Spelling Mistakes, Poor Sound, Bad Picture...A Review By Tony King
This Thursday past (July 29th 2010) Cathi and I went to see "Elvis on Tour" in New York City. While staying with friends who live in New York. Our friends
being Elvis fans also, were truly looking forward to seeing it.

We drove into Manhattan in plenty of time, got our pre-booked tickets at the box office. The first thing that struck me was there was no indication on the
marquee of the cinema that 'Elvis on Tour' was even playing that night! So unless you had inside information, Joe public would
NOT have any clue that Elvis
was playing that night. So no new fans or curious film goers were cultivated.

The second thing I noticed is that they couldn't even spell the most famous entertainer of all times name right on the ticket. So apparently we were all going
to see 'Elvin On Tour' (See ticket stubs above)… I commented to our friends and other patrons waiting that Elvis was NOT playing tonight ELVIN was….
Okay just a spelling error on the ticket machine perhaps? But it kind of all went downhill from there.

The movie was playing in Theater # 1. A small little screen compared to many that I am used to in the multiplex theaters. But okay…. The Priscilla / Schilling
"making of" documentary came on and the sound was great. The clips used in this documentary were in great quality and sound. Nothing we hadn't seen as
far as unreleased material, but if the movie was about to sound as good as the pre show, we knew we were in for a great time.

This was
NOT the case however. The movie came on with low sound and a VHS quality print. You could hardly hear Elvis in the backstage or off stage
segments. At one point one of our party went out to complain about the sound being so crappy and asked would the projectionist turn the volume up, as
this is a Concert movie. The sound was never touched. It remained low all the way through.

Also the colors were wishy washy. Elvis' powder blue suit looked Green in most scenes and his gospel section Yellowish/gold scarf appeared Pink. To sum it
up in a nutshell it would have looked and sounded better on your own TV at home, weather watching VHS, DVD boot, Laser disc or TCM.

I felt a real sense of disappointment in the whole experience. There was no discernable effort in promotion, content or pride in presenting Elvis. Just a "Take
the money and run" attitude.

After the show my friend had many phone calls from other fans at other local cinema's in New York and New Jersey and all seemed to have had a similar
experience. Poor sound and picture. Cathi and I also had our friends in Ohio say the same thing especially about the sound. commenting that it sounded
like the sound was coming from another room.

Having experienced "That's The Way It Is" Special edition In Memphis. I was personally hoping for a similar time.  It was NOT TO BE.  
One frustrated ELVIN Fan…….
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