By Allen Nies
I've been collecting Elvis all my life...Now it ends...It just is getting to expensive for me...I have all the FTD releases but when they decided to release the
'King Creole' as a book /CD this was the last straw for me!  

They should of release this like all the other movies soundtracks with a booklet and 1/2 the price. In my opinion these CD's are not worth $29.98 anyway.
The vinyl LP's are $40.98 and these are the prices on the EPE site. They are even more on some other Elvis websites.  

The world economy and ours (the fans) are going down the tubes. How can people afford all of this? There is no way that I will ever pay $749 for the soon to
be release
'Elvis The Complete Masters', let's face it, I have all the songs that are on this box set...Now let’s get to the Elvis concerts on the FTD
releases...How many concerts do you need when they’re basically all the same songs?

With all the stuff that has been released on Elvis since he died....Who can afford all this?

We have stores that have been offering discounts of up to 50% or 80% to just get people into their stores and to shop. Do you think SONY or EPE would
offer this kind of deal? I have the answer...NO.  

People are without Jobs and they need to feed their families.

This year doesn't even feel like an Elvis birthday celebration...I remember when he would of turned 50, it really felt like Elvis was here all over again!  

Walmart were promoting a lot of Elvis stuff and you would walk into a Walmart store and just see the Elvis displays all over the store.  Now it feels like all they
want to do is make money. They botched the
'Elvis On Tour' release and I really feel Elvis would not be happy if he knew his fans had to pay an arm and
leg to get his music, he loved his fans very much.  

It's like the Elvis box set
'Elvis 75 - Good Rocking Tonight', I could pay between $45-$80 to have this, but that would be stupid...I have all the songs.  

I've just come to the point where I have had it....The fans need to stop buying this stuff then maybe things will change? Kind of like a boycott!
Also, I'm tired of making Priscilla, Lisa Marie and her kids rich.

I will celebrate Elvis' passing this week and the rest of the year. I really miss him and I do love him. But there's only so much a person can take. I hope Elvis
is resting in peace, because he earned it and I know that he's with my lord.  
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