E.E.R listener Ida Ritter takes a look back at the book 10 Years On
By Ida Ritter
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The Author of this book Mr. Arjan Deelen did a beautiful job with this well designed book, not too big but it's
so beautiful and with the very precise explanations at the bottom of the pages. I enjoyed reading and looking
at every page of this book and have gone back many times to view those pages to enjoy those photos over
and over again.

The photos in this book are unique, and as far as I am concerned, some of the best photos taken of Elvis on
stage are by
Laurens van Houten, not only because they look great, but because of the huge effort he
had to employ in order to take them as he describes, when we all know that officially no cameras were
allowed at the Hilton and at Elvis’ shows.  The description of how he introduced the camera and the position
he had to take to produce such wonderful photos that we can see today in both full colour and in black and
white is interesting, and I have to congratulate him for such wonderful job in taking those photographs which
we can still see and enjoy today, thank you Laurens Van Houten for making that possible.  

The interviews conducted with Elvis’ musicians were so informative, short bit they give us the real inside look
of what a great entertainer and singer Elvis was, when at the same time, they can make us so sad as they
describe his frustrations and how greater he could have been if he would have been given the opportunity to
do so. Because we can conclude from these quotes that much of his frustration and sadness were the main
cause of his untimely passing.

This book is so nice to read, the description of how great his voice was, how he could sing anything. This is
well described in the book, not all singers can do that, and it's this fact which set him aside from any other
entertainer in the world, making him a unique one, and the communication he had with the audience every
time he was on the stage, his charisma and his dedication to his music and his commitment to his fans, all of
this is ever so well described and documented in this beautiful book.

I have to congratulate Mr. Deelen for this beautiful book, not a lot of pages but really well done and really
well described and to Mr Houten, thank you for such wonderful and essential photos which capture how truly  
great this man was and how much love he generated through his music and his amazing voice that never
abandon him, even at the end.
"Elvis: Caught In A Trap" is a must for all Elvis fans.
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"Elvis: Caught In A Trap"
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