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Back in September 1972, whilst watching Elvis on stage, I would never have thought that a CD would be issued highlighting the show that I had just witnessed,
now almost 42 years later it is here.....

The first thing that you will notice about "Destination USA" is that the first two tracks are not from the 4th September 1972 show. So the show really starts
"Johnny B..... Goode" If you happen to get the disc with this fault on it, the best way to find out if it is the incorrect version is the first track - the "2001
Theme" this version is more 'disco sounding' it most certainly wasn't like that when I saw the show or any of the other shows before the 4th.

When I first heard Elvis sing
"Until It's Time For You To Go" on the 31st August, I was so amazed. After two fast rockers and then slowing the tempo down
you realise that his voice was so ... perfect! I still get that feeling when I listened to the disc, even after all these years!

"Polk Salad Annie" is still as fantastic as ever - with Elvis adding some ad-libs during the song, like asking, "What are you doin' Ronnie... what are you doin' -
the ending is great, you feel as though you want to copy Elvis by swinging your arms around like he does, you just can't keep still. This has got to be one
of the best versions ever. And I was there to see it all!

"What Now My Love" has always been one of my favourites, so dramatic, every performance of this song that I saw was the same. I just can't explain the
feeling of seeing Elvis sing this live and same applies to
"My Way" but unfortunately Elvis didn't sing this song at this show.

"Fever" is pure Elvis from the fifties. Legs, arms, body moving every where. I remember the way he looked at the audience whilst performing this, he
was teasing us all the while, and he knew how to get his audience worked up!

Next follows a selection of hits starting with
"Love Me" - there's plenty of audience reaction, with Elvis telling a girl who was trying to get a scarf... "you gotta
work for it kid."
Then follows a quick version of "Blue Suede Shoes" no matter how short the song is, Elvis still puts his heart and soul into it. The tempo is
then slowed down for "Heartbreak Hotel" this is another great version, at one point of the song Elvis sings
"you be so sweaty you could die..." after a great
instrumental break from James Burton, Elvis carries on with the song and he still cannot get through it without having a bit of a laugh, then ending the song
with a great little growl......
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By Rita Overhead
"All Shook Up" follows, and again this is done very quick. "Love Me Tender" slows down everything and we all know why, even if you have never seen Elvis
on stage! Again, Elvis knows just how to tease the girls who are waiting for a kiss, at one point Elvis says to a girl
"It don't come that easy..." there are plenty of
quips during the song and all the time Elvis manages to make a great version of the song with a superb rousing ending with Elvis saying
"Anyway... on with the
show man - Teddy Bear."
Now this is something else for me because all the shows that I saw before this show Elvis never sang "Teddy Bear" or "Don't Be
so it was something new to me.

"Don't Be Cruel" Elvis sings ''please let's forget the past, before I kick your..." this was something new to us back then! Towards the end of the song
he stop slightly to tell a girl
"let me think about it, I don't know if I wanna give you this scarf or not" and then he carries on with the song. What follows next is
another bonus - a fantastic version of
"Little Sister" and "Get Back" again not sang during the other shows that I saw. This is Elvis at his best.

Elvis finishes the oldies with
"Hound Dog" again he teases the audience from his opening words ... "I was on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1956 and they filmed
me from the waist up...."
after a longish dialogue he goes into a slow version and finally ripping into a faster tempo.

Slowing the mood down Elvis tells us that he would like to perform one of his favourite songs
"I'll Remember You" - beautifully sung as only Elvis can do. It's
so amazing how he can change the mood so quickly, one moment you are jumping for joy then the next moment there is a little tear in your eye with the way
Elvis performs such emotional ballads.

"Walk That Lonesome Road" follows, I've read where some fans have questioned why this was included on the disc. This is one of those songs that Elvis
doesn't sing, just The Stamps with J D Sumner taking the lead. To see it is so funny, Elvis just cannot stop clowning around during the song and you can hear
the audience laughing - Elvis had just thrown a glass of water over the singer with Elvis apologising at the end saying
"fantastic, thank you fellers...sorry you
got a little wet there - nothing personal."
I'm glad that the song was kept in because Elvis' humour comes through perfectly.

We all know about
"Suspicious Minds" it's always been the highlight of any show and this is no different. At one point of the song Elvis asks "what's that
amplifier doing there... I thought Kathy was warming up man!"

The band introductions are next making a joke about the young ladies who opened our show tonight as 'The Sour ... The Sweet Inspirations' there's no jokes
about Kathy this time. At one show I saw, someone threw some ladies underwear on to the stage and Elvis quickly picked them up and placed the garment on
his head and started to walk around the stage and then saying to Kathy...
"Are these yours Kathy" After the band introductions Elvis introduces the Fan Club. I
remember that we all gave a big cheer when Elvis mentioned us, we certainly made sure the rest of the audience knew who we were.

Slowing the tempo down a bit, Elvis performs
"For The Good Times" beautifully sung as only Elvis can do. During the song Elvis tells the audience, "It's a
tough way to make a living boy."

Next we have a rousing version of "A Big Hunk O' Love" during the piano solo from Glen, Elvis again clowns around and throws a glass of water over the
poor piano player. Every show I saw he did this.

Now we are coming towards the end of the show, and Elvis is ending on a dramatic note with
"You Gave Me A Mountain" this is also one of my favourite
Elvis songs. He sings it with so much passion that it sends shivers down your back and it still does. I remember seeing Elvis perform this at another show and
we were at a table near the air-conditioning, not only did Elvis send shivers down my back but it was also freezing as well... oh, such memories, listening to this
FTD certainly brought a lot of it back to me.

The tinkling notes of
"Can't Help Falling In Love" brings an end to the show, whilst Elvis is performing this song the audience gets as near to the stage as
possible and those that can't get near stand up and cheer. Whilst there was sadness that the show had came to its end, it was not for me because on leaving
the showroom I was then getting back in line for my next and last show.....

This FTD is certainly one to have in your collection! Elvis was in a great mood and everything about the show was just perfect.....
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Back in September 1972, whilst watching Elvis on stage, I would never have thought that a CD would be issued highlighting the show that I had just witnessed,
now almost 42 years later it is here.

It must have been about October 2012 when during a telephone conversation with Rex that he told me that he talked about my
“Destination USA” story with
Robert Frieser, he told me that Robert liked the story and wanted to include it in the booklet of a forthcoming FTD project.

I didn’t hear about the project for some time so I thought that maybe it had all fell through and then one day I got an email from Robert explaining the project
and that it was all strictly confidential.

The photographs that I took of Elvis in the Hilton showroom which Robert wanted for the booklet were a bit of a problem. I had to scan them for Robert several
times from the original slides until I got a suitable higher resolution. Taking the photographs in the showroom was ‘nightmare’ the security were everywhere
once a flash from the camera was released. Now when I look back on it all, I have to smile to myself at what we got up to get that moment when Elvis was on
stage to be captured forever!

Another of my photographs that is included is a picture of when we all went to get our goodies from the Colonel’s suite on Monday 4th September. It was like a
corridor we went through, everywhere was red even the carpet. The walls and ceiling were all lined up with anything of Elvis e.g., posters, signs, ‘hear Elvis on
RCA Records and Tapes’ there was even a large standup sign announcing the forthcoming ‘Aloha From Hawaii.’ Some fans have called this ‘tacky’ –
personally, I think it’s the Colonel doing what he did best… promoting his boy!

I also sent to Robert, Anne Nixon’s story for inclusion in the booklet. Anne now has eye problems so she asked me to scan her story from out of the fan club
magazine which was recently published. I said I would do that for her and send it to Robert. Copying the story was another problem, it was easy to scan, but
then I had to re-type everything and cut some of her story down. That was a long job, everything had to be proof read and made sure that her story flowed
correctly and remained interesting.

Another problem, though nothing do with me! Was that with all the stories in the booklet from those who saw Elvis in August/September 1972 it ran to 14,000
words and with additional photos it would not fit into the 16 page booklet. It all had to be edited down to less than 4,000 words, this is where Jim comes in! He
was given the job of editing the stories down to the amount of words required, which he amazingly did!

There are eight of my photographs included in the FTD, seven of these are on the inside of the cover where the CDs are kept and the other is used for the
cover of the booklet - ‘the plane photo,’ that was taken on our arrival at Nashville! I never would have guessed when I took that photograph all those years ago
that it would end up on the cover of the booklet for
“Destination USA” Meer weergeven