A Review Of This Special Event By E.E.R Listener, Ida Ritter
I went to see Elvis on Tour at the Marcus Cinema Theater, 1555 Lake Street in Addison, IL on Thursday the 29th of July at 7pm. It was a big theater which
was maybe half full.  

The show opened up with a lot of talking from the Director, Jerry Shilling and of course Priscilla. They were explaining why Elvis was who he was, why it was
such a challenge the filming of this documentary and the many cameras they had to use in order to accomplish this documentary. They told how it was not
easy to follow Elvis on stage and the fact that only Elvis could have done this documentary the way he did it! But don't we all know who he was and why even
today he is still the one and only entertainer.
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It was very nice to see the King back in the big screen, but I have to say
that I own the original movie and except for all the talking before the
show started, everything was the same.

'Johnny B. Goode' was excluded from the film and there was nothing new
added to this new version as we all expected. No bonus footage at the
end of the movie, it was very sad and disappointing to see how they
tease us all, making us believe this was going to be the real thing with all
the footage and all the archives that they probably have hanging
somewhere on the vaults of Warner Bros and elsewhere.

The picture was ok, moving a lot in many occasions, three screens as
the one I have, the only commendable thing here from my point of view is
the sound, which was very good.

As I heard somebody saying on the way out, they showed him mostly
with the baby blue suit on. Only one time with the dark blue suit singing
'Bridge Over Trouble Water' and in the red suit for just a brief moment.
For the ones that never saw 'Elvis on Tour' it was probably good, but as I heard some people say, it was a very short film considering he visited 15 cities in
15 days, but for me the film had nothing new, except the fact that Elvis is Elvis Presley no matter what and because it is always so good to see him and to
see him I have many DVD's.

It is still so sad to know that they probably have so much material, only God knows how much, and that because of one reason or another they don't come
together for one time and do the right thing, just to show the world the kind of Entertainer this man was and is, because this country should be proud that he
was born here!

So 'Elvis on Tour' still falls short of what it should really be except for the fact it shows again very accurately why Elvis and only Elvis could have done this
documentary, as the director points out, "Remember, he had to cope with the screaming of his fans, the yelling, the flashing of the fans's cameras and he
still kept his cool and did what only he could do with his amazing voice, sing until the end".