Elvis The King : Remixed For The Next Century
Elvis Presley meets The Love Sunrise Orchestra
A Review By Tony the Cartoonist
Finally, you must believe that you are being part of something 'special' and your accompanying performance must highlight this to the

Ok, have all these points been addressed in the new CD 'Elvis the King - Elvis Presley's Original Songs Remixed for the next Century'?

Have they?          My left nipple they have!!

Like a lot of fans I was looking forward with great excitement to this promising new remix album. I've listened to it about half a dozen times
now, desperately trying to like it but I can only feel disappointed. Saying that, there are one or two acceptable tracks.

The following is my review of the album: 'Elvis the King - Elvis Presley's Original Songs Remixed for the next Century'

01. Anyplace is Paradise
With a gentle start, Elvis' voice is given dominance then. What's this? Organ music? Are we on Bournemouth pier attending the over
eighties dance hall? Where's that rock and roll rebel gone?

02. Blue Moon
A pleasant fairly suitable beginning with nice sax. Then, yep, here comes that organ again! The overall arrangement isn't bad but lacks

03. Love Me Tender
This album is starting to sound a bit 'samey', even a little dull! Then. They start the popcorn machine sound effects!! No! Stop it now! A
great classic ruined with dreadful, cheap synthesizers.

04. Anyway You Want Me
Intro music .zzzzzzzz! Ooo the King starts singing, Nice! Ok, apart from Elvis' singing, where's that hook to keep us from switching off? Here
it comes. Let's add some quick 'X Files' synth.

"Oh dear. Must keep listening, must keep listening!"

05. Love Me
All the pleading from Elvis to his girl is shattered by the introduction of a dull, depressing trumpet. Is it 'Hovis' time?!

"God, this is so tedious. Where's that 'magic' gone?"

06. Money Honey
What? What the Hell's that? For Pete's sake someone stop that teenager banging on his Casio on the intro. Things get worse as this
classic rocker is turned into what I can only describe as a soundtrack of a film that features Lionel Blair dancing through a field of daisies!
Hard edge 50's rock has been wiped away to give us something with a real cheap feeling about it.

07. Blue Suede Shoes - A pleasant surprise that just about works as a remix.

"The musicians haven't tried to be too clever and it works, letting Elvis shine through"

08. Don't Be Cruel
With a dreadfully cheap echoing guitar intro you would expect Russ Abbott to start singing. I have nothing against you Russ, but you're not
quite in the same league as Elvis. Very cheap and cheesy this one.

09. Trying To Get To You
This track is very confusing. It's as if new accompanying musicians are listening along to another Elvis song as they zip off into various

"I think even they must be getting bored now!"

10. Heartbreak Hotel
Ok, this song has a very dark story behind it. Does this new version hold onto this? Does it hell! The original was a classic and in my mind
should never have been messed with.

"This is a mess".

11. Tutti Frutti
This is another track that believe it or not nearly works. The original song doesn't take itself too seriously so the new joke shop sound gives
it that 'cheeky grin'!!

12. Hound Dog
Ok, here we go, let's get rocking! Nooooo! Cheap synth again on the intro! Where's the hard rock edge? Elvis is cursing in this song but
this time he's cursing the new remix!

13. Shake Rattle and Roll
Not a bad job done on this one, I must admit. A reasonable remix done holding on to that thumping rock beat.

Bonus Tracks:
14. Blue Suede Shoes (remix)
If you'd never heard the original rocker you'd believe in this one. The mixing desk guys are just trying to be too different with this and it's
just not long enough, in track time, to be of any worth. In my opinion, this track was just a play thing.

15. Love Me Tender (remix)
A brave attempt to add something new but with that damned cheap synth! I'll stick to the original!

Well, that's it. This has been my own personal review on this album. If you are luckily enough to be able to make it to the end without
sighing you're a pretty resilient person (or daft)! Like a lot of Elvis remixes these days they need to have something extra special to
accompany Elvis' remarkable voice.

This album goes no way in doing this. You come away feeling as if you've picked it up in the bargain bucket from the local market. Elvis was
all about 'Quality' and he would of hated the result of this album.

Source: Elvis Express Radio / Tony the Cartoonist
A question for all you Elvis fans out there.

Your task is to present some of the greatest entertainer's recordings in history, in a new
and exciting way that would keep existing fans happy by giving them something new and
fresh, plus at the same time attracting new fans with that 'wow' factor.

Your brief would be that you MUST remember that Elvis recorded some pioneering, raw,
dangerous rocking tunes and you MUST keep the same feeling within these new mixes.

You must also remember that each song that this singer recorded had a message behind
it and that HE put his heart and soul into creating the highest quality recording he could.

You must remember that Elvis was a perfectionist and would never take second best in
quality. The instruments that were chosen to accompany this great voice had to be the
best available. No expense is to be spared!