(but not for their fellow fan clubs)
“As you all know, the internet is 'one big ocean' on which not everybody uses the correct and deontological right way to 'fish'. Everybody has access and is
able to buy a domain (name) or URL for only a few dollars!

Consequently it may be possible that 'pirates' link you to their 'island' from where they try to convince you to purchase their items.

Please be careful when you 'shop on the internet' and always make sure you are on the website you had chosen initially and are not diverted to dishonest

The above words are certainly carrying the truth.

We can point out that one particular fan club in Belgium (Elvis Matters), who recently has bought various domain names which had nothing in common to
their own organisation but only linking them to their web in order to gain more traffic and more sales.

Elvis Matters is a non profit making organisation and is bearing the following motto in their name: “Regard and respect”.  Respect for what? We wonder
where these conceited words exactly stand for.

Why should a shop in Turnhout (Belgium)and a VZW in Mol, buy a domain name like: / and

What has the name itselvistime to do with Elvis Matters?

Why should a shop in Turnhout (Belgium)and a VZW in Mol, buy a domain name like: Elvis Unlimited (Denmark)
& were also registered by Elvis Matters.

We can’t find these evil practises in the dictionary of the regular Elvis fan, and it is not only happening in our country: it goes far away beyond our

Other European clubs had recently the same experience: fan clubs who existed for almost 50 years UPS (Belgium)and Elvis Presley Society (Belgium) saw how some of their domain names being taken away with be. eu, .com .net.

The shop of the Belgian Society, named “American Dream” was also bought by the same “Elvis Matters”.

Also the newer fan club Elvis For Everyone (Holland) was a recent victim.

Of course, these actions cannot be tolerated. My attorney has been introduced on this matter and asked Elvis Matters to stop this activity immediately.

We honestly do not understand all this fuss and mess.  Various fan clubs in the same country can be healthy as long as their competition is fair.

When you are an Elvis fan just to prove you can conquer the world to belittle others, you don’t have the right to call yourself “Elvis minded” anymore.
If you fool your fellows, you probably fool your members as well.

Elvis would have been very mad and would never have accepted this kind of business!

‘Taking care of business’
Elvis Presley Society (Belgium)
itselvistime (Holland)
Elvis For Everyone (Holland)
Elvis Unlimited / GracelandRanders (Denmark)

Source: / EpGold

As rightly stated by EPGold, there are others who are experiencing this kind of unfair practise and Elvis Express Radio is no different....Our listeners will
remember how I would often promote an organisation called 'Daniels Elvis Presley Museum', in fact I even had the owner on the show as a guest and gave
him priceless amount of FREE publicity in order to help a fellow fan.

Well now that same organisation and owner who bought out Jimmy Velvets Elvis Presley Museum has been buying up domain names and is offering them
for sale and among the names and - Vindictive and vicious springs to mind.

Other names owned by the Elvis Presley Museum are: - - -  and

I guess it really is all about money with some people who are fellow Elvis "fans".
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