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The rockabilly Broadway show "Million Dollar Quartet" is named for the iconic photograph, taken on Dec. 4. 1956, of Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins,
Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis gathered around a piano at Sun Studios in Memphis.

But what few people know is that the photo actually captured a quintet.

On Friday, the show' cast got a visit from the fifth member of the group: Marilyn Riehl, who dated Presley for a few months in 1956 and is almost always
cropped out of the Million Dollar Quartet image. Until 2008, when the Chicago Tribune found her, no one knew much of anything about the pretty gal sitting
on that piano. Though she was mentioned in a caption on the news photo at the time, Ms. Riehl, 73, had faded from the story. "She was one of the few Elvis
girlfriends that no one knew anything about," said Colin Escott, the co-author of "Million Dollar Quartet," which dramatises the recording session.

Ms. Riehl—who was then Marilyn Evans, age 19, of Fresno, Calif.—met Elvis in the fall of 1956 at the New Frontier casino in Las Vegas, where she was a
dancer. The two met at a backstage coffee shop between shows; the 21-year-old singer slipped her a napkin that said: "May I have a date with you?"

He later asked her to visit him in Memphis. "Of course I had to ask my mother," Ms. Riehl said. "She talked to his mother, and they decided I could go."

During her five days in Memphis, she rode around with Elvis on his motorcycle and stayed with his family, which had just moved into a new house Elvis had
bought for them.

"He was just beautiful, with those fine features," she said. "So dear—and gorgeous."

After the visit, she returned to Vegas and lost touch with Elvis. She went to college to study ballet, then danced for 10 years with the Pacific Ballet and later
directed the Fresno Ballet. Though she saved some mementos from her time with Elvis, she wasn't heartbroken about the end of the romance—and she
didn't brag about it.

"She didn't try to capitalize on it later," said Mr. Escott, who said he called Elvis biographer Peter Guralnick to ask what he knew of Ms. Riehl, but the historian
had no more information than anyone else.

In the musical, Ms. Riehl is represented by the singing role of Dyanne. "We wanted a woman in the show for dramatic reasons," said Ms. Escott. "We needed
someone that the characters could talk to."

Ms. Riehl, who now lives in Carmel, Calif., with her husband, said she did not do any singing that night. "I just watched," she said, adding with a laugh, "I think
they enlarged the part."
The Complete Million Dollar Quartet
1. Instrumental  
2. Love Me Tender (Instrumental)  
3. Jingle Bells (Instrumental)  
4. White Christmas (Instrumental)  
5. Reconsider Baby  
6. Don't Be Cruel  
7. Don't Be Cruel  
8. Paralyzed  
9. Don't Be Cruel  
10. There's No Place Like Home  
11. When The Saints Go Marchin' In  
12. Softly And Tenderly  
13. When God Dips His Love In My Heart  
14. Just A Little Talk With Jesus  
15. Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley  
16. I Shall Not Be Moved  
17. Peace In The Valley  
18. Down By The Riverside  
19. I'm With A Crowd But So Alone  
20. Farther Along  
21. Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand)  
22. On The Jericho Road  
23. I Just Can't Make It By Myself  
24. Little Cabin Home On The Hill  
25. Summetime Is Past And Gone  
26. I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling  
27. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong  
28. Keeper Of The City (Carl Lead)  
29. Crazy Arms  
30. Don't Forbid Me  
31. Too Much Monkey Business  
32. Brown Eyed Handsome Man  
33. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind  
34. Brown Eyed Handsome Man  
35. Don't Forbid Me  
36. You Belong To My Heart  
37. Is It So Strange  
38. That's When Your Heartaches Begin  
39. Brown Eyed Handsome Man  
40. Rip It Up  
41. I'm Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye  
42. Crazy Arms  
43. That's My Desire  
44. End Of The Road  
45. Black Bottom Stomp  
46. You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven  
47. Elvis Says Goodbye  

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There are TWO known photo's from the 'Million Dollar Quartet' session, of the 4 legends together, which I have included here for you to see. The first one
is the picture used for the plethora of album releases over the years on both vinyl and CD and the second shows the 4 music icons in slightly different
positions (example: Perkins head is further away from Lewis in the 2nd image) and it was this uncut 2nd picture that revealed Marilyn Riehl sitting on the

Now that you've seen the images and read Ms Riehl's story, why not listen to this legendary and historic jam session at the equally historic SUN Studio's in
Memphis, Tennessee  (and if you haven't already?). There are so many releases of this session it's easy to get confused, so there's only one version I would
recommend and that is the 50th Anniversary Edition released in 2006 and all the details of this album and where to buy it are listed below.