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By Ida Ritter
I hope I am not being to hard about this Dvd, but to make things clear I would like to state here first & foremost that this is
my very personal opinion and my view of the DVD 'Elvis, The Beauty Queen & Me'.

I am an Elvis fan, a true and hard core Elvis fan, and I have to say that this DVD, even though they point out that it is a
"Collector's Edition", is as far as I am concern very poorly designed and very boring to watch. I found that many of the
things portrayed in the DVD and talk about, are repeated over and over again throughout!

For me, It's is not an entertaining DVD production at all and is certainly not one that holds your interest enough to watch it
right through until the end, especially all the talking that goes on.

This could have be a very interesting story but it turned out neither a good one or a new one to me as I am sure is the
same for many other fans? The music chosen for the DVD was very low key & dull, in my opinion it could have been chosen
better and a little more alive.

I do not want to say this dvd was done for commercial purposes only, that will be something I will never affirm because I do
not like to say things when I am not sure of the facts, but I have to say that at this time and at many other times, anything on
Elvis makes money.  

I am sorry to say that it is not a good DVD and it falls far from my expectations. Elvis deserves a lot better.
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'Elvis, The Beauty Queen & Me'
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