About the upcoming 'Viva Elvis' CD release....The video samples that we have seen so far are a real mixed bag.
'Didja Ever/Return To Sender' remix sounded like something out of 'River Dance' complete with clog dancers. And was that a marching band? It
reminded me a bit of the Fleetwood Mac song 'Tusk.'

'Blue Suede Shoes' was a muddled mess. Maybe the Cd mix will improve it. I think the 'Burning Love' remix has a good chance of topping the charts. It
sounds very modern.

'It's Now Or Never' remix was a bit weird sounding, with them warping Elvis' vocal to change the tempo. The live 68 version of 'Trying To Get To You'
was a bit to country-fied. They should have rocked it up instead.

I hope that version of
'One Night' isn't the only one that will be on the CD. It's such a great song for it to be wasted by just being performed by one of the
shows cast members. Elvis' vocal on
'Suspicious Minds' was almost completely drowned out by the dancer/singers on stage....I hope the mix will be better
on the CD.

'Viva Elvis' is definitely going to be a love it or hate it CD with many mixed opinions. I'm going to judge the CD based on the individual tracks. I know there
will be some real groaning moments on it.

Fortunately the giant Priscilla & Elvis wedding cake can't be seen on a CD. Lucky for us. But I suspect we'll get a few real gems from it.
'Burning Love'
shows great promise as a single. I'm sure the
'Viva Elvis' CD will be mixed with Elvis' fans in mind and will keep Elvis' vocal up front.

One thing that does disappoint me is when the Beatles 'Love' CD was released they put out a double disc offering both the standard CD as well as an audio
DVD in 5.1 Surround sound. Why aren't we getting this with the
'Viva Elvis' release? I have only seen the standard CD offered for pre-order.  

The last thing we need is another pile of dung like that awful stage musical
'All Shook Up.'  But that won't be the case with 'Viva Elvis'. Because at least we
get the real Elvis in the show and on the CD.
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