By Steven B. Roberts
Last month FTD released the King Creole Book & CD.

FTD announced, that due to a lack of material to use as bonus tracks, they would not be able to issue King Creole in their coveted “Classic Albums Series”.
The same fate has been announced for other albums, such as Presley’s classic sophomore effort Elvis.

My question regarding King Creole, is

For those who are not aware, FTD is short for “Follow That Dream”. It is the official fan club label which licenses, and releases Elvis Presley through, and
with, permission from Sony/BMG. In the “Classic Albums” series, FTD generally issues one of Presley’s original albums, combined with a bonus disc of out-
takes (or as much bonus material as possible).

I have recently acquired this bootleg album (Pictured below).
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It was stated that there was “not” enough bonus material to make King Creole a part of the classic albums series. After having a glance at the track list for
the bootleg above, I find this very curious.

Examination of the track-list, it becomes apparent that licensing “Rare & Unreleased” Elvis, from private collectors is still not being considered. Unless the
price is right.

Too bad, because the bootleg shown below is incredible. (Listed are the tracklistings of the bootleg and the FTD release. As we can see, there is more than
enough material for FTD to have issued 'King Creole' as part of the classic album series and not with a book for a massive £50.00)
Bootleg Tracklisting
01. King Creole (Take 01)
02. King Creole (Take 02)
03. King Creole (Take 03) *
04. King Creole (Take 08)
05. King Creole (Take 13)
06. King Creole (Take 14)
07. King Creole (Take 18) *
08. King Creole (Unreleased Promo)
09. King Creole (Master) *
10. King Creole (Instrumental Master Take 8)
11. King Creole (Instrumental Mixed)
12. Crawfish (Take 07)
13. Crawfish (Take 11)
14. Crawfish (Take 13)
15. Crawfish (Movie Version with Kitty White)
16. Crawfish (Acetate)
17. Crawfish (Master) *
18. Steadfast, Loyal & True (Take 01)
19. Steadfast, Loyal & True (Take 03)
20. Steadfast, Loyal & True (Take 05)
21. Steadfast, Loyal & True (Master) *
22. Steadfast, Loyal & True (Take 14)
23. Steadfast, Loyal & True (Movie Version)
24. Steadfast, Loyal & True (Undubbed Master)
25. As Long As I Have You (Take 03)
26. As Long As I Have You (Take 04)
27. As Long As I Have You (Take 05)
28. As Long As I Have You (Take 07)
29. As Long As I Have You (Master) *
30. As Long As I Have You (Take 11)
31, As Long As I Have You [Short Version] (Take 04)
32. As Long As I Have You [Long Version] (Take 08)
33. As Long As I Have You [Short with Intro] (Take 04)
34. Lover Doll (Take 07)
35. Lover Doll (Take 08)
36. Lover Doll (Take 14)
37. Lover Doll (Take 15)
38. Muskrat Ramble (Instrumental Take 01)
FTD Tracklisting
01 King Creole
02 As Long As I Have You
03 Hard Headed Woman
04 Trouble
05 Dixieland Rock
06 Don't Ask Me Why
07 Lover Doll
08 Crawfish
09 Young Dreams
10 Steadfast, Loyal And True
11 New Orleans
12. Danny – take 10
13. As Long As I Have You – (movie version) – take 4
14. Lover Doll (undubbed EP master) – take 7
15. King Creole (1. version) - take 3
16. Steadfast, Loyal And True (1. version) – take 6
17. As Long As I Have You (unused movie version) – take 8
18. King Creole (1. version) – take 18
19. Steadfast, Loyal And True (undubbed version)