All "doubting" fans will see, this a BRAND NEW "must have" series, with lots and lots of new clips and improvements. This release continues where volume
one ended, movie number five
G.I. Blues, followed by the next four movies Flaming Star, Wild in the Country, Blue Hawaii and Follow That Dream.

What's new? Let's name a few:
- Most important improvement is that all clips for Follow That Dream have been re-done, since much better footage came available, and the original MONO
versions are used, for historic content.

- Clips for
Wild in the Country are presented here for the first time (they have not been released on the "old" Hollywood series)

Can't Help Falling in Love is replaced by the record version, the same goes for Summer Kisses Winter Tears, Big Boots, Shoppin 'Around and
Beach Boy Blues, so now all tracks are presented as on the original albums.

All "rejected" clips are included in the bonus/deleted scenes section, and new alternate versions have been done,
Frankfort Special fast version is
hilarious, and looks like a real outtake.
There's Always Me is a lovely new clip edited with Blue Hawaii footage, I'll Be There fits very well to the footage of
Elvis visiting the man who wrote and recorded the song,
Moonlight Swim has some behind the scenes footage of Elvis on the set of Blue Hawaii and there
is a portion of an outtake of
Didja Ever!

As on volume one, this dvd
'ELVIS HOLLYWOOD Volume Two' is a DUAL LAYER and has full animated menus with sound.

29 Unreleased Video-Clips - All Updated Sound And Footage - A total 75 Video - Clips

Total Running time is 160 minutes!

With this new release, fans will see where the series is going, and that they're not "re-buying" the same dvds as previously released. This new series will
have seven volumes, including all 33 movies in chronical order.

Tracklisting: (tracks marked with * are unreleased BRAND NEW clips!)
01. G.I. Blues
02. What's She Really Like
03. Frankfort Special
04. Blue Suede Shoes
05. Wooden Heart
06. Shoppin' Around
07. Big Boots *
08. Doin' the Best I Can
09. Tonight is So Right for Love
10. Pocketful of Rainbows
11. Surrender
12. G.I. Blues insert  - take 9 *
13. Soldier Boy *
14. Tonight is All Right for Love
15. Shoppin' Around (instrumental)

16. Flaming Star
17. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
18. A Cane and A High Starched Collar
19. Britches
20. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (movie version)
21. Flaming Star (end title)

22. Wild in the Country
23. In My Way *
24. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell *
25. Lonely Man *
26. Husky Dusky Day *
27. Forget Me Never *

28. Blue Hawaii *
29. Can't Help Falling in Love *
30. Almost Always True
31. No More
32. Aloha - Oe
33. Rock-A-Hula Baby
34. Moonlight Swim
35. Ito Eats
36. Slicin' Sand
37. Ku-U-I-Po
38. Steppin' Out of Line
39. Hawaiian Sunset
40. Beach Boy Blues
41. Island of Love
42. Hawaiian Wedding Song

43. There's Always Me
44. Good Luck Charm *

45. Follow That Dream *
46. Angel *
47. I'm Not the Marrying Kind *
48. What A Wonderful Life *
49. Sound Advice *
50. A Whistling Tune - take 4
51. On Top of Old Smokey

Bonus footage
52. Opening full screen *
53. Didja Ever - take 1 *
54. Shoppin' Around - take 5
55. Frankfort Special - take 2 (fast version)
56. Big Boots - take 1 (medium)
57. Big Boots (fast version)
58. Big Boots - take 3 (slow version)
59. Black Star
60. I Gotta Know
61. In My Way (solo)
62. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell - take 16 (lower key) *
63. Blue Hawaii - take 3
64. Moonlight Swim - take 2
65. Can't Help Falling in Love (movie version)
66. Rock-A-Hula Baby - take 3
67. Beach Boy Blues (movie version)
68. Follow That Dream - take 2
69. I'll Be There (performed by Bobby Darin)

Deleted Scenes
70. On Top of Old Smokey
71. Follow That Dream
72. What A Wonderful Life - take 6
73. I'm Not the Marrying Kind - take 6
74. Sound Advice - take 1
75. Angel (stereo master)

29 Unreleased Video-Clips - All Updated Sound And Footage - A total 75 Video - Clips

Total Running time is 160 minutes!

Elvis fans have been very pleased with the STAR dvds, only problem was, anyone could sell it as being "real" since they were DVD-R, so the folks behind
the label were not rewarded for their hard work. By releasing factory pressed discs, they hope everyone will be happy.

Keep your STAR collection complete, support the makers ignore the fakers.

Watch The New Trailer Star Dvd "ELVIS HOLLYWOOD" Volume Two!   Click Here
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