The People Making A Positive Difference In Elvis World
Part 1 of a 2 part look at those people who are making a difference in Elvis World today!
By Steven B. Roberts
It’s no secret that I often remind us of what’s wrong with Elvis World. I do it all the time. Whether it’s Mr. Potato Head , an auction house trying to sell the tools
used to embalm Elvis for a buck, or the “Jesse” group insisting Elvis is still alive masquerading as his dead twin brother conning a doctor out of pain pills, we
all know one thing. There are a lot of things wrong with Elvis World.

But, there is a flip side to every coin. There are some people making a serious difference in Elvis World and I feel it’s high time we take a look at them and
give credit where credit is due.  

The following is a rundown of some of the movers and shakers in Elvis World. The more I look around, the more I seem to see there is a plethora of people
outside of E.P.E. (and on occasion even within) who are making a serious difference to help retain the artistic credibility and musical legacy of Elvis Presley
with class, style, and honesty.

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“Elvis International Magazine” is released four times a year, and what a treat the magazine truly is. Each issue is almost like a book itself. Printed on high
quality thick gloss paper with a heavy duty cover, the magazine includes  articles of substance and pictures we don‘t see everyday.

Not only is it well written but also features an incredible layout that appeals to all Elvis fans. The publication is first class all the way. The staff of Darwin, Kjell,
Carol, Phil, and all the others are giving us some special with each edition.

If you haven’t checked it out, I highly encourage you to do so.

Overseas a record label has made an accomplishment that not as many people are aware of as they should be. Speakers Corner have given new life to Elvis
Presley vinyl, the once forgotten format that is making a huge comeback worldwide from everyone to indie rockers to audiophiles who want to explore Elvis
the way he was meant to be.

On vinyl. And unlike other shoddy vinyl releases over the years, these are of the highest quality. Another bonus is that we are re-introduced to albums that
are now dismissed and forgotten by Sony/BMG such as “For L.P. Fans Only” and “A Date With Elvis”.

The Speakers Corner releases are the closest thing you’ll find to the originals and well worth it.

Label head Joseph Pirzada shocked Elvis Presley fans with a honest and forthright interview on the Elvis Information Network when he let us know the ‘truth’
behind Sony/BMG and FTD regarding the Elvis Presley catalog.

MRS is the ultimate fan label run by a fan, MRS is a true beacon of hope in the future of Elvis Presley releases as they have time and time again given us
something truly special.

Each release is almost a box set for a smaller price than the standard FTD fare and far more interesting. How many labels can offer you a vinyl “That’s All
Right Mama” made off the original mother stamper in a gorgeous book /DVD Audio combo package ? None. And certainly not Sony/BMG or FTD.

Joe is the man in Elvis interview world. A fantastic interview site, each episode Joe gets to the bottom of his guest and doesn’t hold anything back. Cordial
and respectful, he’s a brilliant conversationalist that leads the listener to believe his guests are enjoying their interviews. And these are always the best kind
of interviews to listen too.

Joe knows what Elvis is all about if anyone does, and it shows as the program is the definition of 100% radio journalistic quality. If you haven’t listened to the
immense collection of fascinating, insightful interviews, you are really missing out. On a final note, Joe wrote a book with Sue McCasland ” Elvis Live at
Sahara Tahoe”.

Joe is also a guest deejay with Lee Dawson on Elvis Express Radio* every Friday for three hours of fun and music. Don’t miss it! & WWW.ELVIS-EXPRESS.COM

Kari, Cat, Susan and Darlene are well known on facebook and many know them for being a fun loving Elvis loving group of wonderful young ladies who in
addition to their “Girls Gone Elvis Calendar” and Darlene’s work at the Elvis Honeymoon House, have taken on the task of launching Elvis Week in Memphis.
And in doing so, have given us something incredible and cool in the process.

Where E.P.E. likes to offer bowling and treasure hunts as activities, these girls from California have come up with a much better idea. Recreating Elvis
Presley’s performance at the Levitt Shell using Donny Edwards as Elvis followed by a big screen presentation of “Jailhouse Rock” is not only cool, but a
monumental task to organize. Keep your eyes out for Pink Caddy Entertainment, I have a strong hunch we are going to be seeing more and more of them in
the future. These girls are not afraid to take initiative and let you know they love Elvis. And they are not afraid to let you know why they love Elvis either.

Loved by fans and fellow researchers, Cory Cooper has been delighting us on radio for years. His consulting list is impressive and his personality makes him
immediately likable. His extensive knowledge on the life of Elvis Presley in a loving and logical perception of how Elvis should be remembered and be held
with the highest respect.

It’s people like Cory doing consulting and radio that reminds of the greatness of Elvis, and helps put an end to ridiculous rumors and myths that have ‘just
become ingrained’ in the public conscious. We’re going to see big things for Cory in the future. He’s the pioneer of the Elvis Expert cannon, and that will not
go un-noticed as the future tide shifts.

Cory’s website is under construction, but a quick Google, or search on youtube should enable you to find many links to radio interviews.

Cory has been a member of for a long time, and he is available for consulting, radio, T.V., and movies.
You can email Cory at

As the 1980s and 1990’s went on, an unfortunate trend popped up in Elvis literature which had gotten to the point of ridiculousness. This helped in part
leading to the sheer massive amounts of myths and misinformation in Elvis World. Citing these discrepancies and myths, Patrick set out to assemble these
into a collection to decipher which became one of the greatest Elvis books ever. 2006’s “Elvis Decoded”.

It was high time to put rumors such as “Is Elvis Alive” or “Was there a body snatching plot hatched to acquire Elvis’ body after the funeral” to rest and by
using fact based solid research he did just that. Patrick is in my opinion, the top researcher in the field of fact finding in Elvis World. The life and death of
Elvis is something that fans and the American public at large have always been fascinated with.

It was high time to finally get down to the nitty gritty and find out just how accurate what we’ve been told in varying accounts is fact, fantasy, or just plain
unknown. It was time to get people ‘thinking’ about Elvis. And Patrick is literary master at accomplishing this. His book, his website, and radio appearances
are among the best in the world for anybody who wants to actually ‘think’ about Elvis.

JAT publishing gives us rare, limited edition books that are one of the best treats in all of Elvis World. Far more exciting than anything E.P.E. or Time/Life
ever offers us, JAT gives us a look at the real Elvis and often chronicles severely important but forgotten pieces of Elvis history in beautiful high quality
publications. Don’t miss these. Your collection is lacking without them. The hope with any new Elvis book is learn or see things we’ve never seen before.
From what I can tell, every JAT publication does this.

There are many sites on the internet regarding Elvis Presley. These range from mine, to informative detective sites like, news sites
like, and about a thousand others that can be about anything and everything Elvis. But the best Elvis sites are the ones that are a little
bit different.

Photographer & researcher Tony Stuchbury has created a site that is like no other on the internet. It is a virtual scrapbook of his adventures in Elvis world.
What makes it so unique is the layout, content, and continuity. Elvis Scrapbook offers fans a variety of things to gaze over and listen too. And this is not the
ordinary run of the mill stuff you see everywhere else. There is no “Love Me Tender” shampoo, or “Swinging Hip Clocks”. This is REAL stuff for a real true
blue fan or researcher.

The photography is excellent. Tony has a keen eye which he uses through the lens to capture images we’ve seen before, but also those we have not seen
before. Regarding the first, his photography is far beyond what we’ve seen in the coffee table books and the Graceland souvenir photo section. The photos
have a quality and an organic feel to them missing from many photos of Memphis and Tupelo ( and other locations) we’ve seen often. But Tony makes them
just a little more special.

Alanna Nash has emerged as one of the greatest writers in all of Elvis literature. Her knowledge and understanding of Elvis Presley has helped paint a
portrait of Elvis the ‘man’ and not just Elvis the ‘image’.

Her books about the Memphis Mafia, Col. Tom Parker, and most recently the women who knew and loved Elvis (“Baby Let’s Play House) have broken new
ground and provided us with information we never thought we would know. Her writing should be seriously commended and read by Elvis fans worldwide if
they haven’t already. How would I describe her work? “Revolutionary”.

avid Petrelle has assembled one of the coolest recording and price guides I have ever seen! “Solid Gold Elvis” is an essential tool for both the researcher
and collector. Something that other publications are not always able to do. The DVD Rom version is handy and excellent. Full color beautiful descriptions of
basically every Elvis record or CD you can think of is present. Including the variations over the years.

But there is one true shining star that as a collector I will thank David for the rest of my life for doing. With extensive research and knowledge, he lists what
these items ACTUALLY sell for! It’s no secret that “King Creole” is not worth $500 as it has been stated in other price guides. Other Elvis price guides seem
as though they are almost designed to scare away new collectors, but David’s book invites you to enjoy in the fun and smashes the myth that every Elvis
record is worth thousands of dollars.

The complete recording session info and concert dates round out the book, making it a solid piece of work all across the board. Highly recommended.

Most collectors are familiar with Jerry’s “Presleyana” series and know he’s been the go-too guy for Elvis collecting for years. But there’s another side to Jerry
that needs to be exposed to Elvis fans.

As a writer, compiler, and collector, Osborne has assembled two absolutely crucial books in Elvis world. Did you hear Elvis said something but can’t find it?
Then you need to check out Osborne’s “Elvis Word For Word” where you can find out every word Elvis muttered in public during his years in the spotlight.

Jerry and Barbara Hahn are just about to release a monumental release in Elvis History with “Elvis Like Any Other Soldier”. A tough task, they managed to
put together the most comprehensive book on Elvis Presley’s army service that I am aware of. Reviews straight across the board are high and deservedly
so. It is a monster! And this monster will not sit in the closet waiting to strike, but quickly become well worn as you look at it time and time again.

Ty over at the Mystery Train blog has assembled a great collection of Elvis reviews, history, and an enlightening and fun personal perspective. Ty deserves
high praise for not pulling any punches and giving credit where credit it due. Plain and simple. His unique web style with sepia coloring gives a wonderful
vintage theme to the site and makes it truly original. Excellent stuff! With very few Elvis blogs on the internet ( that are dedicated to “Elvis” and are not posing
as nothing more than illegal download sites) , Elvis Revisited, Elvis Today **, and Elvis Decoded, and the Mystery Train are among my favorites.

Known by most as EIN, we don’t always agree when it comes to opinions on certain things, but there is one thing we can clearly agree on. EIN is the number
one place for Elvis news. No question about it. It always has been and always will be.

When we want to know about something going on in every reach of the Elvis Universe, it’s a good bet EIN has the info. Everything from interviews, reviews,
news updates etc. there is only one place that keeps us informed on everything and anything Elvis. EIN!

So as you can see, Elvis World is not always all bad. There are some good guys and gals out there who have every intention of assisting in the credibility of
Elvis Presley’s legacy being brought to the forefront with undisputed hard evidence that there was one King Of Rock And Roll.........Elvis Presley!

* Elvis Express Radio will be in the second part of this feature.
** The Elvis Today Blog will be featured in the second part of this feature