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Kinard would have us believe that Dean Nichopoulos know that this was Elvis’ Cadillac, without seeing any documents, etc? But that was in 2010, we're now in 2017 and 2 new bits of
evidence have been submitted by Bill Kinard for this auction with GWS Auctions in the shape of two signed and sworn Affidavits by...

Charlene (McMullen) Presley -
Charlene McMullen was Born in Tupelo. Mississippi, but she grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. She married Harold Ray Presley who was a first cousin once removed to Elvis. Lee
Dawson met Charlene back in 2002 in Tupelo and spent a couple of hours during lunch with her through a mutual friend, Mr Jim Browder. Charlene told me that she never actually
met Elvis.

This is confirmed in what she writes on her Facebook page... "I am an Elvis fan. I grew up close to Graceland. Elvis was in his glory when I grew up. Seeing him in his yard was such
a treat to us all in Memphis. So many times he would come to the gate." She also states, "We got to go to Graceland when Elvis died. Vernon called and said we could come. The
people in trees fascinated me more than the movie stars".  

However, her claim that she attended Elvis' funeral has been denied by people who we know who were actually there.

In her sworn letter dated August 30th 2017 Charlene states in part,
"I saw the 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac when it was owned by Elvis A. Presley, at Graceland and on a video
produced by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. showing Elvis A. Presley's 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac being driven to the gates of 'Graceland', by none other than Colonel Parker, Elvis'
personal manager."
 -  As Charlene has already publicly stated on her facebook page, she never met Elvis and she also clearly states that she only got to go to Graceland when
Elvis died. These FACTS put her initial testimony into question.

Charlene Presley also states,
"I saw it again on March 9th, 2010, when the 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac was on display at 'Elvis Presley Heights Museum', which, was owned by Bill &
Linda Kinard."
 -  During this time, Charlene was working for Bill Kinard and has remained a close friend. This means her testimony is far from independent and she therefore has a
conflict of interest.

Charlene Presley goes on to state,
"Also on March 9th 2010, Dr. Nichopoculos 'authenticated' the '1957 Pink & Black Cadillac', originally belonged to none other than Elvis A.
 -  First of all it must be pointed out the Nichopoulos has been spelt incorrectly thus making the affidavit null and void. Second, for years we have been told by Kinard that it
was Dean Nichopoulos that said he recognised it, Dr Nick was never mentioned regarding the car.

Patsy Anderson Presley -
Is offering the second sworn affidavit regarding the Cadillac.
Patsy worked for Elvis Presley Enterprises for 22 years starting in 1982. Patsy was/is a lovely person who worked very hard for the fans of Elvis in her role as fan relations at EPE
until they did one of their most stupid decisions and let her go after she discovered that they had been vastly underpaid compared to other junior managers.

Patsy would go on to marry the controversial Jerry Presley, an Elvis IMPersonator and who is a sort of cousin to Elvis. Basically, Elvis Presley's great grandmother Rosella Presley
got together with John Wallace, who is Jerry's great uncle. Rosella Presley and John Wallace NEVER married but her children were given the Presley family last name. As for Jerry
ever being close to Elvis?  Here the late Marty Lacker (foreman of the Memphis Mafia & lifelong friend to Elvis) answers the question regarding Jerry Presley.
"Elvis never mentioned
him.  The fact is, except for the immediate uncles and aunts and a few cousins, Elvis didn't pay attention or really know of any other relatives. At that time,
he wouldn't have
appreciated a cousin or other relative imitating him
. When we went back to Tupelo he did not visit or call any relatives, he primarily was interested in seeing Green Street and
East Tupelo, where he had lived"

The biggest controversy surrounding Jerry Presley is the FACT he teamed up with Dr Donald (I'm treating Elvis) Hinton and the whole Elvis is Alive crap. In 2013, Jerry said this in an
interview for
KC Confidential - “I still talk to Doctor Hinton every once in a while, but you know, he’s had it pretty rough. That pretty much ruined his career. He works at a state
hospital in St. Joe, but he doesn’t have a private practice anymore. I think honestly, deep in (Dr. Hinton’s) heart, he was helping the right man. Helping Elvis. Otherwise he never
would have done it.”

The interviewer then asks Jerry Presley if he ever got the chance to meet “Jesse” – Elvis’ assumed name from his twin brother? He replied, “I want to say, no, No comment. That
whole deal ruined a lot of people’s lives. It’s unbelievable how many lives and friendships that ruined. And it had a great effect on my singing career.”
-  Yeah, nice one Jerry?

So, Patsy Anderson Presley swears in her Affidavit
"I, Patsy Anderson Presley, do hereby certify that I signed the letter certification certifying the 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac that
belonged to Elvis A. Presley. I worked for Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland for 22 years.  Vehicle ID Number is 5762037142"

The above Affidavit from Patsy offers no information that puts any weight whatsoever behind her legal testimony that Elvis ever owned this car?

Now that we had confirmation of the cars identifying VIN Number, we got to work and Tony Stuchbury registered with USA vehicle information site, InstaVIN where we got confirmation
that there are NO RECORDS prior to the TITLE ISSUE DATE of January 06th, 2010 when it was registered by the owner.
In fact the information also states there is no Additional Title information available from NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System).

Despite 2 signed and sworn Affidavits from two persons with the surnames of Presley, neither actually knew Elvis Presley and neither were around on the 'inside' of Graceland  
during Elvis' lifetime.

There is also absolutely no evidence what so ever that shows that this 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac was ever owned by Elvis Presley.

And Now!

We’ve already covered how the story surrounding this Tupelo house has changed in our previous pages. But things need to be pointed out.

The executive director of the Elvis Presley Birthplace Foundation, Dick Guyton, said five shotgun-style homes — named for their long, narrow design — once stood in the area
where Presley’s birth home is still located. But Guyton said he doesn’t know what happened to any of the four other structures?

Meaning he can’t vouch for the house that’s coming up for sale.
“We don’t have any way to authenticate it,” Guyton said. “We don’t know that that particular house is one that sat
here by the birthplace.”

The only evidence relating to the home having anything to do with Elvis Presley is once again an affidavit from Charlene Presley, one that basically translates as ...'What I'm
providing is the truth as it was told to me.'
 But that doesn't necessarily mean it's true, does it?

After numerous unanswered telephone calls and e mails requesting further information (that GWS Auctions say they have) to the auction house and their lawyer, nothing has been
forthcoming, in fact it's reached a point where we are now being totally ignored, but maybe that has something to do with them not wanting to answer the question about other items
from the Kinard collection that are in the auction catalogue, this after a lawyers letter that said the opposite.

We're confident enough to say that their lawyer didn't make this false statement knowingly but that his client (the auction house) have misrepresented to him.
So much has gone on regarding the house it's probably easiest to list what has been said and provide evidence that contradicts it.

From the property being described as the home of Elvis' Grandparents and the real birthplace of Elvis, it being next door to what everyone currently knows as the Elvis birthplace,
and it being moved in 1968 (the year she got married, you wouldn't forget that would you?) we've now moved to it being one of the homes in the vicinity of what everyone currently
knows as the Elvis birthplace and it being moved in 1942.

Would the fact that Charlene M. Presley being a friend of the consignees Bill and Linda Kinard who say it was moved in 1942 have anything to do with that?

The auction house property pack we had to procure ourselves has provided the following information.

The certificate of title from B. Bronson Tabler (attorney at law) dated September 7th 2017 at 8.00am extends back only thirty two years and is relevant only to the property being at
the location of 1330 Hankins St. and therefore provides NO HISTORY relating to it being at any other location and having anything to do with any Presley family member.

Evidence (not hearsay) is also available to prove that the home in the auction is not the home that was 'next door' to what we know as the birthplace, not only photographic evidence
but the testimony of a gentleman who actually lived in the old Presley home that was moved by his father and brothers circa 1962/63 to Baker St, Tupelo. His father even did a
feature for the Tupelo Daily Journal newspaper regarding the property.

Testimony of Connie J. Simmons, Jackson, Mississippi
Wednesday 17th October 2017

Let the buyer beware!
I've not heard of anything confirming that the house mentioned in the auction belonged to the Presleys.
I do know that the house that was located on the park property prior to the time that the youth center and parking lot was built is not the house mentioned in the article.  
That house was Jesse Dee Presley's house and it was moved to Baker St. in East Tupelo in 1962-63 time frame.
I know because we lived in the house after it was moved to Baker St.   
My dad and his brothers moved it.  
My dad wrote an article about it all and it was published in the Tupelo Daily Journal sometime back in the 1980's.

We have to therefore ask the following, is Charlene being used and promoted just because of her surname (through marriage) to add weight to the house story, a story that even
she isn't consistent with?  (
Watch Charlene Presley's inconsistent testimony on the Kinard house)

The affidavit from Charlene M. Presley is based on family hearsay only and nothing more, there is absolutely no solid evidence to prove this home ever belonged to the Presley

We have photo evidence showing that home next to the birthplace is not the same building. Charlene Presley says the house was moved from the birthplace area in 1942, but her
own video evidence shows her saying it was moved in 1968. So which is it and why has the story changed?  We can't answer that, but we do have our suspicions.

Finally, after looking at the LEGAL DESCRIPTION going all the way back to 1923 in local records there is no Presley associated with the land at Hankins Street.

Do we believe this property has any connection to Elvis and his family?  
Absolutely NOT!

Now then, remember the statement made by the lawyer working on behalf of GWS Auction where it clearly states This will advise you that the jumpsuit you referenced in your
communications will not be included in the auction.  As such,
only two items from this seller [Bill Kinard] – the pink Cadillac and the shotgun house – are being exposed for
sale at the auction
.  All other items have been consigned by other sellers.  

Lee and Tony were a little suspicious as to why would this be pointed out like that? So, we started to look through all Elvis auction items going through and listed via
GWS Auctions and quickly found other items that Lee confirmed were owned by Bill Kinard. These items were discovered thanks to Kinard sending Lee photos of many of the items
he wanted looked at and advise given on values etc.
Elvis Express Radio News  -  When Is Elvis' Bus Not Elvis' Bus? ... The Saga Continues
Elvis Express Radio's Lee Dawson takes a look at the latest wild claims from Kinards catalogue of cr@#....ummm, stuff
These 5 items are hoped to reach $3,159,000.00 at auction on November 11, 2017.
BUT, we suggest that only 1 is actually what it says it is?  We explain below.
Well, here we are once again!
Elvis Express Radio continues our almost decade long investigation into the bogus items that continue to pop up primarily from the collection of Mr Bill Kinard that we have shown to
be not the real deal as claimed by the owner.

And the upcoming auction on November 11th is no different. We have already been successful in having one of Kinards consignments dropped by GWS Auction, the fake Aloha
stage jumpsuit claimed by Kinard to be the original. Lee Dawson & Joe Krein have been communicating with Kinard for years regarding this fake and many other items he owns. He
even claimed that Dr George Nichopoulos confirmed that the suit was real because he apparently recognised a "stain" on it (no, we're not making this up)?

Now before we can continue, we need to draw your attention to this quote from Bill Kinard regarding the FAKE Aloha suit...."No, the jump suit is not a replica and Graceland only has
"one" of the originals on display. The jump suit was authenticated by Dr. Nick who was with Elvis in Hawaii and said that this suit is genuine as he recognized a stain on the leg. He
said, the jump suit is full of Elvis' DNA and for us not to clean it".... (see, told you we're not making this stuff up).

Now before we go on with the latest findings, Elvis Express Radio's Lee Dawson and Tony Stuchbury first approached the people involved with the upcoming auction on November
11th (BR Public Relations and GWS Auctions) in order to offer help, free of charge, by offering them information, evidence etc regarding certain lots they were promoting which were
highly questionable to save them any embarrassment by being involved with the particular items.

Despite the fact our offer of help was met with a Lawyers letter informing both Lee and Tony that our claims are "based on a generalized understanding of Mr. Presley and his
career" and a thinly veiled opinion/threat of you are just fans so shut up or else, we have CONTINUED to offer to give over any and all information that our investigation has been
able to discover to them first, but more and more we could not help but feel our continued offers were being ignored by all involved with the auction.

…..The Story Continues

Let's just quickly recap what we were told by the Lawyer working for the auction house. You know, the one that we've been trying to help avoid their possible embarrassment of
dealing with fake Elvis items. On October 4th 2017, the lawyer writes to Lee and Tony telling us that our "claims are largely based on a generalized understanding of Mr. Presley and
his career". The lawyer also told us, "verification has come from Presley family members, as well as friends and associates of Mr. Presley".

There you go, that told us didn't it? After all, we're just a couple of fans from England who only have a passing understanding of Elvis, know about 'Hound Dog' and some films like
'Jailhouse Rock' and 'Blue Hawaii' and seen pictures of some jumpsuits and other "generalized" things about him. Let's face it, we wouldn't know anything compared to "Presley
family members" or how about "friends and associates" .

So, October 4th 2017 = We are told, You know NOTHING, we have verification from Family and Friends of Elvis Presley.

But, October 5th 2017 =  After sending detailed information to the lawyer PROVING that the 'Aloha Jumpsuit' which Kinard says is real and Dr Nichopoulos (Elvis' friend & associate)
said was original because he recognised a stain on the leg, was a 100% FAKE, the auction house Lawyer wrote to us saying...

This will advise you that the jumpsuit you referenced in your communications will not be included in the auction.  As such, only two items from this seller [Bill Kinard] – the pink
Cadillac and the shotgun house – are being exposed for sale at the auction.  All other items have been consigned by other sellers.  

With respect to the pink Cadillac and the shotgun house, the provenance of the pink Cadillac is supported by an affidavit by Patsy Anderson Presley, and the provenance of the
shotgun house is supported by an affidavit by Charlene Presley.  Both affidavits will be available for review by potential bidders at the auction.


"You May Drive A Pink Cadillac...But Don't You Be Nobody's Fool"

Since the beginning of our ongoing battle lines to stop Mr Kinard from putting his dubious items out in the world via various auction houses, we had that darn alleged tour but which
was there from the start and that we showed beyond any reasonable doubt was NOT what Kinard claimed it to be.

Also there from the start was this 1957 pink Cadillac which, along with the bus, Kinard has absolutely no provenance or title history with the car.

Kinards apparent "proof" has for the longest time been an old 21 seconds piece of film taken at Graceland in 1957 where we get to see what looks like a pink coloured 1957 Cadillac
driving away from Graceland down the drive stopping at the gates. Kinard has ALWAYS stated that the film footage shows Colonel Tom Parker driving the exact car he owns?

Now any fan with any sense knows there is absolutely no way to know if the car Kinard owns and the one in the film is the same. But what we do know is that the man in the driving
seat is NOT Colonel Tom Parker (see comparison below).
For years, Lee and Joe continually asked Bill Kinard for the VIN number for the Cadillac, after all as he
has no doubt the auction house should know, 'When contemplating purchasing a classic or antique car or
truck, locating and decoding the vehicle VIN number is a necessary step in due diligence'.

So, we continued to ask to see the VIN number and the documents that showed Elvis Presley was the
previous owner of the car. Just like Donald Trump and his tax returns, the information was not ever
offered to us in order to basically shut us up.

Then in 2010, with still no sign of any paperwork, Bill Kinard informed us that during a visit by struck off
Doctor, George Nichopoulos and his son Dean. The two are alleged to have told Kinard that "Everything"
he had of Elvis was authentic (including that Aloha jumpsuit that we PROVED was a FAKE!).

We're also suppose to believe the tale that when Dr. Nick's son saw the Cadillac, which was all stripped to
just the frame. Dean apparently said to Kinard, "Who would do such a crazy thing like stripping, Elvis'
Cadillac?  This was and is Elvis' 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac.” –  Give us a break!
So ok, it does appear that for some reason only known to them, the auction house wants to make us believe that Kinard only has the House and Car left in the auction. And OK, we
seem to have discovered that is not entirely true. So what about this particular concert poster?

GWS Auctions describe it as....
Elvis Presley Original Framed Aug. 21, 1977 Concert Promotional Poster From The Tour That Never Was - This is an original poster that was made
to promote Elvis Presley's August 21, 1977 concert at the Civic Center Plaza in Hartford, Connecticut. The concert unfortunately never happened, as this twelve date tour was
scheduled to begin on August 17, 1977 and Elvis tragically passed away on August 16th. This is truly a collector's dream, as items from this "Tour That Never Was" are highly
sought after by collectors. This is an original poster which was published by Tribune Showprint, Inc. The poster is in wonderful condition for its age, and has been framed in a black
wooden frame. The piece (including the frame) measures approx. 18"W x 26"L.
....  With the risk of really upsetting the auction house, we have to inform them that this particular
poster is a FAKE! It's not even a fake of a real poster because there were
no such posters produced for the tour. There are several of these type of posters produced over the
years and all mock ups produced to trick people out of their money.

REMEMBER, Lee and Tony set out to HELP GWS Auctions and in order to save their business any unnecessary embarrassment.... Sadly they chose to ignore Tony's emails and
phone calls and so we have to try and help potential buyers learn ALL OF THE INFORMATION surrounding these lots.

To come to a close, we could run through everything going up for sale on November 11, but we won't. There are several items being offered and I'm willing to bet that none of the
real stuff is actually owned by Kinard? Before we go, we've picked Lots 43B, 43E, 51 to through out as "Possible Kinard Consignments"?

Lot 43B  Est: $1,500 - $2,000  - Description: Elvis Presley & Priscilla Beaulieu Marriage Certificate Copy W/8"x10" Photo of Elvis, Priscilla, & Lisa Marie - This is a copy of Elvis
Presley & Priscilla Beaulieu's marriage certificate. The copy also contains two photos from their wedding day
.  -  This is so funny because the description is actually exactly what it
is.... A Photocopy image of Elvis and Priscilla's wedding. It's totally WORTHLESS, it's a nothing item and in fact you can BUY this exact image through alamy (see below)
Now then, remember the statement made by the lawyer working on behalf of GWS
Auction where it clearly states
This will advise you that the jumpsuit you referenced
in your communications will not be included in the auction.  As such,
only two items
from this seller [Bill Kinard] – the pink Cadillac and the shotgun house – are
being exposed for sale at the auction
.  All other items have been consigned by
other sellers.  

Lee and Tony were a little suspicious as to why would this be pointed out like that?

So, they started to look through all Elvis auction items going through
and listed via GWS Auctions for the November 11 auction date and quickly found
other items that Lee confirmed were owned by Bill Kinard.

These items were discovered thanks to Kinard sending Lee photos of many of the
items he wanted looked at and advise given on values etc.

These include film posters, reel to reel tapes with a radio show on them and as
shown to the left is one of those infamous Concerts that never happened posters.

If you check out the 2 images, you will see both have the exactly the same rip on the
left side of the poster. The poster on the left is as shown on and the
one on the right is the image Kinard sent to me in 2010.
Lot 43E Est: $2,500 - $5,000   Description: Elvis Presley Autographed 6" x 8" Black & White Framed Photograph - This is an 6" x 8" black and white photograph of Elvis Presley.
The photograph shows Elvis piloting an airplane, and is a still photograph from one of his films. The photo has been autographed by Elvis "Your Friend Elvis Presley". The
photograph is in fair condition, and has been framed in a black wooden frame. The piece (including the frame) measures approx. 7" x 9.25"  
-  This one is just a quick example of
NOT being signed by the hand of Elvis Presley. We have examined hundreds of Elvis autographs and this one is in our opinion not an authentic Elvis Presley signature.

Lot 51  Est: $5,000 - $7,000  Description: Elvis Presley's Cash Box Key Acquired From The Estate of a Childhood Friend - This is Elvis Presley's personal cash box key. The key
has a tag hanging from it which reads "Elvis", and the key itself is also hand engraved "Elvis cash box" on each side. The key came from the estate of a childhood friend of Elvis, who
wishes to remain anonymous for privacy reasons..
 -  We have included this one for the simple reason, we haven't seen something so funny in some time. This particular items is
once again something that has absolutely no historical evidence and in order to consider the story behind this "Key", you only have to retrace the early Tupelo childhood of Elvis
Presley. By simply applying logic the whole story falls down.

First of all, this "key" has apparently been in the possession of a Tupelo resident who we are told was a childhood friend of Elvis. HOWEVER, we are not allowed to know the person
who was given the "key", the winning bidder will not get a letter of authenticity from the childhood friend. In other words we have no way of checking out the fine details.

Second, and this is where it falls down (if the first issue hasn't already caused a collapse?) - Let's take a look at the childhood of Elvis in Tupelo. The Presley's were poor, dirt poor
and struggled to get by on a daily basis. We are suppose to believe that the young Elvis had a cash box......A CASH BOX! Why would Elvis have a cashbox? He didn't have money!
When he did get any money, the family were living hand to mouth and so they never had the luxury of saving money up, so no need for a cash box!  Oh, and IF the young Elvis did
have a cash box for all his saved up pocket money???? Why the hell would he give the key to a friend? Maybe he gave the key to this friend when he left Tupelo for Memphis so
that his friend would remember him...Come on now, that's just stupid. Surely this is a joke right?   OH and I DO NOT BELIEVE that those plastic keyfobs were in existence in the
1930's or 40's.

And so there we have it, yet more of Kinards collection of wishful thinking treasures appear and once again we have done our best to make the auction house aware of just what it is
they DON'T HAVE. We do find it somewhat alarming that 2 Elvis fans from England have done everything in their power to carry out detailed Due diligence on items with the potential
of selling for millions of dollars and all the while having any and all requests to see all the evidence the auction house may have on the main Lots not declined, but ignored.

In a final correspondence on October 28th 2017, EER's Tony Stuchbury sent the following email to those involved in this matter.

From: Anthony Stuchbury
Sent: Saturday, 28 October 2017 13:37
To: Michak Legal [George]  and  GWS Auctions [Brigitte]
Cc: Lee Dawson [Elvis Express Radio]
Subject: Just so that you are aware....

Even Graceland themselves can make mistakes and have to withdraw items from auction after our investigations.
This is what we do, try keep Elvis history in tune and on the straight and narrow. We have far more than just a generalised understanding of Elvis and his career, as you are no
doubt now aware.

This will be my last e mail on the matter due to lack of communication, anything further that is discovered will therefore not be passed onto you.

Well, we have done our best to try and prevent fans from spending out on what, in our opinion and findings, to be nothing like what they claim them to be.
WILL these items sell on November 11th 2017?  We certainly hope not. In fact we still have hope that GWS Auctions will see sense and have the aforementioned items covered here

And IF they don't sell and a little later down the line Mr Kinard tries to sell his FAKE Jumpsuit and other questionable items, WE WILL BE THERE in order to TCB-4-EAP

Well the big day is upon us and time will tell if our efforts to get the word out regarding the not so authentic Elvis items being offered for sale through GWS Auctions by Bill Kinard
and who knows who else?

Success 1  -  [Lot # ?]  Aloha Jumpsuit  -  EER proved this to be FAKE
Success 2  -  [Lot # 3]  Wooden Tupelo Home  -  EER show that all claims by Charlene Presley & Kinard are HIGHLY questionable (NO SALE)
Success 3  -  [Lot # 5]  Pink & Black  Cadillac  -  EER proved there is NO HISTORY that Elvis ever owned this car  (NO SALE)

We cannot be happier to get total confirmation that the Kinard Home and Kinards Cadillac have not sold. We've been successful to date preventing Kinard from passing on his
various items of crap and we will continue to do so if he decides to try out yet another auction house to try to sell his FAKE Aloha suit, his Cadillac that has absolutely no evidence
what so ever that Elvis even even looked at it, let alone owned it. And of course, the wooden house which just like the Caddy, has no evidence at all PLUS, the star witness has told
2 totally different tales....on film, regarding the year it was moved.

Although we prevented these big ticket items from selling, we do believe Kinard had a few other items in this auction that were just ridiculous and in fact SHOCKING that an auction
house would even give them the time of day, let alone put them up and promote them?  

LOT 42A  -  The Poster That NEVER WAS! The usual MOCK Yellow concert poster for  Aug. 21, 1977 never existed. The Est: $1,000 - $2,000  -  SOLD FOR $400
LOT 43B  -  B/W photocopy of  Marriage Certificate.  Est: $1,500 - $2,000  -   SOLD FOR $80
LOT 43E  -  Totally Fake Elvis Autograph on photo from It Happened At The Worlds Fair.  Est: Est: $2,500 - $5,000  -  SOLD FOR $400
LOT 51    -  Ridiculous claim of cashbox key belonging to Elvis as a child in Tupelo, given to a childhood friend??? Est: $5,000 - $7,000  -  SOLD FOR $180

We made GWS Auctions and their legal representative fully aware of our findings and were more then ready to work with them and reveal all we had found to disprove the claims
that ALL these items listed on this page were NOT what they were claimed to be. We left phone messages and email communications in order to best advise GWS Auction and to
help prevent passing on FALSE items to their customers.

SADLY, our attempts to pass on our information to GWS and their lawyer led to our calls and emails being ignored for 2 weeks in the lead up to this auction, resulting, in our opinion
and information, to customers at the November 11th auction paying out money for several items worth nothing in reality.



Write into us here at EER and share your thoughts on this issue. Fill in our Online Request form or Email in your comments along with your song choice HERE
LEFT: Elvis & Cilla Marriage Certificate up for auction on Nov 11 Est: $1,500 - $2,000 OR RIGHT: Buy from alamy from 11.99 (go to alamy site)

BELOW LEFT: Signed photo from 'It Happened At The Worlds Fair'   BELOW RIGHT:  Supposed Key for young Elvis' cash box given to a friend?
Presley by Marriage
Patsy Anderson Presley
Presley by Marriage
Charlene Presley