One fan is trying to get Elvis fans from around the world to join together to save Elvis' honeymoon home.
On February 8th 1967, Elvis purchased a 163-acre ranch in Walls, Mississippi, for just under half a million dollars ($437,000 to be exact). For the next
several months Elvis and the gang would enjoy spending a lot of time at the ranch which Elvis named
'Circle G'. The ranch would become a happy diversion
for Elvis as his frustration and unhappiness over the state of his career reaches its peak. The ranch would also go on to serve as newlywed's Elvis & Priscilla'
Honeymoon home.

Elvis would sell the ranch in the early 1970's but soon after Elvis' death in 1977, the then owner turned it into a Elvis tourist attraction by charging fans $2.00
to tour the ranch and see the famous white cross and the BBQ pit which was built soon after Elvis purchased the property which has his initials built in to the
brick work. In around 2001, a millionaire business man announced plans to turn Circle G into a major Elvis theme park but all the elaborate plans came to

Since then the home and grounds have become neglected and now one fan from Warrington, England called Lesley Pilling has decided to stand up and try
to get Circle G turned into a real, working Elvis tourist attraction. Below is what Lesley sent to me...
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Yes.... you read it right!
This is Elvis’ beloved Circle G Ranch House in Horn Lake Mississippi. This is the house that Elvis & Priscilla spent probably the happiest part of their
honeymoon in.

This is the place where Elvis spent many, many happy times, where he could escape from ‘Elvis – the myth’ and was able to be just an ordinary guy messing
about on horses, driving tractors and generally having a great time.

It is dilapidated, falling down and will very soon be lost forever if something isn’t done and done soon!

We need to gather Elvis fan support from all over the world. If we can show the powers that be (i.e. the present owners of Circle G, Elvis Presley Enterprises
and the Local Government of Horn Lake) how important this place is - then maybe, just maybe - we have a chance of saving it.

Initially I need to evaluate the sort of support this cause has - only then will we be able to set our plans into motion. I am attempting to negotiate with the
present owners to ascertain what it would cost to rescue and repair the ranch house - in the future, if we have enough support, we may be able to launch a
fundraising campaign to carry our the necessary repairs - wouldn't that be great!

I have set up a facebook site -
friends of Elvis - Save the circle G Campaign

We are asking for your help to Save The Circle G Ranch House - Our Campaign is aiming to galvanize worldwide fan support before this significant piece
of Elvis’ history is lost forever.

Our aim is to save and restore the ranch house thus preserving a piece of history. If you feel able to pledge your support -
please get in touch.

Visit our Facebook Site:
Friends of Elvis – Save the Circle G Campaign

E-mail US at:

We Need Your Help