Responding To Stephen Roberts Scathing Review
By Martin Friedman
This is an opinion to answer Stephen Roberts scathing review of Tourneaus production of Viva Elvis.

It was DEFINITELY NOT thrown together quickly. Listen to Spankox-then you will hear something put together quickly. Viva Elvis has SO MANY clever, innovative, powerful and
effective flourishes and well thought out musical touches, all giving us a new way to enjoy the king, as an option to the real thing.

In my opinion, it was created with deep respect and love for Elvis, VERY MUCH UNLIKE the catastrophic duets and the abhorrent Celine Dion vomit fest.

If you liked that stuff, which I doubt you do as I can see you are a Presley fan, then it doesn`t make sense to argue with you. But of all the posthumous Presley colabs, Viva Elvis is
BY FAR the most creative, modern, innovative, adventurous and WORTHWHILE project of the bunch.

Oakenfold-ok, keeps Elvis relevant
Philharmonic-elevator music
Duets-deserving of capital punishment

I saw the Viva Elvis show in Vegas, the place was full and ROCKING. The version of "One Night" as a ballad(!?) was one of the most beautiful renditions of an Elvis song I ever saw.
The duet of Love Me Tender was so gorgeous, for the first time it doesn`t sound like some hag trying to out-sing the king.

It takes BALLS to do what Tourneau did, which was to take something that DIDN`T NEED ANYTHING and make something brand new, fresh and great out of it.

It risks the ire of people like you, who don`t get it or don`t want to get it. I was a purist (probably like you) before I heard Viva Elvis. Once I heard that, I felt that someone out there in
a position to re-present Elvis to the world loves him as much as I do.

Of course my opinion is only as valuable as yours, and they are both equally valid. However I was surprised to see how negative you were towards it.

That`s the way I feel about the duets, as I`m sure you do too:)
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