I've been following the coverage of Elvis week and here are some of my observations.

It seems like every year Elvis week becomes more tacky and disrespectful of Elvis' memory....Idiots dressing their babies and toddlers in little jumpsuits. And
of course imps, imps and more imps everywhere. Not to mention many of Elvis' older fans, as well as people with health issues have to deal with the extreme
heat and humidity that often coincides with Elvis week.

And why are so many of the events spread through out Memphis? They really need to build some kind of convention center near Graceland with theaters for
the live events and the film showings. That way fans wouldn't have to run all over Memphis to attend different events.

Maybe having Elvis week every year isn't such a good idea anymore. Not if it's main purpose is to sell over priced crap and promote Elvis imps. Many of the
events are a disorganized mess. Not to mention many are to costly for the average fan to afford.

As attendance drops maybe E.P.E. should consider having Elvis week just once every five years...For example, on the 35th anniversary, on the 40th
anniversary and 45th, ect...Although the candle light vigil on the evening of August 15th should remain every year.

Many of the fan's favorite speakers like Scotty Moore, D.J. Fontana and the Jordanaires want nothing to do with Elvis week anymore. Look at what they have
for speakers now. Some aging former actress who was an extra in one of Elvis' films who exchanged only a few words with him. And these nobodies ask up to
$15 for a signed photo of them. Unreal.

Elvis week doesn't seem to be for true Elvis fans anymore. It seems to be for the general public now, most of whom have no respect for Elvis and his
contribution to music and culture. Elvis is like Mickey Mouse to them, just a character to put on hats, shirts and carrying bags.
True Elvis fans don't take part in things that mock Elvis and turn his image into a joke.

I don't know why some of these people come to Elvis week. It's clearly not out of any admiration or respect for Elvis. Elvis week's best years are in the past.
And the future looks rather bleak.

Before long most of the guest speakers will be the grandsons and granddaughters of the people who knew Elvis. And they will be telling old stories that were
passed down three generations and they will get their facts wrong.

This is the future of Elvis week. And of course by then it will cost you double or triple of what it costs now...Will it be worth it? No.

Elvis fans can show more respect for Elvis' memory by just staying home and listening to his music and watching his films.The imps, the former actresses, the
Mr. Potato heads and the babies in jumpsuits wont be missed.

Joe promised daily, regular reports from Memphis. Did he manage to do that? Of course not.
Joe e-mailed his first report to Lee on August 10th. Then he called in a report that was taped for the Request Show.
But then nothing. No report from Joe on August 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th or 17th.

With crack field reporter Joe nowhere to be found, Lee had to depend on other media sources as well as e-mailed reports from EER listeners to fill us in on
news from Memphis.

I'm sure Joe will give us his full report on Elvis week eventually. Once it's over and considered old news.
But the goal was to give regular, current updates like other Elvis websites did.
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