By Lee Dawson (E.E.R)
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This new box set release was announced back in June (2011) and finally got it's release 6 months
later in December. So, was
"Special Delivery" worth the wait? And does it stand up to it's claim as
"The Ultimate Elvis Collectors Box 1 1960-1969"

The box looks really nice with an attractive front cover design and on the rear is a b/w photo of Elvis
about to place the wedding ring on Priscilla' finger and below that we are shown the contents of the
box. It's on this contents photo that we learn there are only 1,000 copies produced.

"Special Delivery - The Ultimate Elvis Collectors Box 1 1960-1969"
1 x CD - Fame & Fortiune
1 x DVD - Special Moments
1 x Elvis & Priscilla Wedding Album
6 x Deluxe Postcards
1 x Sticker
1 x Collectors Cards

The CD - Fame & Fortune
First up is the CD containing 26 recordings, this obviously went through some changes over the 6
month wait. When this set was first announced, we were to expect 13 previously unreleased studio
outtakes including; 'Soldier Boy (take 5)', 'Swing Down, Sweet Chariot (master take 4)', 'Frankfort
Special (movie version)' and many others.

None of these early announced outtakes actually make it to the final disc line-up, but instead of the
original 13 unreleased performances we get 23
Previously Unreleased studio out takes plus a few
master takes with added Unreleased studio talk. While this is an enjoyable CD and boasts 23
Unreleased outtakes, they have all been released before on other bootlegs so there isn't really
anything new here. The album itself is already a collectors item apparently as only 1,000 copies have
been pressed.

The DVD - Special Moments
With the advance promotion of this set, we were told that apart from the CD and book "there is a beautiful Special Moments DVD with rare footage of the King."
It's not worth beating around the bush with this one, for me this is an absolute disappointment! Let down! Rip off!

Special Moments huh? For me, (as with the CD) there was nothing new on this DVD, but unlike the CD there wasn't too much enjoyment. The film clips are not
in any chronological order (Pizza Hut Commercial between a TV promo from 1986 & the original Wild In The Country Trailer), and much of this "beautiful" DVD
is just a tiny box in the middle of the screen? I Kid you not, here is a remark from one of our listeners,
"the DVD is a big disappointment.   Thankfully I was
prepared for it after hearing you talk about it on the show. The size of the picture was so small on my 50 inch plasma."  
The only thing I can imagine is that this
film has simply been grabbed from the Internet and to increase the size anymore would make them unwatchable? Whatever the reason behind this crazy
process is simply ridiculous and with it running at only 50 minutes I would have expected much more than this make do, let down of a DVD.

The Book - Wedding Album & Special Collectible Extras
Elvis & Priscilla - Wedding Album
Behind The Scenes
Elvis' Wedding Suit
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Kiss
Wedding Press Conference
Las Vegas Wedding Reception
The Cutting Of The Cake
Leaving Las Vegas
Honeymoon Hideaway
Graceland Wedding Reception

Straight away I can tell you that this is a really nice product and is without any doubt the highlight of this release. It's 60 pages and features over 150 Colour
and Black & White images taken over the various stages of the wedding (see headings list) all on glossy pages. I can't say there is anything that has not been
seen before, but it's nice to have all the wedding photos located in one place.

6 Deluxe Photo Postcards
These are printed on card and each one features a main photo on the front and a smaller image from the same period on the backside. The photos used are
again, nothing new. 1) Girls! Girls! Girls! [Colour], 2) Paradise Hawaiian Style [Colour], 3) Elvis with The Youth Leadership Award for 1966 [Black & White],
                            4) 1968 Singer Special [Black & White], 5) 1968 Singer Special [Black & White], 6) 1969 After Press Conference [Colour]

Bonus Sticker and Card
The sticker is nothing really to shout about, it's simply the photo used on the front of the box with Elvis Presley running across from shoulder to shoulder. Not
much else can be said about a sticker really!

And finally the collectors card...This is housed in a slot inside the box under all the main contents. It's a nice rare photo taken on the set of Viva Las Vegas
with Elvis looking at the camera, only to have half his face blanked out by a cloud of smoke as he exhaled his drag on a cigar. The question has to be asked,
why use that one? There are six better photos taken at the same time printed on the inside of the box, why use one with his face blocked out for the collectors
card is another head scratcher for me? The card is plastic and on the back has 2 photos (from the same roll) of Elvis admiring a motorbike.

On the front of the card it states:
Special Delivery - The Ultimate Collectors Box
Limited numbered edition 0534  

Legal or Not?
I've been asked by many of our listeners if this set is a bootleg of a public domain release? In order to legally release a public domain album, the song writers
still need to be paid for the songs used on the project! It's released by new label
"The EP-Company", and the first impressions suggest that it is a totally legal
release under the 50 year rule due to the 26 tracks on the CD being from 1960.

But then again it's soon obvious that there is no information regarding who produced the set or who researched the wedding album or even an address for
contact purposes, No bar-code and no matrix number, surly making this a bootleg release? But then again with official outlets like the Essential Elvis magazine
and the Australian website openly selling this, it must be a public domain release right?

The Verdict?
This was such a long awaited release and looked so beautiful that I really looked forward to it's release, but sadly this release is nowhere near the quality it
should / could have been. And as for giving itself the title of
"The Ultimate Elvis Collectors Box 1", it's sure is not "Ultimate" and not woth the average
£40.00 price tag. I will not be looking forward to number 2 that's for sure!
Bonus Elvis Sticker
Bonus Collectors Card
6 Deluxe Photo Postcards