By Al Boulianne
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Jack which led to him losing his voice that night.

My wife, who is not a big Elvis fan was crying really hard and there were more songs to come. I really enjoyed Terry Mike Jeffrey. A Great piano player but
absolutely no imitator, but great singer. I was surprise that Jamie Aaron Kelly who is a IMP did not try to imitate Elvis but just sang in his own voice which was
not like Elvis at all but it was acceptable. Overall it was an awesome 2 hours show.......What followed a great show was just
I just wanted to give you and update on what is going on the Island of Hawaii. First I felt in love with the Island right away. I will be coming every year for my
yearly vacation. I am sending to you some photographs. One is me at the exactly same location that Elvis took his last vacation. The picture was taking exactly
at the same beach Elvis was relaxing in pictures taken there. Also a photo of me in front Chinaman's hat island the exact location of the helicopter scene in
Paradise Hawaiian Style.....Now let's get to the meat.

There is a little rock n roll restaurant on Waikiki and we ate there twice already. Lots of Elvis fans gathered there. I met a lady who had a picture of her and
Elvis taken a few days before the shooting of
Viva Las Vegas at his home in Bel Air. She said that she chased him for two years and found his house in
California and knocked on his door. A body guard answered and stated that Elvis just arrived from Memphis and was exhausted however there was a party
that night and was invited to go.

At the party Elvis was awesome to her and her girlfriend. Later, I asked her if she spent all night there? She laughed, saying
"I know that you mean and the
answer is NO, LOL. We left around 03:00 AM and we had a great time talking to him and I just asked for a few pictures taken with him so to respect his party."

She then told us that Elvis personally invited them back anytime, which they did, right up until he left to begun shooting in Vegas. She then drove up to Vegas
herself and then showed us another picture of her standing with Elvis on the set of the movie, saying,
"We had a great time." She then apologised to us
followed by,
"but I had to brag". I said to her, "I would brag too if I had met Elvis", a Great lady.

Sunday morning we went to the Elvis Gospel show. And first impression...Unbelievable. I met the girl who
had the best job in the world. She is in charge of the Elvis archive (Pictured Right).

Then it was time for the show. The big screen kicked into life with pictures of Elvis from a little boy and
through his career stopping at around 1973 with photos and video with him singing a gospel song over the
images...Yep there were tears rolling down my face.

Then Joe Guercio came on stage, as the master of ceremony, we were shown a film of Elvis singing
Great Thou Art"
from Elvis on Tour as a touching tribute to John Wilkinson and the fans just lost it and all
of us got on our feet for a standing ovation for John.

The Stamps came out and were fabulous....Bill Baize told the story about when Elvis was in Vegas and Jack
Lord came to see a show in February 1973 and how Elvis had him sing
"When is my time" 8 times for
When we left the auditorium, I saw Ed Hill who was being wheeled out in a wheelchair by EPE staff (or people hired by EPE) and I went over to talk to him and
tell him about the time I met him and JD back in 1991 when their bus broke down in New Brunswick Canada on their way to Halifax and how he gave me all their
albums on cassette and photos etc... But, the EPE staff member snapped "We don't have time" and just kept on going....So I asked if I can get a photo with
him? To which the EPE official asked me if I had the
"VIP package"? I replied "No!", with that the employee moved faster telling me "we have to keep on going
we have another show."
Everyone who were around me almost puked and spat in total disgust .

Next out was Bill Baize and yet again we were all brushed of after not being able to show we had paid for the VIP Package. However, Bill told the EPE official to
stop and it was OK for one picture (below left).
Joe Guercio came out next and once again, if you had not paid $2,599 for the VIP Package, you were brushed aside and treated with contempt by the EPE
officials. As with Bill, Joe stopped and said
"go a head with a picture", trouble was, I was there alone now, so I asked the female EPE official if she would mind
taking the picture of Joe and I? I guess this was too much to ask because she turned around & started screaming, "I don't touch cameras".

Thankfully, one of the musicians cane out and stepped in, put down his guitar, told me to give him my camera then took the picture. So thanks to the kind
musician, I was able to get a picture of me with Joe (above right).

I am so disgusted with EPE and how they treat the fans who could not afford everything. But on a happier note, that night we ate at the Hard Rock Café where
we met with more fans and then next stop, the
Aloha From Hawaii concert at the Blaisdell Arena (old Honolulu centre).......Can't wait to be there!