A never before heard story of Elvis' Jungle Room TV screen
By Tony Stuchbury
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Word got upstairs to Elvis regarding the incident and he came down to see if Guy was OK. Guy
remembers that he was in so much pain, "It hurt like the Dickens", and all he can remember is
seeing Elvis, but in the end all was well and the job well done.

Over the years Guy has told his kids the story of how he got to see Elvis after his accident with
the table at Graceland, but without proof it was just another story right?

A few years ago, Guy and his family took a Graceland tour while visiting Memphis and Guy
recalls his son looking for the 'table of pain' while on that tour, and then his excitement of
coming up from the Graceland basement and finding it still right there in the den /jungle room

Since I was told this story it has stuck in the back of my mind, and who would have thought I
would now discover in an old book purchased back in the late 1980's, pictures of that TV in the
Den/Jungle room. Not only that but two men are pictured installing it too...Could this be Alex &
After watching the 'Geek beat TV'  YouTube clip via the story on the EER news page, and seeing Kevin Kern of EPE in the Den/Jungle Room talking about
the projection TV Elvis had installed in front of the waterfall wall, a memory was vividly recalled.

On a visit three years ago with Alanna Nash, a story was told that has only just, in 2011, come to final fruition. She told me about her dentist and his 'quirky'
1970's Elvis story.

Between the years 1972 - 1974 he was a military dental officer stationed at Millington on the outskirts of Memphis, and he had a friend, Alex, who worked for
a local TV store in Memphis that had a special order to deliver and install a large screen projection TV at GRACELAND, and yes you guessed it, THAT very
same projection TV that has just been talked about on Geek beat TV.

Alex who was a big Elvis fan, called Guy his friend and fellow Elvis fan, and asked him if he would like to go out to Elvis' house?
So as you have probably guessed, Guy tagged along on the job as the co installer on the day.

As the Graceland gates opened female fans rushed through and approached the vehicle containing Guy and Alex with requests to ask them to get Elvis'
autograph for them and to let him know that they were waiting at the gates. Obviously they replied that they just couldn't do that, much to the dismay of the
girls at the gates.

Once up at the house, and while carrying in the BIG TV, Guy had an accident, he caught his right leg on the coffee table in the den and was brought to his
knees (literally) and his leg began to bleed.
I emailed the images over to Alanna, but what with work loads and one thing and another time just passed by...Just this week (June 2011) she managed to
get the shots to him and you guessed it, he's thrilled because it is him pictured on that very day!!!

He has no recollection of anyone taking the photos and this is the first time he has ever seen them, and like I said to him, 'well now you have the proof!'
For me this short story has been three years in the making, but for Guy it's been around thirty seven years !
It's only a small story and of no great consequence in the Elvis world, but I just love personal Elvis related stories like this.
Guy and Alex are still friends to this today.
Thanks Guy, I enjoyed talking with you.
Guy as he is today,
and hard at work in
the Jungle Room
installing the huge
Elvis Express Radio / Tony Stuchbury                                                                                                                     Elvis Express Radio / Tony Stuchbury