There are more and more tall tales being told about Elvis and here is a new unheard tale, but is it true or false?
By Lee Dawson
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Over in the United States these last few days, there has been a news story doing the rounds which
reveals some previously unknown stories about Elvis during the making of the excellent comedy
movie, "Follow That Dream".

The story is told by Al Fleming who claims he become a close friend of Elvis? And the King even
wanted to have Fleming to be around him, offering him a job, being his "stand-in" for several movies?
Plus spending time at Flemings home eating Chicken and playing the organ?

A minimum of TEN newspapers have run this story in America, but are these stories really true?
Personally, I find the claim that Fleming was a close friend who worked for Elvis as his stand-in
seriously hard to believe, and the other claims are also very doubtful. But what do you think? Here's
the story, see what you think?

This month marks the 50th anniversary of an event that changed the life of Lake of the Woods
resident Al Fleming. In 1961 Fleming was 17 years old, resident of a little Florida town an hour north
of Tampa. That year, superstar Elvis Presley came to film the movie Follow That Dream. Fleming was running a boat rental shop, offering scuba diving and
water skiing lessons. Presley stayed in a cottage across the dock from Fleming’s shop at Port Paradise, while scenes of the feature were being filmed around
the area. The teen rented boats to the Hollywood group. He hit it off with Presley and the entourage.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:
The filming of Elvis Presley’s Follow That Dream in Citrus and Levy counties 50 years ago this summer led Al Fleming to follow his own dream—and the King—
to California, where they became
lifelong friends. Fleming was a 17-year-old Crystal River High School senior who was renting boats at Port Paradise Motel
when he first spotted Elvis across the canal from his docks. Elvis was in town to film the movie and stayed at the Port Paradise in Crystal River.

Fleming had heard the King was coming to town. He was a big fan and even looked like Elvis, with the long sideburns and slicked-back hairstyle. One day,
Elvis yelled hello across the canal as Fleming was bailing out some boats. “I was trying to be cool,” Fleming recalled this week, “but all I could do was stutter
and stammer.” They ended up becoming friends and when filming stopped each day, Elvis and some of his entourage rented boats from Fleming, now 69 and
living in the mountains of California. Fleming took them on tours of the pristine Kings Bay and up and down the river.

One day, Fleming’s mom asked him to invite Elvis and some of the guys over for some homemade fried chicken. Fleming did, and to his surprise Elvis – one of
the biggest stars in the world at that time – accepted. They managed to escape the throng of fans camped out in front of the Port Paradise and headed to
Homosassa Springs. They ate fried chicken, Fleming said, and played music on the family piano and organ late into the night.

“Those are some of my fondest memories,” Fleming said, “To me it was real exciting. I had always been an Elvis fan and here he was, sitting in my house,
eating chicken, playing the organ and singing gospel songs.”
The friendship blossomed and when the filming was over, Elvis asked Fleming to come with him
California to hang out as part of his entourage.

He looked enough like the King to be a stand-in and do stunts.
“I said ‘Heck, yes," Fleming recalled. “I went home and told my mom I was going to Hollywood
with Elvis and she said, ‘Like hell you are.’”
Fleming had gathered a large collection of Indian artifacts he had found around the shores of the river and without
his mother knowing, sold it to a neighbor for $300.
“I packed up my stuff,” Fleming said, “and hoofed it out of Crystal River without my mom knowing.”

He worked with Elvis for more than two years, performing as a stand-in and stunt double in several movies. He soon tired of the work, though, and quit in the
mid 1960s. He didn’t want to be among the many who always had their hands out.
“I got sick of being a flunky,” he said. Still, he and Elvis remained friends and
kept in touch over the next decade and longer until Elvis died.

It sure is a great story isn't it, but how true is it? Again I feel the tale is taller that Jacks beanstalk after it's been in an extra grow bag. I think Al Fleming could
join ranks with those other "Friends" of Elvis who claim they spent so much time with him, the likes of Paul Lichter, Paul Terry King, Billy Miller and Jessi Taylor.
Even Tommy Steele, a man with a lifetime of stories from his own amazing career since the 1950's, created a fabricated story about being close to Elvis and
taking him on a top secret tour of London during his Army service while stationed in Germany.
AN EARLIER TALL TALE: Let's take a look back at another who claims to have known and worked for
Elvis Presley. Jessi Taylor made a claim on WKRG in Alabama that he was one of Elvis Presley's
bodyguards and has the knowledge and the artifacts to
"prove it"? (See image to the right).......Yeah right,
of course he did?

When we found this story, Jessi Taylor was being a guest of honour at some function being held at the
"Magee Farm Museum" in Kushla, Alabama on Highway 45, Taylor was going to be displaying his many
mementos from Elvis that coming Saturday and Sunday, (10th and 11th of January) and it would cost fans
$10.00 each to enter this exhibit to hear this mans story and see his artifacts!

Taylor says he was part of Elvis' security team whenever he came to the Mobile area (
Elvis performed in
the Mobile, Alabama area 8 times between 1970 & 1977
), and says Elvis let him have the guitar pick from
one of the Mobile performances, and on another night, he gave him some money?

According to Taylor, Elvis asked him what he was making in his job? And when he answered him, Elvis is
supposed to have said, "'That ain't no money," so handed him a $50 bill. Taylors reaction to this alleged
gesture of financial aid?
'Sign it'"...If I were Elvis I would have said, guess you don't need the $50 if you
want me to write all over it?

Taylor says over the years, Elvis signed many pictures that he took, including lots of signed records and
posters and even some costume items, including a scarf that he says both Elvis and his father signed.
Taylor even makes the claim that he owns Elvis' original Social Security Card?
Elvis is well known for giving away valuable things on the spur of the moment...and Taylor also claims to own a real gold
and diamond ring which belonged to Elvis?...
"Elvis took it off his own finger and handed it to me". Taylor comments, "Elvis
had a big heart. He was a very nice man."

Not only does Taylor claim to have become a friend to Elvis and been given all these gifts and signed items, he also claims
to have witnessed a performance which nobody has any knowledge of.

Taylor claims that during one of Elvis' visit to Mobile for a concert, a woman called about her very sick child who was in the Hospital and she asked if Elvis
could sing a song to her child over the phone? She was told it couldn't be done. But that afternoon...Taylor picks up the story.
"We loaded up, went to the
Mobile General, and they had all the children put all over the floors, around the child's room, and he sung, and sung, and sung, and then he left, it was really
nice...he left the mother a check to help pay for the doctor bills."
I do not believe something like this, an impromptu concert in a hospital could ever have taken
place without it being well known about before now. There is no way this could have taken place and once again shows the B.S. this man is coming out with.

We could not sit back on this one and we actually were able to entice Taylor into a telephone call in order for us to confront him and his many stories and so
by the time Elvis Express Radio finished challenging Taylor with our counters to he's claims, he actually said,
"I didn't set out to hurt anyone".

Naturally, we went direct to WKRG in Alabama who reported the local man with the claim to fame and also the venue that was to hold the talk and exhibit and
told them all that we knew about this man being a fake and a fraud....What amazed us was that it appeared that nobody cared?

Neither the news channel or the reporter of the story got back to us for more details regarding our revelation of this man's fairy tales. And as far as we know
the exhibit and speech went ahead and fans handed over their money to hear a load of B.S and to see items that had fake autographs, a cheap ring allegedly
given to Taylor by Elvis, a fake autograph on a $50 bill and bogus bodyguard items despite being contacted and warned that their guest was a phoney.

These are just two people who have created a phoney connection with Elvis Presley, and more and more will raise their heads in the future to reveal some
story about them and Elvis that never really happened....For example, Cricket Coulter (The strange fan from the original TTWII with the Cat on the bed), is one
of the latest with her sudden claim that she is supposed to have had a sexual relationship with Elvis over the years...yeah right??????

Reading your story about Al Fleming and Jessi Taylor makes you just want to shake your head and say,"Here We Go Again!"

Now to be fair let me preface what I'm about to say by stating that I wasn't there on Follow That Dream, I was on the next picture Kid Galahad so I wasn't in
Crystal River.  However when they came home after the picture nobody, including Elvis mentioned Al Fleming and they told me a lot about what went on down
there.  Including both Alan and Lamar telling me about their crazy trip down there pulling Elvis' boat behind the Chrysler station wagon. Elvis and the guys
might have had Flemings mother's fried chicken because he every once in awhile would do something unusual like that.

Now about Fleming, before reading this EER story I never heard of him and he never worked for Elvis.  As for being a  stand in for Elvis, Lance Legault and
then later sometimes Richard Davis were his stand-ins.

If Fleming looks like Elvis then I look like a young Tony Curtis

As for Jessi Taylor he sounds like an arena security guard in Alabama, one of many who is exaggerating his involvement with Elvis.

I was close friends with President Franklin Roosevelt because I was in the same state as he was in once when I was 8 years old. Same thing as Taylor.
UPDATE NOTICE: Marty Lacker, Elvis Presley's friend, co-best man at his wedding and the man responsible for Elvis agreeing to record at the legendary
American Sound Studio's has given his two cents regarding the two tales from these individuals. So are they unknown tales or total B### S##t? Marty's reply is
below the 2 stories.