lot of people in my career like US presidents, Prime Ministers and celebrities but I hope to be able to meet you
and Billy Smith sometime as it is my dream.

My questions are:
1. Did Elvis meet Jack Lord often in Hawaii? I know Jack and Marie visited him in Las Vegas but did Elvis visit them often and specially on his last vacation in
March 1977?  I read that he visited them in 1973. Was it in Jacks condo on Kahala Beach? Can you tell a little about the detaisl?

2. Also my wife and I are going to Oahu next January for 15 days to visit places Elvis went and specially to celebrate the Aloha anniversary. Any tips about
location to visit?

Marty Says:
Hey there Al,
It's logical since you are in charge of VIP that you would want to meet Billy and I....Just kidding, we are no more special or VIP than anyone else. We
appreciate the thought though that you would like to meet us. Maybe someday at an MM event.

To be honest I do not know if Elvis met Jack in '77 as I was not on that trip.  The one in '73 I believe was at their condo.  My wife and I left the day they went
there that night as we had to get back to our kids and for me to get back to my office and take care of business.

Jack and Marie visited him in Vegas a couple of times and for whatever reason Elvis took a liking to them.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [18.09.12]
Dear Mr. Lacker,
would like to ask (please?):
Did ELVIS' movie contracts give him the option of keeping any of the "movie clothes" he liked?

Marty Says:
Hello Randy,
Not that I know of but I'm sure if he wanted something they would let him have it since he made them millions.  
He and I did design some clothes for two movies for him to wear and he kept those.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [13.09.12]
What were your impressions of the upbringing of the Stanley brothers by Vernon Presley?  Did it seem to you that it must have been uniquely "challenging" to
raise three step-sons when their step-brother was the most famous and beloved Star on Earth?

Did The Colonel or RCA initially "discourage" ELVIS from recording Gospel music?
Thanks for your time Sir.

Marty Says:
Hi Randy,
Obviously the way they turned out which is not saying much about them, his bringing them up was not very good.  I'm sure their mother was probably more
responsible for being liars and do nothings just like her. In no way did they think of them the same way he thought of Elvis.

As far as I know neither Parker nor RCA tried to discourage him singing Gospel, I doubt he would have listened to them on that.
Cameron in Scotland Asks Marty [06.09.12]
Hi Marty,
Hope you are well, I love reading your views and opinions.
My question is about Red, primarily.
How is he doing? Do you keep in contact with him? How does Red feel about Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling and George Klein, has any of these guys had any
contact with him. Is he still shunned by these guys? I personally think he cared for Elvis very much.
Glad to hear Sonny is doing better.

Marty Says:
Hi Cameron,
I have not had contact with Red in a year.  I hear he is off doing other things.

I also hear that he is still friends with George Klein even though Klein badmouthed him badly about his book back when it came out many years ago.  I have no
idea how he feels about Joe or Jerry?

Yes, Red did love Elvis very much from the beginning and quite frankly showed that love in parts of Elvis What Happened. Unfortunately some of the fans
seem to harp on some of the things in the book that did not show the best side of Elvis but were true. That just shows more about them then it does about
Red, Sonny and Hebler.... Red's a good guy as is Sonny and Dave.
Terry Asks Marty [04.09.12]
Hello Marty
Thanks for taking the time for the fans.  Since you were so close to the music end of things, I was wondering if there were any songs submitted to Elvis he
turned down that later became hits for someone else?  Some the songs he recorded after 1970 are so beneath his talents, it is a shame he wasn’t getting
better material to record.   Did he ever regret not having recorded a certain song?

Marty Says:
Hello Terry,
There were so many crappy songs submitted to him by Parker and Freddy Bienstock that it is hard for me to remember all he turned down.  However, only
because these are two songs I had for him they stick out in my mind right now.  

During the Stax sessions I brought him a song called "We Had It All" and he loved it. he worked on it in the studio with the musicians for about an hour listening
to it 20 times. Then when I went into the studio he said to me, "I Can't do this song."  I said, "Elvis you seemed to love it and it's a good song." He replied, "It is
a helluva song and I do love it but if I record it people including Priscilla will think I'm singing it to and about her and me and that wouldn't be true." That was
after he and Priscilla separated. I told him that shouldn't stop him, to let people think what they want.  He refused to do it.  Much later, Rita Coolidge had a big
hit with it.

A song he didn't get to hear that I had for him at the time he did the Graceland session was "I Honestly Love You" that Olivia Newton John had her biggest hit
on and introduced her to the world.  At the time because of their hard feelings towards me about the American Studios sessions that they didn't have control
of, Parker had instructed Felton Jarvis and probably Esposito not to tell me about the session because they didn't want me bringing songs to him that they had
no publishing on and influencing him about any others.  Months before Olivia had the song, I was in L.A. on business and was at the offices of Irving Almo
Music Publishing owned by A&M Records and was meeting with an old friend who was a V.P. there and he gave me some new song demo records that he
thought would be good for Elvis or anyone else. One of them that he played for me was the writer, Peter Allen's demo of "I Honestly Love You." I held on to it
for Elvis' next session to play for him.  That never happened and then later Olivia came out with it and the rest is history.
Bill Wratchford Asks Marty [04.09.12]
Hi Marty, first I wanted to thank you for responding to my prior questions. It's nice to get an honest answer, without no sugar coating.  I had a couple more
questions, if you don't mind.
I was watching Joe Esposito's dvd Elvis: His Best Friend Remembers and was wondering if you had seen it? Personally, my first reaction was, "Of all the
egotistical...is he serious???"

I was also wondering how you think Elvis would react if he knew that Priscilla and Lisa were members of Scientology. I remember reading in an interview that
Lamar Fike had given that Elvis was less than amused that they tried to get him to join.

And lastly, was Elvis real close with Muhammad Ali? I know that Elvis had given Ali a boxing robe, but Ali had stated in an interview that Elvis had stayed at a
cabin at his training camp, as a means of getting privacy.

Again, thank you for taking the time! I really appreciate it.
Have a great Labor Day!

Marty Says:
Hello Bill,
That's the way Joe always was. Thought he was special, however neither Elvis nor the most of us agreed with him. Most of us original guys are quite content
just saying we were close to Elvis instead of boldly claiming to be his Best Friend.  If anything he had a few Best friends.

Elvis thought Scientology was a con cult who were only interested in his money and to use him and he hated it. As Lamar explained he went in there to talk to
those people because the girl he was dating at the time, actress Peggy Lipton, kept trying to get him to join.  He spent 20 minutes in there and came back to
the car cussing the cult and the people he talked to. I doubt he'd be very happy Lisa was involved whereas I doubt he'd care what Priscilla did after they split
except where it affected Lisa.

Elvis liked Ali but it was basically just a one or two time meeting. As far as I know he never went to Ali's training camp or spent any time there. I have no idea
why Ali said that,
if he actually said it or it's just a rumor. Have a nice Labor Day too.
Chad Collier Asks Marty [04.09.12]
Hey Marty, Thank you for taking the time to answer all of everybody's questions the way you do. That's really supreme, man! I actually have a few questions
but none of them should take up that much time.

1: In the "Revelations From The Memphis Mafia" book, there is a picture of Elvis with a cigarette in his mouth, and the caption says something about him being
a secret smoker. Was he really a smoker, or was it more of an occasional thing for him to have a cigarette every now and then? Nobody ever really mentions it
in the book, except for the caption of that picture.

2: I've read your first book several times, and I imagine I'll probably read the Memphis Mafia book several times as well. The question is, what other books on
Elvis would you recommend to get a really complete picture of him? Or better yet, to read more of the funnier stories that went on behind the scenes?

I'm only asking that last question because it's a blast to read about some of the funnier moments that ya'll had, but at the same time, I don't really have too
much faith in some of the other books that have been written by some of the other guys. I don't mean any disrespect to any of your old compadres, but I've
read enough to know that some of the guys may not be telling the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I guess in other words, how much of what's in the
books by ol' Diamond Joe, George, and Jerry are true, and how much is tall tails?
Thanks again for your time, man!

Marty Says:
The no smoking publicity was put out by Parker in the 50's but throughout the 60's Elvis regularly smoked Tareyton cigarettes and we always kept a pack
handy in a cigar box with other things for him.  That particular picture of both of us with a cigarette in our mouth was taken in the 60's standing outside a
chartered bus we took to a Nashville recording session and we were outside RCA Studio B. That is the only picture I ever saw with him and a cigarette.

Alan Fortas' Book from Memphis To Hollywood and Elvis What Happened are two good realistic books as is Sonny West's "Still Takin' Care Of Business.".  
The books you mention by those three guys are more about them than Elvis. To hear them talk you would think that Elvis couldn't do anything without them.
Klein outright lies in his book about a number of things.
Doug Guild Asks Marty [28.08.12]
Hello Marty,
I just found your question/answer forum and love it. Thanks for sticking up for the King. You guys are very loyal which I am sure Elvis appreciated.
I am now 46 and first heard Elvis on a commercial in 1974 for an album showing a sleek Elvis in a great pose from the Aloha show - blue background with
large yellow block letters ELVIS.
I wore that album out and loved every song. I also loved his movies. Very fun and light hearted. I loved how he was so cool to all the girls in the movies.

My question is...kind of a serious note.
What happened to the King between 1970 and then after that into 1976/77. He looks and acts like a completely different person. It is very startling to watch
how fast he declined physically. You can see it in his eyes - dulled with no energy - compared to the 1969 Vegas press conference. Why did it have to end like
that Marty?
Thanks again. Elvis will always be the best.

Marty Says:
Hi Doug,
Much of it had to do with sheer boredom because Elvis got into a rut and didn't want to change things especially demanding from Parker that he stopped
doing the same things as far as booking him into the same cities on almost every tour.  In addition he should have confronted Parker and demand that he
book him in Europe and the Far East as well as South America.  It would have been a new challenge and something fresh for Elvis.  In my opinion he should
have got rid of Parker in the mid 60's but unfortunately he didn't.

So to combat the boredom as the years went by he took more pills and stronger ones that he had no business taking.  Some of that led to physical ailments
and screwing up his mind.

Your question at the end as to why it had to end that way is one I have asked myself and pondered for years.  It simply boils down to the fact is that it was
Elvis' choice and his life and he didn't like anyone to tell him how to live it.  
William Rauhuff Asks Marty [28.08.12]
I was reading one of the fan sites the other day and some knucklehead has started a petition to get George Klein in the R&R Hall of Fame as a contributor for
all he has done for rock and roll. Is this not the craziest thing you ever heard? Chips Moman and yourself yes but what did GK ever do besides being a DJ in
Memphis and a legend in his own mind. By the way have you heard anything about Sonny West health recently? I was listening to a radio station from
Knoxville Tennessee the other day and they mentioned your time there and also had very kind words about the job you did. This is a stupid question but did
Elvis like college football and did he ever mention liking the Tennessee Volunteers since he lived in Tennessee?

Marty Says:
Hello William,
Uninformed people sometimes do stupid things, Klein being in the RNR Hall of Fame is one of the funniest things I've heard in the last decade.  The fact is
Klein did not play any record unless the national Music Director in Los Angeles okayed the record to be played on any of their member stations in the radio
chain they owned.  George is small time and in no way has accomplished anything to be in the Hall.

Chips and the American Studio band deserves to be there for the big hits they produced over the years, 122 of them. Not some do-nothing like Klein. Knowing
him he probably put the guy up to starting that petition.

Sonny is doing better but is still not Cancer free.

It's nice to know they haven't forgotten me at WKGN in Knoxville and my time there as Program Director is something I'm proud of and enjoyed.  We brought
the station to the number one rating for the three years I was there.  When I first got there it was number 6.  I'm surprised they mentioned me as I am assuming
most of them wasn't even born in 1950's.

Yes, Elvis was aware of the Vols. One year when they played and won the Liberty Bowl in Memphis some of the players came to the gate and he met them and
one, whose name escapes me that scored the winning touchdown gave Elvis his jersey.  However, Elvis was more interested in the NFL,particularly the
Cleveland Brown because of Jim Brown and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Jacob Asks Marty [28.08.12]
Hi Marty,
I hope your well, my question to you is;
I was watching a old interview with Sam Phillips  and noticed he was wearing a T.C.B necklace. Do you know when Elvis gave this to him and what was their
relationship like in the 1970's?
He states in the interview that apart for Elvis' parents he was the closet person to Elvis. He also says that if Elvis had stayed with him he would have been a
even greater star, what are your thoughts on those  statements?

Marty Says:
I don't recall Elvis giving Sam a TCB, he might have bought it after Elvis died.  Fact is Elvis didn't like to be around Sam and he really didn't speak well of him
in the 70's or for that fact the 60's either.

Maybe he thought he was close to Elvis in the 50's when he started but his claim to be the closest person to Elvis is delusional on his part.  Shades of George
Randall Asks Marty [28.08.12]
Hello Marty ,
my name is randall , I have been a Elvis fan for 30 years , i am 35. my dad was also a fan , but i am a fanatic as he call's me as I have collected everything that
has to do with Elvis . I would also like to say that I enjoy reading your comments and also I very much enjoyed the book Revelations as I have read it about 5
times and also i have the all the kings men set I have watched over 50 times , you were there so it is nice to hear the truth not the fathom , my questions are
simple but more out of curiosity .

My Questions are:
What did Elvis use on his hair in the 50's as this has been debated Also when he was in the army? Elvis had the coolest hair style in the 50's, always slick and
ducktail perfection. He makes the comment "prom" on the Milton Berle show and have wondered what he used in the 50's?

My next question is... did Elvis ever watch the Andy Griffith show? It's my fav show and I wondered if he ever watched it?

I appreciate your time and also your helping the fan's....thank you!

Marty Says:
He used a hair cream product called Brylcream.
Thank you for your nice comments, it is appreciated.
As for the Andy Griffith Show, I don't recall that he watched it but he may have up in his room.
Trudy Winlow Asks Marty [28.08.12]
Hello Marty,
I just wanted to write & say that l really believe you, Lamar & Billy wrote a really fascinating, honest book with (the Memphis Mafia)
I've read, George Kleins, Jerry Shillings, Sonny West, Elvis & Gladys, Blue moon boys and a few others. But this one is such a good read, & l loved how you all
show your view in one book, it's almost like l was sitting in the room just listening & laughing at times with you all.
It's obvious that yourself, Lamar, Billy of course & red & Sonny were all so close.

The dynamics sure changed in the group of friends over the years that took care of things for Elvis didn't they? which is really sad, l really love the
camaraderie and laughs that you all had in the early years. Scatter the chimp, seeing Lamar driving off and jumping on board, when he did that dirty mess at
the hotel room, what a laugh l had.

Those seemed like the days of such happiness, in the early years for Elvis and you all. Even though you dont know me, l feel like l know you and the others & l
think the world of all of you men & wish you all the happiness that you deserve. I also, after reading so much information from you men that were closest to
Elvis, feel that If he had lived another few years that he & Red would have made up, because Elvis would have realised nothing Red or the others wrote did
hurt his career. l feel really sorry for Red & what he may have gone through over it.

The movies always show Elvis to be a sad intense person & not always all of his good traits, like the pranks that were played, the fits of laughter, the
camaraderie between you all. If l was a movie producer, l would do him more justice as an all rounder & just skim over the obvious music rise.

Q1 - What is your view on the biography movies that have been produced since Elvis left us all, Marty?

Q2 - Have you or Billy or Red ever talked about how you could have made a more enlightening movie or series of how Elvis really was.
I can't see why if others are a little one sided to his nature in a movie, then another movie can also show the humble, sensitive, good, great fun to be around,
side of him also.

I know no one can put too much in the space of a couple of hours movie or an 800 page book is a long period that you lived through.
But a Memphis Mafia point of view that showed that Elvis loved you all with good friends perspective would really be something

Red would be the one that could do it, could'nt he? Also Marty, it sad that Lisa has missed out on getting to know the people that he father admired and loved,
especially Billy.
I will never understand that.

So you're a good man Marty in my view & Billy is to lovable for words, l wish you all the best. ;-)

Marty Says:
Hello Trudy,
Thank you for your kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed the book. We enjoyed writing it and we had an agreement in the beginning that it would be 100%
truthful and I believe we accomplished that.

I don't think any of the movies made about Elvis were all that good or captured his true nature. He sure wasn't the saddest person in the world and in fact was
in a good mood most of the time and he loved to laugh. We didn't name him Crazy for nothing.

Yes, we have discussed trying to do a movie about him but nowadays it's hard to get the financial backing.  The five of us original guys have remained close
and the others have shown us since Elvis died that the supposed camaraderie we had really meant nothing to them. They have turned their so-called loyalty
to Priscilla and Lisa because they hold the purse strings.  
We're not built that way, our loyalty was and is to ELVIS............not his ex-wife.

As for Lisa she has been greatly influenced by her mother and the couple of her mother's ass kissers. We wish her well but she is no part of our lives.

Both she and her mother have done Billy wrong which is proof Elvis is not alive because if he was he would have appeared and slapped the hell out of both of
them for what they did with Billy.  That's one thing I'll never forgive them for.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [28.08.12]
Dear Mr. Lacker,
I would like to ask (please?):
In "Viva Las Vegas" ELVIS' "side-kick" was played by (Actor) Nicky Blair. In later years Nicky Blair opened his own restaurant in Los Angeles. Did ELVIS ever
eat there, that you know of?
Thanks for your time Sir.

Marty Says:
Hello Randy,
No Elvis never ate there because Nicky didn't open it until after Elvis died.
While out in L.A. in the 80's on music business I ate there and Nicky and I reminisced a bit.  Nicky was well known and like in Hollywood.
Fran Asks Marty [02.08.12]
Hi Marty, I read your book (Revelations) and I loved it. I was wondering if there was anything in it that you are now sorry you put in print. Even though I loved it
there were a few very personal things I probably didn't need to know, but I guess that is what writing a book is all about.
The other question I have is that there is an auction going on right now at Gotta Have It Rock and Roll. Can you look at that site and tell me if you think the
clothes are authentic. I know you can't guarantee it but I am curious about what you think.
thank you for taking the time to answer me.

I’d like to ask you about Dolan House. I know that is where Vernon used to live but I read your email to someone else that you would be there on Aug. 11.
What is Dolan house now and can anyone go there? Are they the same  place, the one you mentioned and Vernon's house?

Marty Says:
Hey Fran,
Thank you for your kind words about the book.

When we decided to do the book we agreed on two things. One that it would be 100% truth, especially since so many false things have been said about Elvis
and the Memphis Mafia since he died even by a few that were close to him.  Secondly, we felt that Elvis was too important a cultural historical icon not to
record history warts and all.  95% of him was a very good man but like us all he also had human faults and frailties and so we wanted to show the entire story.

As for the auction, I don't really comment on things unless they come from me or someone I know and trust.

Yes, that is Vernon's old house that is around the corner from Graceland on Dolan.  As far as I know it is owned by someone in California and Andrew Hear of
Britain's Essential Elvis Magazine has rented it for that week for a charity function which Billy and Jo Smith as well as my two daughters and I are making a
personal appearance on the night of Aug. 11th.  Because it's for charity Andrew is charging admission.  He is also bringing over many British fans.
Bill Wratchford Asks Marty [02.08.12]
Hi Marty, Thanks for taking the time to read my note. Hope you are doing well.

First, I wanted to say that I just finished re-watching Elvis-All The Kings Men and I thought it was fantastic. The stories, the interaction with the MM and the
genuine love you guys showed for Elvis is MORE than obvious….and I’m sure that wherever he is, he knows it too.

Second, in every interview discussing Elvis’ movies, it’s always stated that his favorite movie was King Creole. Were there any other movies he enjoyed filming?

Finally, I remember hearing one time when Red broke some guy’s toe for trying to get stuff to Elvis, that the person was a member of his back-up group Voice.
I was curious as to if it was true or more BS? Thanks again!

Marty Says:
Hello Bill,
Thank you for the nice comments about All The King's Men and the five of us.

He enjoyed making Viva Las Vegas because of Ann Margret who he cared a great deal for and most of us wish he would have married her instead of the one
he did marry. She would have been much better for him, and to him than his ex wife was/has been.

Red breaking the member of Voice's toe is true and he and Hebler threatened to break much more than that if he tried to bring drugs to Elvis again.

Some uninformed fans spew crap about the MM not caring for Elvis and being the ones that messed him up but this is a shining example of how much they
don't know and that for whatever reasons they're talking out of their ass.  Some of us did talk to Elvis about the pills and even though I also took many for
years when I finally got off them I tried to get him to stop too by telling him how much better I felt being clean from them.  Unfortunately he didn't listen, instead
he told me not to tell him how to live his life.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty [11.07.12]
Dear Mr. Lacker,
I would like to ask(please?):
Was there a "secret" way to address a letter to ELVIS (at Graceland) so that it would be delivered directly to him and not opened beforehand by someone
Thanks for your time, Sir.

Marty Says:
Hi Randy,
Yes. To place your letter in a sealed envelope with Elvis' name on it into another envelope addressed to one of us guys with a note to please give the inside
envelope and letter to Elvis.  However it had to come from someone we knew before we would just give it blindly to Elvis. That was because that inside
envelope could contain something not nice or something he didn't want to read. Usually it was a preset condition that we had told the sender.

As an example Ann Margret occasionally used to send letters addressed to Alan Fortas in the 60's for Elvis and Alan would know to give it to Elvis so Priscilla
didn't see or know about it.  She used to sign it "Thumper".
Gerard McCluskey from Airdrie Asks Marty [11.07.12]
Hi Marty,
Did Elvis ever meet Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor?
If so what were his thoughts on them?

Also did he ever, to your knowledge see the movies, Charlie and the chocolate factory and blazing saddles?
as I can see the later movie being in his type of humour!

Lastly what would your view be on the new hologram Elvis on stage? It certainly would be strange to see him on stage 6ft tall in front of an audience.

Marty Says:
Hello Gerard,
He never met them when I was there nor did I ever hear from him or the guys that he did at some other time.

He greatly admired and enjoyed both of their humor and enjoyed watching their movies.  I don't recall that he watched Chocolate Factory but he highly
enjoyed Blazing Saddles more than once.

As for the hologram, I'm not sure how I feel but I'm sure Priscilla's doing it strictly for the money.
It still will not be like having the real Elvis.
Dirk Panozzo from Kankakee, Il Asks Marty [11.07.12]
I have been an avid Elvis fan and follower since I was about 6 years old, that was in about 1971, and as far as fans' knowledge goes, I know most everything
about El, (or so I thought???).

I was watching the O'Reilly Factor and Earnest Borgnine was being interviewed and he said something that baffled me. He said Elvis was offered a part in John
Wayne's movie "True Grit", (the Glen Campbell role), but it was turned down because Elvis, (more likely the Col.), insisted on top billing and John Waynes
people wouldnt agree??? Now I know the story about Barbara Streisand and "A Star is Born" but I know NOTHING about this "True Grit" one??!! Do you know
or have you ever heard of this? It just WOULD be info that I believe I would know already...but maybe not.

As always, thanks for your time and effort. We true Elvis fans think this it is amazing that we can communicate personally with one of the Memphis Mafia boys!!

Marty Says:
Hi Dirk,
I seem to remember that but I won't swear to it.  I know he was also talked about to do Jon Voight's part in Midnight Cowboy. All those negotiations would have
been done by Parker and yes, he always demanded top billing. I'm sure if it was Elvis' decision he would have deferred to John Wayne getting top billing as he
respected Wayne's career.

Ernest Borgnine was a nice man and came to see Elvis in Vegas more than once and always came backstage to the dressing room after the show. I remember
very well having a conversation with him back then.  Elvis also enjoyed and respected Borgnine and his acting career.
Marc Asks Marty [11.07.12]
Hi Marty,
I was Just wondering what you think of the comments that Bill Belew has mentioned in this youtube video, entitled "Elvis-The Laser Suit Story".

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0bAb4O44PY  Belew says that he and Elvis spoke shortly before his death about plans on going to Europe. As a result,
Belew decided to design something "spectacular" in a laser suit. He said that Elvis told him he planned on losing the weight and was going to make the trip
(despite the Colonel). That Elvis had told Parker if he couldn't get a passport then he could stay home. But, nevertheless, he was going to do this tour. I also
read somewhere else online that Belew was scheduled to visit Elvis with a mockup of it on the day he died. I'm wondering if you have any idea as to whether
any or all of these details are true or not? If so, that (in my opinion) may have been the best thing for Elvis (to get rid of the Colonel) and do what he wanted to

Additionally, if any of this had ever happened, do you think it would have been good for Elvis? I had heard or read rumors that Elvis began saying to a few
people close to him in the last few days of his life that maybe he did take a few too many pills. That he was considering getting off it for good. If so, I wonder if
what Belew is saying could be true?

Thank you very much for your time in answering,

Marty Says:
Hi Marc
As most know I was not around those last months and I had moved to California but I have not heard anything like that from Billy or anyone else who was still

Elvis had always said he wanted to tour Europe and Japan but as far as I know he, like the rest of us, did not know Parker was an illegal alien and could not
travel outside the US because he was afraid that might be found out.  I for many years even when Elvis was alive wished he would have gotten rid of Parker
after he got out of the army.  All Parker cared about is getting his front money and in my opinion continued to treat Elvis like he was a carnival side show.  He
never changed with the times and that hurt Elvis.  If Elvis had not done those '69 sessions at American Studios in Memphis I think his recording career would
have continued to be filled with mediocre records.  Elvis should have had #1 records or at least in the top 10 every time he released a record but for years
before '69 and after that didn't happen because of Parker and Hill & Range's crummy songs.  He also ran Elvis' movie career into the ground and held him
back from developing into a good dramatic actor which is what Elvis said he wanted.

Elvis would have been much better off without Parker from the early 60's on and just might have lived long after age 42.
Candy Asks Marty [11.07.12]
Hi Marty,
Natalie Wood remarked Elvis was a lousy lay...( which I find appalling at that era of time,,,she was pretty loose I guess).....I heard Elvis had problems with 'her'
personal habits..
how did you feel about her, Sheila Ryan and Cybil Sheppard?

I feel bad for Lisa in a way....she hasn't much confidence .....her singing could be better if she would stop trying to sound like something or someone she
isn't....she has no fluidity about her singing...it is choppy......but I find some of her lyrics to be quite good...what is your take?

Will you be around the Dolan house in august? I was wondering if maybe you and Billy would be there....wish I could see you guys.

Now..concerning the jerk...JOE ESPOSITO...HE is the a.....hole and liar......he has changed his story so many times since Elvis died ,,,he makes me sick..
You did the right thing.,,calling after his wife passed away....HE has no character.

Jerry Schilling and Klein are others I just have no use for....schilling , when he gives interviews, is just SO syrupy........I say he lied to Elvis...had an affair with
Priscilla and was two faced.....
Priscilla has been around the ole' block a bunch.......there is NO way I believe her virgin story....I have heard she had several abortions before and after Lisa's
I hope you are okay and I appreciate your time....

Marty Says:
Hi Candy,
Natalie Wood was a bit flaky and one day at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel she went out on the Penthouse ledge where Elvis was staying and threatened to jump if
he didn't pay attention to her.  No telling why she said that however none of the other girls he was with never complained about his love making.

Sheila was/is a good girl and a lot of fun.  As for Cybil she is dillusioned into thinking she's something special--she's not.

Linda is not writing a book, that was a rumor started by The Globe trashy tabloid to sell copies of their ridiculous tabloid.  They make phony sensational stories
up all the time.

Yes, Billy and I will be at the Dolan House the night of Aug. 11th.

As for Esposito and Klein we have no use for either one of them. Jerry is not as bad.

We have no use for Priscilla either.  Unfortunately Lisa can't sing but she seems to want to continue with her career. We haven't seen either one of them for
many years nor have we missed them.
Cameron from Scotland Asks Marty [14.06.12]
I appreciate greatly the time and effort you give up to answer fans questions . You are a star and would love to meet you one day .
My question is....when did the fallout between Joe Esposito and you guys occur .When did you last speak to him and has he no contact with you, Red, Sonny
or Billy anymore?.
It's a shame if you guys no longer speak because you are all a special part of history . No chance of making up ?

Marty Says:
Hi Cameron,
I appreciate your comment but Elvis was the star not us.

Joe [Esposito] and a couple of others like George Klein started bad mouthing us shortly after Elvis died, proving that the supposed relationship and
brotherhood we had all those years with Elvis meant nothing to them. They do that to make themselves feel good and to try to make the fans think they're
special and the good guys and we're not.

As for the last time I spoke with Joe, it was about a month ago when his wife died. Even though we are not friends anymore I wanted to extend my condolences
and sympathies on her passing so I called him. He sounded like he really didn't want to talk to me regardless of my reason for calling. So I was brief in my
message to him. About a week later I received an email from a friend of mine from Norway who is a singer informing me that he saw Joe in Sweden at an Elvis
appearance on Easter Sunday. he told Joe that he knew me and Joe told him that I was an asshole and a liar and then he said the same thing about Sonny.
So much for his appreciation of my gesture when his wife died. I have absolutely no use for him and as far as I'm concerned he is a sad piece of shit. Needless
to say that there is no possibility of any kind of friendship with him or Klein and a few others ever.

However I am happy that seven of us original guys have remained close friends all these years and we are sad that we have lost three of them in the past
years, Alan Fortas, Richard Davis and Lamar Fike.
Randy Erdman Marty [14.06.12]
During one of the Las Vegas shows ELVIS told the audience that he had read in the newspaper that (comedian/satirist) Mort Sahl ,who was in town, had told a
"The nicest people I meet are the Elvis Presley fans." I just wondered Mr.Lacker: did YOU feel that way about ELVIS' fans? (If you didn't, I can take it and
respect that, Sir.)

Marty Says:
Hi Randy,
I felt the same way about most Elvis fans I have met however there have been a few exceptions. I and some of the guys have no use for and basically laugh at
those fans who spout off negative things about us yet they have never met us nor did they ever spend one minute with us.  I guess it makes them feel good or
sound good to some but to us it makes them look like fools.  Just as we would sound like fools if we made negative comments about them, their family or
friends since we have never met them.

I treat everyone with respect who shows that same respect to me. That's all anyone should expect and have the right to expect from others.  I usually treat the
negative ones by either ignoring them or giving them a taste of their own medicine and then some.  I'm not bashful about telling it like it is.
Liz Beth Asks Marty [14.06.12]
Hi Marty, thanks for taking the time in answering our questions. I have 3 questions, I hope that's ok.

- Re Elvis Movie Career: I know Elvis needed to make money but why did he continue to sign contracts without knowing what the movie was about?

- RE Ann Margret:  I always felt she was perfect for him and I have enormous respect for the way she handles Elvis topics. Was Elvis intimate with Ann Margret
in the 70s?

- Re Songs: I read somewhere that you brought him, "Moody Blue" in 1973, I always thought it had a Tony Orlando feel to it but do you know why he did not
record it sooner & why didn't let all the music go through you since had such great success with You bringing him back to Memphis and putting him back on
the charts in the late 60s and early 70s?

Marty Says:
Hello Liz Beth,
Unfortunately Elvis left the contract dealing to Parker and all Parker cared about was the money instead of caring about Elvis' music career and personal well
being. Elvis hated most of his movies but he honored his contracts.

Ann Margret and Elvis loved each other and most of us wished it was she he married and not Priscilla but that's another story.  After Elvis and Priscilla split up
he would go see Ann in her dressing room when she played Vegas and one time told her he'd like to get back together with her again but Ann was married to
Roger Smith and the loyal wife she was/is and the type of good woman she is she refused because she would not do that to Roger.

I had Moody Blue for him but because Parker, Freddy Bienstock and I suspect Felton Jarvis, didn't like the fact that I had talked Elvis into recording at
American Studios in '69 where they had no control and also the fact that I had brought Elvis songs that they could not get the publishing on, they purposely
bad mouthed me to Elvis in that regard and near the end of his life, Parker instructed Esposito and a few others who were Parker's stooges to not let me know
when the next sessions were.  That was detrimental to Elvis and for whatever reason he didn't do anything about it in the last couple of years.  I am proud and
happy though for his sake that I was able to get a few good songs to him over the years.  I am extremely proud of the American Studio sessions because it
rejuvenated his recording career and gave him his first #1 record since the previous five years.  it made him feel good about himself again too as he stated to
us during those sessions.
Philip Tosini Asks Marty [14.06.12]
I have just recently watched all 6 volumes of 'All the kings Men' documentaries, excellent stuff, I really enjoyed them, definitely the best documentary series
about Elvis I've seen, I hope you are all still good friends? as that is one of the things I got from the series.

I would just like to say, I'm very interested in history from all countries, I have been watching a documentary about Robert F Kennedy. I know Elvis was very
patriotic and I think John F Kennedy was one of the best Presidents of America's modern history followed by Bill Clinton, they had their faults and they made
mistakes, but they were very genuine and moralistic.
Bobby Kennedy, I think would have made a great President, but as we all know he was assassinated as was his brother before him, Martin Luther King and
Malcolm X (Little).

It was a very emotional and upsetting time for anyone living in the States, as for everybody in the World. As I don't think there has been as many
assassinations in one decade of very important individuals as those 4 in recent history that I am aware of (I could be wrong).

I know Elvis never liked to make it public of his personal and political views as he said "He was just an entertainer, he would just like to keep his views to
himself" which of course is quite right. Elvis sang a few political songs, 'In the Ghetto' and 'If I can Dream' to name but two.

My question finally after my long intro is :
What was Elvis' thoughts after the assasinations of JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X? and of the Vietnam war?

I am really sorry if this question has been asked before, it is just I am really interested in Elvis' point of views on the state of the world, as I'm sure are many

Marty Says:
I agree with you about Kennedy and Clinton.
Elvis was devastated and mad when Kennedy and King were killed, He made no mention in regards to Malcolm X.
Elvis was a patriot and he supported the President no matter what party he was from. He was proud to be an American.
Jim in Toronto Asks Marty [27.04.12]
Marty, as you know Elvis was a big Karate fan, and in 1974 Carl Douglas recorded a song called "Kung Fu Fighting" which was very popular back in '74. I was
wondering what Elvis' reaction would have been to that song?  Did he hear it and did he ever comment to anyone about it? Perhaps you were there to hear
his comments? Thanks again for answering all our questions about Elvis. You speak well for him.

Marty Says:
Hello Jim,
Elvis never mentioned that song in my presence and it never played in the car when I was with him.
Dan Asks Marty: [27.04.12]
HI Marty,
Thanks for this feature.  I just watched the HBO doc God Is The Bigger Elvis about Dolores Hart.  She made 2 movies with Elvis.  Did Elvis ever comment about
her becoming a Nun?  Were they close?  Also , we know Elvis and Ann-Margret remained friends.  I was wondering if Elvis stayed in touch with any other of his
co-stars after the movies were made?  

Marty Says:
Hi Dan,
To my knowledge Dolores never mentioned becoming a nun to Elvis.
Ann and Elvis were in love and that's why he stayed in touch with her but he never made an effort to stay in touch with any other co-star.
Nick Serio Asks Marty: [27.04.12]

Hello Marty...
What does Elvis mean when he says on stage "Louder, I just woke up!"
I have heard him say this more than once on stage.
Thank You for your time.

Marty Says:
Hello Nick,
He was talking to the sound engineer who was feeding the music in his ear.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [27.04.12]
Dear Mr. Lacker, I would like to ask (please?):
How do you think ELVIS really did feel towards Ed Sullivan? And did ELVIS watch "The Ed Sullivan Show"?
Thanks for your time sir.

Marty Says:
Hey Randy,
Elvis was hurt and resented Ed's initial comments about him because he was nothing that Ed thought.
Ed had to eat his words when Elvis went on the Steve Allen Show and Allen's ratings were higher that week.  That's why in order for Ed to be able to book Elvis
after that he had to eat his words and apologize on his show and say those nice things about Elvis.
Mils from Australia Asks Marty: [27.04.12]
Hi Marty. I have been an Elvis Presley fan all my life and this is great that I can actually ask questions to someone who was so close to Elvis like you. Thank
you for giving his fans this priceless opportunity. If you don't mind could you please answer the following:

1. As a lover of the martial arts did Elvis ever meet Bruce Lee or vice versa? Is it also true that there was talk of making a movie with both of them starring in it?

2. Elvis lived through times that do not exist anymore - times that were more simple and I guess happier. What would he have thought of the current state of
affairs of the world - I mean would he have been happy with the social and moral decline and changes we are witnessing today?

3. If there was any woman who suited Elvis from a physical point of view, I think it would have to have been Raquel Welch. What a couple they would have
made.  Do you agree and did he ever mention her and did they ever meet?

Thanks again Marty. Wishing you all the best.

Marty Says:
Hi Mils,
Elvis never met Bruce Lee. And I never heard of any suggestion that they make a movie together?

I think Elvis would be sad that millions of Americans were having a hard time economically with many losing their jobs and homes.  As far as moral issues he
never judged people in that area and nobody else should. Everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do and the rest of us don't know those folks
personal stories.

Raquel made her film debut with a very small bit part in Roustabout but she and Elvis never got together during that picture. they knew each other casually but
that was it. I don't think they would have made a good couple she was too Hollywood for him.

His ideal woman was Ann Margret with Shelley Fabares coming in a strong second.
Tom Nagy Asks Marty: [27.04.12]
I have a question here:
Did Elvis have a bowling alley in his home in Palm Springs (or in any of his homes)?
An Elvis fan I chatted with recently insisted there was a site with it on there.  I had never heard of it, nor had I seen any mention of it in any books or interviews.
Perhaps you might be able to clear this one up for me.

Marty Says:
That's a new and far fetched one for me.
No, Elvis did not have a bowling lane in any of his houses.
Debbie Asks Marty [06.04.12]
Hi Marty
Thanks for your time.  My questions are about Bob Dylan.  
Did he & Elvis ever meet?  
Elvis did a great recording of Bob’s ‘Tomorrow Is A Long Time’. Did he ever want to record an album or more songs by Dylan?  
I know he did that jam session & home recording, but I’m talking about a serious studio album. Imagine how that would have silenced the critics during the
soundtrack years or even in the 70’s.  Did Elvis actually own & listen to Dylan’s records?  Once again, thanks for your time.

Marty Says:
Hi Debbie,
No, Elvis never met Dylan to my knowledge.
I do not recall him ever saying he wanted to do a an album of Dylan songs although he did admire "Tomorrow" and a couple of others.

I know he owned at least one Dylan album, it was Dylan's first one with his great songs on it, I bought it for him in the 60's at Martin's Music Store in Culver
City, California near MGM studios. I would often go there to see what new records they had to buy for Elvis when we did movies at MGM.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [06.04.12]
Dear Mr.Lacker,
I would like to ask(please?):
Did ELVIS keep the "Director's Chair" chairs(with his name on the back)from his movies?
Thanks for your time, Sir.

Marty Says:
He had one of them but I forget which movie it was from.
MARTY QUESTIONS TOM JONES - In a reply to Tom Jones story of arriving in Hawaii and Elvis rushing around the Island to buy some guitars because he had none in his
Hawaiian home. While the idea of Elvis having no instruments (i.e. guitars) at hand in his holiday home in unlikely, Marty Lacker cannot remember for sure if he did or not and so he is
unable to give a definite answer.

However, Tom Jones other comments about not being in awe of Elvis is, in Marty's own words,
"bullshit." Marty takes up the story...."He [Jones] said Elvis wanted to meet him when in
fact that day at Paramount Studios during Paradise Hawaiian Style, I got a call from Tom Diskin saying that Jones' rep had called and said that Tom would like to meet Elvis and would
it be possible.  Diskin asked me to ask Elvis if it was OK if Jones came to the set to meet him.  I asked Elvis and he said yes."  

"When Jones got there with his road manager Lloyd Greenfield Elvis was doing the helicopter scene on a sound stage. I waited with them outside the stage that was not open until
Elvis was through with the shot.  I was with them until they left, just the four of us. Tom was in awe of Elvis. Elvis did compliment him on his singing and told him we thought he was
black from his record and Elvis added that it was the same way some people thought of him in the beginning.   All Lloyd kept talking about is saying he'd like to book Elvis into Wembley
Stadium, he kept it up and I had to tell him to cool it that if he had a deal to call Parker because Elvis didn't handle that."

"As for him saying he should have talked to Elvis in the last few years about his pill taking, the moment he would have said something about it, he would have never seen Elvis after
that because Elvis would tell the guys to keep him away.  Elvis would politely listen depending on the mood he was in but if he was in a bad mood he would have told Tom to mind his
own business and then banned him from coming around. They were friends but they were not the bosom buddies Jones likes to make people think. Now it seems he's using Elvis to
get publicity for himself with his always talking about it and bringing it up."
Sean S Asks Marty: [20.03.12]
This column has been going for a long time and is great, informative reading.

My Questions...
1. Did Elvis ever say anything specific to you regarding the last non-formula films he made ("Stay Away Joe!", "Live A Little, Love A Little", "Charro", "The
Trouble With Girls" and "Change Of Habit")? While not good films they were better than the majority of his '60's musicals, and Elvis seemed a lot more
engaged in these movies than he had been in, say, "Double Trouble" and "Tickle Me". I always wondered what he really felt about those last movies, if only
because they were so different.

2. Do you remember what Elvis thought of the Monkees? And was Elvis aware of the punk rock movement?

Thank you Marty for all you've done and continue to do.

Marty Says:
Hi Sean,
Elvis didn't like most of his movies and that included the ones you mention. In the later years he couldn't wait for his film studio contracts to be over so he
could get back to performing live on stage.

I don't recall Elvis even mentioning The Monkeys and as far as punk rock is concerned he didn't like it or hard rock or heavy metal music. He thought it was
just a lot of loud noise and I agreed with him and still do.
Marc Asks Marty: [20.03.12]
1. Did Elvis ever speak to the musicians in Joe Guercio's orchestra?

2. Do you feel that Elvis would have recorded any of the following songs?
"My Life" (Billy Joel)-seems like it would have been a great fit for him and the Sweet Inspirations
"9 to 5" (Dolly Parton)

3. In later years, how often did Elvis rehearse and/or practice vocalizing on his own? My understanding is that he spent much of his time secluded in
Graceland up in his room.
So, I'm wondering how much he practiced.

4. Did Elvis ever discuss, listen and/or meet The Temptations and/or The Four Tops?

5. During the 70's, which shows did Elvis watch? Did he have any reservations on "All in the Family"?

Thank you so much for your time! It has been a real treat reading all of your comments and I would like you to know that I am an Elvis fan at age 30, since I
was 8 years old. I'm a musician and music teacher of the NYC public schools and owe my interest in music to him. Thank you again!

Marty Says:
Hello Marc,
1. I never noticed but he probably did because of all the shows he did.

2. Maybe My Life but 9 to 5 was not Elvis' style.

3. He always did before the beginning of his stints in Vegas but not on the road because he sang every night during a tour and didn't need to.  He did
occasionally sing a capella around the house or at the piano in the music room.

4. To my knowledge he did not meet them but heard them on the radio in the car from time to time.

5. He watched various shows but none stick out in my memory other than the Tonight Show with Carson.

Thank you for keeping his memory alive.
Darryl From Northern Ireland Asks Marty: [20.03.12]
Hello Marty.
This is my first question and it's been on my mind for a while.
Elvis was a fan of the British Monty Python episodes. I was wondering, to the best of your knowledge did Elvis and the Memphis mafia ever watch the carry on
films that were made at Pinewood studios, here in the U.K. If so, did you all enjoy them? A few were on during Christmas holidays and I could even see Elvis
acting in one of those. Elvis was typecast in some of  those sixties movies and his timing for comedy was very good, it just made me think he would of been
great in the carry ons!! Thanks for your time, and to still continue T.C.B for the fans.

Marty Says:
Yes, Elvis was a big fan of Monty Python and his sense of humor was just like theirs--crazy.  That is why we nicknamed him Crazy.  
Yes, we did watch their movies and enjoyed them very much.
Steve Asks Marty: [15.03.12]
Thanks once again for being ‘the man’ to us fans who want to know the real deal.  I have 2 question which I hope you can answer.

1) Are you aware of any talks to put out an Elvis Anthology DVD set sort of like the one that came out on The Beatles?  

2) again back to the music.  Elvis stated at the MSG conference he couldn’t find any good rock songs to record.  In the book, Elvis The Illustrated Record, it is
stated on page 160, that Lennon, McCartney, Roy Wood, Bruce Springsteen Dave Edmunds and even Led Zep expressed a desire to write songs for Elvis
and even record with him.  Are you aware of such offers and if true, was Elvis made aware?  I’m sure these guys would have loved to write and or/record with
their hero in my opinion.

Marty Says:
Hi Steve,
I do not keep up with anything Sony or EPE does record wise.  the only thing I don't like is how they keep milking the fans putting out outtakes and takes that
Elvis did not approve during the sessions.  How many versions can you have of one song as a record collector.

As for those artists wanting to write songs for Elvis that would have been great just as it would for every hit non artist songwriter but Parker wouldn't allow it
unless they gave him part of the publishing. That is one reason Elvis didn't have many good songs in the mid to late 60's until he died because the
songwriters would not give part of the publishing and I don't blame them.  That's like them asking Elvis for part of his royalties that he earned because of his

Parker hurt Elvis very badly record wise because of his greed.

During the Memphis '69 sessions I explained that to Elvis when he asked why he couldn't get any good new songs.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [15.03.12]
Dear Mr.Lacker, I would like to ask(please?):

When ELVIS played Nashville, Tn on July 1,1973, it was reported in the local newspaper that 90,000 ticket-requests had to be turned away. (I was one of the
disappointed who received a refund instead of a ticket.) In other words, ELVIS could have played the (Nashville)Municipal Auditorium for a WEEK(!!!!!!!!!!!).

My question is: Do you think the 90,000 "overflow" may have been "typical" for ELVIS concerts in any given city around the country?
Thanks for your time, Sir.

Marty Says:
Hi Randy,
In many major cities but not the podunks that Parker kept booking him in. I'm surprised they didn't add shows.
Al Boulianne Asks Marty: [15.03.12]
Hi Marty,
I read a cute story about Roy Head (Treat her right). I read that one day he met Elvis and went down on the floor and bit Elvis leg to make sure that Elvis will
always remember him. Can you confirm it is is true and what happened exactly? I was wondering also if he met Elvis more than once or attend his concerts in
70's? What did Elvis thing about him after that if it is true?

How is Billy Smith? IS he in contact with fans like you are?

Marty Says:
Sorry Al,
I have no recollection of Roy doing it but if he did it wouldn't surprise me he was crazy. He was not a close friend and Elvis really did not pay attention to him
after their meeting.
Marilyn Mathieu Asks Marty: [15.03.12]
Hi Marty:
Thanks for answering all my questions.  More to follow.

When Elvis first returned to Las Vegas, he wore a simple lightweight karate outfit in different colors.  Can you advise how he evolved into wearing the heavier
elaborate jeweled jumpsuits and capes?  He was such a handsome man and charismatic performer, I thought his simpler outfits looked best on him.    But,
that's just my opinion.

Were his personal clothes and shoes custom made, or did he have a personal shopper, or did he shop for himself?

Lastly, Tom Parker always looked like a hobo to me -- sloppy and dishevelled.  His clothes appeared in pictures to be from the second-hand store. Did he just
take bad pictures or is that the way he looked?

Marty Says:
Hello Marilyn,
I agree with you the jumpsuits got tiresome and look what it fostered in these overweight no talent impersonators in jumpsuits.

Some of his clothes were made for him but most were bought in stores. there was a time when Richard Davis or I would buy something that we thought he
would look good in and he'd wear, most times we were correct.

As for Parker he was a hobo in more ways than one.  He couldn't care less how he looked.
Dean Stubbs Asks Marty: [15.03.12]
Hello Marty, I wonder if you are aware of the latest Elvis offering. A film and cd called Elvis found alive, my main question is about the cd which has i believe 15
new songs on it,what i am concerned with is if you look to purchase any of the songs on amazon or apple itunes the artist is listed as Elvis Presley.How is this
possible unless it is Elvis Presley himself singing, surely there would be some kind of copyright infringement if it was an impersonator.
Kind Regards and thanks for your answer.

Marty Says:
Hey Dean,
The answer is simple, it's not Elvis and if EPE does not sue then they are in on it and if they are they need to be ashamed of themselves.
Elvis died August 16,1977.
Joanie Bakke Asks Marty: [03.03.12]
Hi Marty, I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your answers to everyone's Elvis questions. Your opinions and the rest of the original MM's are the only
ones I care about because you were there and are honest. Please answer a couple questions:
1. I can't stand Priscilla and in her book and interviews she makes it sound like Elvis wanted her back even years after the divorce & when he sang "always on
my mind" she acts like he was singing that about her. He didn't want her back, did he?

2. Did she really initiate the divorce or was he ready to divorce her?

3. What are your true feelings of Jerry schilling?

Marty Says:
Hi Joanie,
Thank you for the nice comments.  I feel no need to lie when people ask me things, there's no reason to.

I know how you feel about Priscilla and I share those feelings.  She really isn't that nice of a person. She tries to make it seem like its all about her and not
Elvis.  Elvis didn't want to marry her to begin with, he told me that more than once.  She would love for people to think he wanted her back but that's not what
he told some of us. The fact is after the divorce he talked with Ann Margret about getting back together with him but Ann was married and she is a loyal
person and would not leave Roger Smith.  She's the one he should have married but the fact is he really wasn't ready to get married to anyone back then.
Some of us would have been happy for him if he had chosen her over Priscilla but there were circumstances that he let force him to marry Priscilla.

Priscilla asked for the divorce but Elvis didn't fight her on it. As for wanting her back, he sure didn't waste anytime getting with Linda Thompson even before
the divorce was final. Linda was much better for Elvis than Priscilla because she cared about him and took care of him.

Jerry is basically a good guy but he was influenced greatly in a negative way by Esposito and Priscilla and he still is. He, Joe and George Klein have a little
clique and have their noses so far up Priscilla it's pitiful. However after saying that I still like Jerry as a person but not what he's doing.
Daniel Asks Marty: [03.03.12]
Hi Marty
First off thanks so much for this feature.  It’s the best thing for an Elvis fan to have direct questions answered.  
My question is about Elvis and Sinatra.  
What was their relationship really?  I have heard they liked each other and I have heard the opposite.  We all know Frank didn’t like R&R in the 50’s but when
he got to meet Elvis on his 1960 Welcome Home show, did they become friends and stay in touch?  

We know Elvis & Nancy were good friends. Did that relationship help Frank & Elvis become friends?   

Elvis used Frank’s jet when he got married I think, so I am assuming they were friends.  

Also did Elvis like Frank’s records?  Thanks again.

Marty Says:
Hello Daniel,
They weren't really good friends. It was told to us that Sinatra didn't really like being in the same room as Elvis and I think that is due to the fact that more
people were interested in meeting Elvis not Frank.  I wasn't there during the 60's welcome home show but I was told by one of the guys who was there that all
of the rat pack except Sammy didn't really treat Elvis well.

Parker is the one that got Sinatra to let Elvis use his jet when he got married, Elvis didn't ask Frank.

Elvis liked some of his records but he never played them.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [03.03.12]
Dear Mr.Lacker,
I would like to ask (please?):

I realize that you may or may not have been present (with ELVIS) when "ELVIS: That's The Way It Is" and "ELVIS On Tour" were filmed.
But I assume you've seen both films and if so, I'd like to ask: Do you have any favorite moments in either movie?

Marty Says:
Hi Randy,
I have seen both and nothing really stands out to me as a favorite.
I was in L.A. on business in the 70's and went with Elvis to MGM to watch a rough cut and made it known I was not pleased with the way the Director edited
part of it. Elvis noticed me shaking my head and asked what was wrong and I told him that the segment we just watched lost the dynamic part of him singing
the song because at a point where it gets dramatic and builds to the climax of the song and Elvis' voice the Director cut to the audience and lost the moment.  
He said he felt the same way however I'm afraid that if I had not said anything about it he wouldn't have brought it up to the Director.  In this case he did and it
was changed to keep the camera on him at that dramatic point in the song. The Director lost the essence of Elvis' style of singing that song with his first cut.
William Rauhuff Asks Marty: [03.03.12]
I have not asked anything in a while so here goes.
I read somewhere that Elvis never voted in elections. Do you have any knowledge if this was true.
Obviously if you would rather not say I understand because that is one thing I loved about Elvis is that he kept his views to himself. I know a lot of entertainers
say they were friends with Elvis when they were not but 2 people that have always said nothing but nice things about meeting Elvis were Glen Campbell and BJ
Thomas. Is that your take on them as well?

They both seem like Elvis in the fact they are class acts. Some like Tom Jones and Wayne Newton I question some of the things they have said.

Did you like the song I’m Leavin? I was listening to WKGN in Knoxville your old employer when it came on the first time in Knoxville and the DJ said this will be
Elvis biggest single since Suspicious Minds. I loved the song but it barely cracked the top 40. Do you think it was just a fluke or not really that great of a song?
As always I love what you do and you mean a lot to me and the fans so keep on keeping on.

Marty Says:
Hi William,
Thank you for your nice comments.
No, Elvis never voted so that story is true.

Glen was around Elvis a bit in Vegas and I don't recall my friend BJ being there at all. They are both nice guys.

I agree with you about Tom Jones and Newton, I have no use for either of them and they have made up stuff about their relationship with Elvis since he died.

WKGN, haven't heard those call letters in a long time. I was the Program Director there for over three years from '57 to '60 during the time the station was
most successful and rated #1 in the market.  That's when radio was fun and more original programming. Nowadays its all copycat radio programming and
boring. (Except Elvis Express Radio of course lol)
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