Hello Elvis' Record Company......Are You Out There?
By Tony the Toonist
What have Sharleen Spiteri, Amy Whinehouse, Duffy etc... all have in common and what's the connection
with Elvis I hear you say?

Well, they've all been making some classic, memorable chart hitting songs with an unmistakable '60's'
sound. Blimey, even Sharleen (on Graham Norton's recent show) made a reference to Elvis recently in
saying that she wanted to create a sound that was reminiscent of Elvis' sound from these years!

Is it me or is Elvis' record company missing out on something here?  It can be agreed that Elvis made
some of his best recordings EVER in the late 60's.

The King had truely returned from his movie slumber and hit the world with his new incredibly matured,
powerful voice.
Now, I may be wrong, but surely record companies have eyes and ears honed in on what's happening in the music world today? Surely it's
makes just 'good business sense'?

Why has the great man's record company not lept at the chance of releasing some remixed, digitally remastered songs of his great
recordings from his great recording sessions with Chips Moman?

Come on guys, get your act together! You're missing out, AND SO ARE WE, on getting the King back where he deserves to be....BACK AT


Tony the toonist!

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Mark Ritchie [23.07.08]
In response to Tony’s question regarding the 69 recordings being re released on singles.

I assume i would say the day of the Elvis single has gone  it isn't only the Elvis single that has died a death the whole single idea is a thing
of the past in my opinion.

Elvis’ entire back issue of genuine albums should be on full release all the time, so that the general public can listen to our mans songs at
any time.

His record company should then advertise them on TV, radio etc, and leave the ftd to the collectors as these are all out takes and weren't
meant to be issued out to the general public.

Regarding ftd concert cds, one from each season should be released on the major label as the concerts are repetitive and the public would
get fed up of the releases sounding the same not like the ftd collector would.