By Ida Ritter
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Recently a petition was issued to rename Memphis Airport with Elvis’s name. Mr. Lacker wrote a letter regarding this issue to Memphis officials and while the
response was negative, Mr. Lacker wrote another letter asking them to reconsider and specifically noted the reasons why Elvis deserves this distinction and
named one by one the people who they said deserves the same consideration which was not the case as Mr. Lacker points in his response.

As he rightfully states, Liverpool named their airport after John Lennon and then said a lot as an example of the magnitude of what Elvis represents for
Memphis....Elvis never received in his life time the recognition he deserved from his country and not even from Memphis, this town that he loved so much and
where he constructed his sanctuary “Graceland” where he tried to find some peace out of his busy life from the world the short times he was there when
returning from his exhausting tours and where he died that unfortunate day.   

There are still people, even in Memphis, who do not want to admit the impact that he had in the music world when he changed that for ever, there are still
people in Memphis who I heard saying when I was visiting,: “Why he has to be so adored by the world what has he done to deserve that?”, people that
probably did not know or never took the time to really find out why and read about his life.  

I could write so much about this issue, going back to Elvis’ beginnings when he was not treated properly many times, reason why he is today more admired
and recognised by the world, because of his commitment to his music, and the fact that nothing stop him from getting to where he got, adding to that the fact
that of never forgetting his humble beginnings.  

I am so glad that somebody like Mr. Lacker have his voice heard and states the reasons and facts why this is an important issue that deserves consideration
and that should have been done not now but long time ago.  Nobody has done so much for this town as Elvis, not only because of the kind of entertainer he
was, and still is, because he his timeless,  but because at this point he is still doing so much, when even in this tough economy people still comes from all over
the world to visit Memphis not only to see Graceland but  the all town and spend not only time but money benefiting the city.  Memphis transforms every year
at the time of Elvis’s celebrations.

Elvis Presley deserves not only these exhibits at the Memphis Airport, he deserves more than that, regardless of the burocracy and denial from the ones that
are still fighting his importance and the special place he has in the music world and that in no way could be denied because the all world is seeing it every day.

You do not have be an Elvis fan to recognise this, anybody with real honest sense could see this and place this man where he belongs in the eyes of the world
and Memphis owes that to him.