"Presley is not thought of as a Rock 'N' Roll singer, but as a singer in a jumpsuit"
By The Times / Elvis Express Radio
I’ve been saying for some time now, the comic image of Elvis which has been created with the horde of IMPS, people walking
around Memphis with novelty plastic sunglasses with sideburns, using Elvis as a Halloween joke saying it's only a bit of fun and
the IMP events in places like Wales & Australia, cruises and world tours are doing nothing but harm to Elvis and the future draw
of the next generation of fans.

Sadly it looks like the rot has started, because this article featured in the Times points out an alarming reality…Few would dare
question the passion of Japanese fans: what other nation would craft a 10ft solid chocolate statue of David Beckham to
welcome him to Tokyo? But when it comes to Japan and Elvis Presley, the King really is dead.

If history were any guide, the days surrounding the 75th anniversary of the singer’s birth should have been a non-stop
celebration for Japanese Elvis fans. They used to rank among his most ardent in the world. Their numbers include no less a
figure than the former Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi, who veered off from summit talks with George W. Bush to visit

Stores in the swishest parts of town would do a roaring trade in Elvis memorabilia, and a magnificent bronze statue of the King
was erected in central Tokyo by the many thousands of members of the Elvis Fan Club of Japan.
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But, very suddenly, it has all gone sour. The annual birthday memorial concert used to draw thousands, but organisers now expect just a few hundred. The
memorabilia stores have gone bankrupt, the monthly magazine has ceased publication, and the statue was felled from its Tokyo perch and spent months
rotting in a garage before being moved to Kobe.

The Elvis Fan Club of Japan has been consumed in an inferno of financial dispute and recriminations. The trouble appears to have started in 2007 when
Tadayuki Akazawa, the club’s chairman, died and the flame of Japanese Elvis enthusiasm began to gutter.

“After almost 30 years of activ-ity, the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Japan is now dormant, or rather I should say it does not exist as a nationwide organisation,”
said Kazuaki Suzuki, one of the group’s senior members.“The reason we cannot get younger fans is partly because Presley is not thought of as a rock’n’roll
singer by young Japanese but as a singer in a jump suit. People just think of that image as a bit comic,” he said. (Originating Source: The Times)

We know the media is one culprit, but the fans need to get away from focusing on the Vegas caricature which has been created by the IMPS and those
walking around in the comic sunglasses and plastic heads. There is more to Elvis than the last few years of his life and that needs to be promoted and
pushed by fan clubs and fans everywhere otherwise we will see other Elvis strongholds like Japan fall before too long.