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Darrin Lee, author of 'Desert Storm: The Shattering of A Myth!', 'The
Collage Park Hoax'
and 'The CBS TV Special: The Truth At Last' is
back with his latest offering....

'The Patriot: A Man's Love Of God And Country' focuses on one of
Elvis' most infamous shows from August 28th 1976 in Houston, Texas.
Bob Claypool, a reporter for the Houston Post wrote the following in his  
review of the show that appeared in the Sunday, August 29, 1976
edition of the newspaper..."Elvis Presley has been breaking hearts for
more than 20 years now, and Saturday afternoon in the Summit -- in a
completely new and unexpected way -- he broke mine.

In short, the concert was awful -- a depressingly incoherent, amateurish
mess served up by a bloated, stumbling and mumbling figure who didn't
act like "The King" of anything. least of all rock 'n' roll."

But in this new book, Darrin Lee writes that this show was not as bad as
people say it was? Below is the press release about this new book.

Elvis Presley – The Patriot: A Man’s Love Of God And Country.
The Summit ‘76: A Triumph Of The Human Spirit
(dedicated to Lisa
Marie Presley) is a 200 page, A5 format soft cover featuring the
stunning artwork of Night Rider Designs, beautiful photographs of Bob
Heis, and world class photographer Manuel Chavez’s never-before-published shot of Elvis flipping the “F” you middle finger to a heckler (the full context is
revealed in the author’s interview with Mr. Chavez) at the Summit on 28th August 1976.

With the release of this photograph, everybody that has called Elvis fat and especially those who trade in the use of the demeaning “Fat Elvis” – finally know
what LMP’s father thinks about them. And I believe it’s a hoot. On the question of drugs, it’s really sad Elvis’ own loyal fans accept the officially-sanctioned
storyline that he was “loaded” on 8-28-76. Another anecdote purports Elvis accidentally took too many sleeping pills prior to walking on stage for his 2:30
Houston Summit matinee and thus performed whilst groggy and half asleep. This new biography proves nothing could be further from the truth!

The Patriot opens with “The Man In Black, The Memphis Flash & Hollywood Hokum (Walk The Line's scene featuring Mr. Cash’s intro to pills with the dialogue
‘Elvis takes ‘em’)” and “Academia & The Media Try, But Fail, To Paint A Patriot As A Pillhead” – 10 pages dedicated to Elvis’ historic meeting with President
Nixon and the myth that he was “high as a kite” in the Oval Office.

But it’s Chapter 3 that will leave many readers in a state of total shock. Numbering 20 pages and titled “The Hycodan Overdose: Thank God For Blonde
Miracles… Enter Sandi Miller,” it thoroughly debunks one of the most widely reported/damaging drug-based allegations (he furnished prescription-strength
cough syrup in 1971 to a sweet, innocent teenager from San Francisco resulting in her overdose in his Palm Springs bed and emergency hospitalization) to be
lodged against Elvis Presley.

More than five of this chapter’s 20 powerful pages are devoted to Elvis: What Happened?, with two subsections written specifically as useful knowledge for
Lisa Marie Presley: “ ‘Disposable’ People In EP’s Life? Providing A Deeper Understanding For LMP And Oprah Winfrey” and “EP To Whom It May Concern: ‘I
am not fucked up. I’ve got a daughter and I’ve got a life.’ ” A lot of good folks admire Kathy Westmoreland and recognize her importance to Elvis, not only in
his personal life as a dear friend, but onstage and in the studio. On Sunday afternoon, 20th March 2011, she spoke with me about a controversial subject
(Elvis: What Happened? has been debated by fans for years) and its dramatic impact on Elvis & concern for the well-being of his 9 year-old-daughter.

Kathy Westmoreland Candidly Discusses EP, LMP & Drug Rumors: How Lisa Marie Presley’s Lack Of Trust In Her Father Would Break His Heart

Darrin Lee [abbrev. DL]: “How much would it hurt or disappoint Elvis if Lisa Marie believed the accusations in the bodyguard book and elsewhere?”

Kathy Westmoreland: “I don’t believe Elvis would survive. He couldn’t live. I think it would just kill him. From my heart, I’m telling you it would crush him more
than anything anyone could possibly imagine.”

DL: “There couldn’t be anything worse happen to him than for his daughter to believe the drug accusations?”

Kathy Westmoreland: “No. There could be nothing worse happen to him. I can’t think of anything. There’s nothing else that would hurt him more and Lisa was
the only thing he worried about.”

DL: “Did he pretty much say, ‘What’s my girl gonna think?’ ”

Kathy Westmoreland: “Yeah. ‘What’s Lisa gonna think? What’s gonna happen to her? What’s she gonna believe?’ That was his big concern. He was just
beside himself on realizing that she would be subjected to trying to figure all this out.”

DL: “In all the years that you knew Elvis, Kathy, was this the most hurt – the biggest heartbreak – that you observed?”

Kathy Westmoreland: “It’s the biggest one. It’s the one.”

DL: “Do you recall Elvis asking, ‘What if the public turns against me because of the bodyguard book?’ ”

Kathy Westmoreland: “I think he did say something to that effect, but he knew that he couldn’t please everybody and he would be the first to tell you that. He
cared about Lisa. Knowing that she would believe it and be affected by it for the rest of her life – Elvis couldn’t have handled it. He’d have an instant heart

Why would Kathy Westmoreland attach her stellar reputation to this soft cover?
Why is Elvis’ trusted friend Sandi Miller referred to as a blonde miracle?
How many eyewitnesses in Houston did the author speak with?

You’ll find out the answers to these questions and much, much more in the 2nd installment of
Elvis Presley – The Patriot: A Man’s Love Of God And
Country. The Summit ‘76: A Triumph Of The Human Spirit’s
Press Release!

Be sure to check back later this week for a major announcement RE: LMP – Karma 2010: A Genesis Of Rebel DNA. ELVIS – Through My Eyes.