By Ida Ritter
I could not pass on to talk about this wonderful book "Teenagers Hero", a very well designed book, a labor of
love and true devotion.

This book took me in a journey of Elvis's march to stardom, I was a young teenager myself when this all thing
started, and in my country of origin Panama, anything that happened in the music world or entertainment was
all the time in the radio and in the news immediately.

I followed this man since then, and all the photos in this book brought me back to those days when our
parents disagree with the way he danced, the way he sang and to our way of telling them a change was
needed.  This book is a most to any Elvis fan, and one of the books that has a special place in my Elvis
library.  I followed him step by step and this book was needed to remind the world what he brought to the
world and to us devoted fans since his beginnings.  So many photos never seen before.

Thank you Steve Rino for such a wonderful book, an inexpensive book compare to others that has so much
history and that touch our hearts, mine especially because it brought me so many memories and reminded
me of how we use to dance to his music when we heard it in the radio, dreaming to see him one day, and I did
see him in Vegas, and even though I was not one of those screaming fans, I was speechless when he came
out. A very accurate research, in many photos you could sense  Elvis's charisma and unique way of what he
believe was a true entertainer since his beginnings.

Again a beautiful book, that as Lee Dawson said in his review, put other books to shame.

Visit the book site www.teenagershero.com