The Elvis Encyclopidia By Adam Victor
A review requested by and for Elvis Express Radio
If I said to you that Elvis recorded Kentucky Rain as a tribute to his manager, Colonel Sanders, you would assume that
I had nothing worthwhile to say at all?

Well this book makes the same level of mistake time after time. I am not prepared to persist in attempting to enjoy this
book when I am continually finding errors and strange observations and vagueness of so called facts that plague a
very expensive book as they become too easy to find.

Just open the hard cover and read the outer jacket flap. Elvis had 14 Grammy awards and then mentions Elvis’ early
death? Later he mentions Marie Parker’s early senility in her early seventies. What qualifies an event as early? Elvis
died early? When was he supposed to die then?

The problem with a project like this is that if there are mistakes then the reader begins to question everything in the
book. I will give a brief look at the mistakes that I have managed to find having looked at the book a dozen times.

It is a poor effort not to get some of the basics right when there are many fans “in the know”. Had the publishers given
say, Lee Dawson of Elvis Express Radio and to the Ultimate Elvis management, they would have nailed these errors.

I do believe a few mistakes can be tolerated. However there is a inverted positive side to the errors in as far as it injects some humility into an otherwise
dire book written by a humanoid non Elvis fan who as an example dedicates very little space to the fine Director, John Rich and yet gives more lineage
to Cliff Richard who had no association to Elvis whatsoever?

The icing on the cake is the claim that all the facts have been checked against the most reliable available Elvis resources. If the author is in the market
for advice – next time give it to someone who likes you or someone who is being paid.

I personally think that the songs and films should have been in an appendix. Also such a book has to be written with charm and acknowledgement of
certain amazing facts rather than dry and clinical with no appreciation of some astounding information, if it is correct of course. As I say this is not going
to be complete, as I would rather be writing an article praising the man for producing a much needed and interesting source of reference.

Page 5 Elvis in Lisa Marie Plane not on Lisa Marie Presley plane
Page 9 Elvis with Ali wrong date
Page 22 Elvis in Phoenix – no
Page 26 Elvis in Germany – no
Page 39 Milton Berle Show June 6 1956 - no
Page 43 no mention of don’t be cruel under Otis Blackwell
Page 49 Elvis at a gospel show – no at a football game
Page 55 Elvis in one of his first TV appearances? Steve Allen shows? he had already done Stage show and Milton Berle
Page 57 Reversed picture of Elvis with a small clue
Page 66 Elvis in 1971 – no
Page 70 Elvis in 1960’s – no
Page 78 Elvis Cilla Lisa October 1968 – no
Page 81 Elvis at Circle G ranch - no
Page 83 Elvis in Clambake 1957 – no
Page 85 Elvis in Indianapolis - no
Page 86 Elvis with Steve Allen after the famous Hound dog performance – no before
Page 86 Elvis on Tour at the MGM – Oh dear
Page 87 Elvis at the Colorado Hotel in 1976 – no
Page 95 Elvis in his infamous dragon suit – infamous?
Page 100 Elvis employee card for Crown Electric – no (but felt sorry for him on this one as there is a definite lack of clues)
Page 106 Elvis and Jimmy Magazine from 1960’s - no
Page 115 Dominic has grown a K
Page 141 The three loves of Elvis a 1958 magazine - no
Page 145 Elvis in Atlanta 30 June 1975 – Elvis was not on tour that date
Page 146 In the US EP article a Japanese EP for Jailhouse Rock is pictured
Page 152 wrong caption for photo
Page 158 Elvis signing autographs 1969 – no
Page 176 Elvis arriving for TV special – no
Page 198 Elvis and Linda is not in Memphis
Page 201 Elvis surrounded by 10 ladies yet the author has to point out Elvis?
Page 202 The author treats us to another reversed picture with wrong date
Page 203 The UK HMV Good Rockin tonight is now a 1988 USA Special products issue?
Page 205 Christmas in Graceland 1957 – no
Page 207 Graceland press conference – no
Page 213 Elvis on porch at Graceland  - no
Page 219 Dolores Hart with Elvis in Love me Tender – oh dear
Page 222 Elvis on vacation Hawaii circa 1968 - close
Page 235 wrong captions with wrong picture
Page 242 the ode to a robin is misquoted
Page 243 1977 Tribute magazine - no
Page 250 Italian LP I need you so – no EP
Page 253 Elvis 1956 – I think 1955
Page 259 Elvis at Indianapolis – no
Page 268 Elvis sings Jailhouse rock – no comment
Page 275 Tree of life necklace was given to Elvis in 1965 not 1967
Page 287 Elvis at recording session for King Creole – no with Ken Darby Love me tender
Page 316 Elvis plays Clint Reno, the youngest of three brothers. There were four.
Page 318 When Elvis returned to stage he delivered Loving You in a live medley with Reconsider Baby immortalised on the 1991 Collectors gold –
obviously the author has not listened to it.
Page 322 rare 1980’s magazine - no
Page 337 Elvis on the Milton Berle show – rehearsal surely
Page 353 Elvis 1971 – no
Page 355 reversed picture-showing Elvis with George Hamilton – this is too silly for words or clarification
Page 374 Elvis in Vegas – no
Page 393 Elvis and Colonel in Tucson – no 230 miles away in Sedona
Page 397 Elvis at Philly Hilton 23 June 1974 and Philly Spectrum 28 May 1977 – er both wrong
Page 413 Priscilla’s father does not have a name and Lisa was born on 12 May 1968 – no
Page 417 the family photos were taken in 1970 not 1971
Page 419 Elvis with parents 1956 - no
Page 449 Elvis in his signature (?) Aztec Indian jumpsuit June 22 1975 – no no and no – signature no it is Inca Gold Leaf suit June 22 1974. He was not
on tour June 22 1975.
Page 450 John Rich directed two Elvis movies gets much smaller inclusion than Cliff Richard who had no association with Elvis whatsoever.
Page 471 Publicity photo not during filming.
Page 475 in gold singles section Elvis is seen receiving Gold award for an album (Christmas Album I think) – this is poor stuff.
Page 478 Junior Smith is referred to as member of the Memphis Mafia in 1956 even though the phrase was not coined until 1960 by which time he had
long been dropped.
Page 479 Elvis in 1972 – no
Page 499 Elvis in 1975 – no
Page 501 Katy Jurabo – I will go on but don’t want to
Page 507 the five sun singles in wrong sleeves – they were issued in plain brown sleeves
Page 517 Elvis in 76 - no
Page 530 Elvis in Tiger suit circa (!) 1972 - no
Page 551 follow that dream – no
Page 552 King Creole 1953
Page 563 Love me tender was produced by Hal Wallis. Good grief
Page 573 Red West!! No it is a policeman pretending to be him
Page 596 Elvis with Gig Young in Kid Galahad 1962 – nope

Other facts noted:
Live a little love a little was based on Dan Greenburgs novel, “kiss my firm but pliant lips” which was also one of the working titles (good so far) along
with “Bumblebee oh bumblebee” and “born rich”. WRONG

It’s now or never was number one in the UK for 9 weeks. WRONG

Elvis’ character’s prison numbers are 6239 and 9240. WRONG

A Little Less Conversation A was not released on album until the 1973 release 'Almost in love'. WRONG

Suspicious Minds  - Elvis nailed the song in four takes. WRONG

Kentucky Rain became part of Elvis live repertoire in 1970. WRONG

Paradise Hawaiian Style – Giant Baum Kaye wrote the title song for movie of the same name. WRONG

Elvis sang Hurt on a regular basis from March 1975. WRONG

There are many, many more mistakes. I estimate on what I have read and the errors I have found that this book could contain over 300 mistakes.

I think this book is also badly edited. It should have been broken down into sections.

The author avoids getting involved in specifics. Much, as we know, is dated down to the day but he only gives the year or decade. “Elvis in concert in
the 50’s” is rubbish for a book of this magnitude. There are many print errors as well as factual errors.

For some reason the author finds it necessary to include Monroe Marilyn. Much admired by this writer although I know virtually nothing about the lady.
The author has already completed a Marilyn Monroe encyclopedia so you would think he would at least be able to spell her real name…not according to
the Official Marilyn Monroe website and Wikipedia. He refers to her as Norma Jean Mortensen whereas they call her Norma Jeane Mortenson
. I cannot
comment as I do not know who is correct but I should not really be questioning it should I?

Mr Victor, I am not impressed. I predict you will not receive one good review on your book because it is littered with silly and lazy errors. And if you do,
then I can only assume that review is written by someone with hardly any knowledge of Elvis Presley.

This is awful stuff as you claim to have spent 6 years researching this book and then obviously did not bother to get it checked. Seriously it is a cock up.

I have not enjoyed writing this article so let me give this some balance. There are lots of facts in this book that I know are correct but it is not a joy to
read when there are so many mistakes. I have not read it cover to cover for this review but I have no wish to.

I paid £1 + £7.99 on postage on Ebay and just feel let down. If I had paid £40 + p&p I would be fuming.

This article was written for and at the request of Elvis Express Radio
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