Grant Baensch reviews the 6 CD audiobook
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The description from Newbury Press states: "This Tribute comes in a box set consisting of 6 Compact Discs, and is hosted by publisher Daniel Lombardy
who has produced it along with Elvis' Right hand man Diamond Joe Esposito the fan favourites: Remember Elvis, the Celebrate Elvis series, Elvis Straight
Up! And, The Man Who Made Elvis Laugh."

"Fans, researchers and historians will be calling this one of the most complete audio fact-books ever produced on Elvis Presley."

OK, so does Esposito's audio book compilation  'This is Elvis Presley' live up to the claims and the $50.00 price tag?

When I first heard about this release a few months ago, I ordered it straight away as it sounded very promising indeed. The listing of topics to be discussed
along with the addition of an interview with Joe Esposito made this release one for the collection........Or so I thought?

The release date for this was August 1st and it contains 6 CD’s with a total running time of 3 hours and 26 minutes (Each disc runs just 30 mins approx).
Some of the topics included over the first four CD’s include and in no particular order as the narration seems to go from one different topic to another and
back again.
- The filming of King Creole
- 68 Special and Aloha
- Involvement in karate
- Various aspects of Elvis in the army
- Love of different automobiles
- Larry Geller
- Elvis’s movie career

The narration is done by the UK’s Charlie Matthews and the interview for CD 5 with Joe Esposito is conducted by Daniel Lombardy of Newbury Press.  
There is some incidental country style music featured throughout which didn't do a lot for me I’m afraid.

There were a few stories in the box which I was disappointed to hear. The first was the retelling of the Jerry Weintraub scarf story where Elvis apparently
stopped the show, left the stage telling the audience to go and buy a scarf and show him when Elvis returned to the stage. We all know this never
happened and why it is brought up here is very disappointing.

Another ‘fact’ brought up is the Beale Street statue which is a "replica" of the original statue which is now at the Memphis Visitor’s Centre.....Funny, I was in
Memphis about a month ago and the two statues are quite different indeed. I also enjoyed the description of his clothing as an ‘I Want To Be In Show
Business” outfit he brought from Lanksys!!

The biography to Joe Esposito, where he is again proclaimed as ‘Diamond’  Joe and Elvis’s best friend, also told of him being technical advisor on several of
Elvis’s movies.  Must have missed that in the credits!

The interview with Joe on CD 5 is focused on Elvis’s movie career including a discussion on the 1981 documentary This Is Elvis.  It is revealed the estate
was quite surprised to find that footage of the upstairs at Graceland had been filmed so maybe this was why this footage was not originally used in the
theatrical version.

Finally CD6 is an Elvis trivia quiz where 20 questions are asked by Charlie Matthews which are answered by Daniel Lombardy. Each question is asked and
then a minute (?) of think music is played.  Some of the questions include where was Suspicious Minds recorded, who did Elvis offer a song to and which
Beatles song did Elvis record in 1969.  My favourite though was which members of the Memphis Mafia lived at Graceland the longest. Answer. Elvis and
Charlie Hodge.  Mmm.
I must be honest and say I was a bit disappointed with this release as it promised a lot and I am sorry to say it delivered very little.