Brian Quinn talks with SONY (UK) Marketing Director about the recent and ongoing Elvis release farce!
E.E.R's good friend, Brian Quinn spoke with the Marketing Director from SONY(UK) this morning and put some questions to him about the 'Suspicious Minds'
single farce and the ongoing messing around with the potential success of the Viva Elvis album. Here are Brian' questions and the answers he received:

Q. Why was 'Suspicious Minds' (new version) not released in the UK?
A. Basically due to a lack of airplay and no support from the radio stations. Radio 1 and 2 would not play it and other radio stations also. This would appear to
be down to the managers of these programmes being over 40 and steeped in the tradition of one should not mess with the original releases. In the
circumstances we decided to pull it and save the embarrassment of having the single appear at around No.50.

Q. Why is 'Suspicious Minds' appearing on the 'Now That's What I Call Music' No.36?
A. It is only on the U.S.A. version of this album and the idea is for Elvis' music to gain exposure to a younger demographic.

Q. As Elvis and Susan Boyle are both SONY artists why have the release dates of both their latest albums been scheduled for the same date -
8th November?
A. People do not realise how difficult it is to schedule a record for release. There was no conspiracy as to both their albums being released on the same date
and in fact it may actually benefit Elvis and Boyle in that they appeal to roughly the same demographic. Many people only go out to buy a record once or twice
a year and in this instance Boyle fans will see the 'Viva Elvis' album in the stores alongside and may be tempted to buy it also. Of course this similarly works to
Boyle's credit.

Q. Why are there only 12 tracks on the 'Viva Elvis' album?
A. Because the producer of the album felt that they were the best of the bunch basically and was not prepared to put his name to any of the others.

Q. When will the TV Campaign begin for the 'Viva Elvis' album in the UK?
A. On Sunday 7th November.

Q. Is the proposed 'Duets' album still scheduled for a 2011 release and will it be limited to only SONY artists?
A. Yes, it is still scheduled for a 2011 release and no it is not limited to SONY artists.

So there it is from the horses mouth. It seems that the powers that be at BBC Radio 1 and 2 decided that the public are not allowed to hear the new Elvis
single release and good news that the proposed 'Elvis Duets' album is still going ahead for a 2011 release.......Let's wait and see!

Thanks to Brian for getting the job done and for Taking Care of Business for Elvis and the fans.
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