(A Fans Review).
By Ida Ritter
This is just a general opinion about Elvis books.  I personally buy almost all Elvis books, some of them have terrific photos, but others
lots of photos and lack of creativity.

Elvis in Gold:
This book has beautiful photos, in black and white, some never before published or seen, but very little to read about them! In my
opinion, some informative next to the photos would have made this book more interesting while reading it.  The title could have been

The cover and the paper is outstanding, but I do not believe that it stands up to its name.

Elvis Vegas 69:
This is a beautiful book, with a terrific cover and outstanding set up and paper, not counting the beautiful photos, we are able to read
about what was said by the real people that were sitting right there with him, next to him and those that lived with Elvis those
unforgettable moments. The 68 comeback marked the return of Elvis and the reclaiming of his title: The King.

And then the opening night at the International marked the culmination of his career and put Elvis at the top of the list in the entertaining
world without any doubts.

I do have to say that in many instances, 'Vegas 69' repeats many stories that have been written about in other books which I personally
have read many times before. Like the story of Elvis setting up his living quarters in the dressing room of NBC, and the at the very last
minute he almost refused to go out on stage.  

Those stories and many other stories in this book have been written about before. But on the whole, the way this book is set up is
outstanding, and very well designed.

Now, I am in no way saying this is not a good book. This is just my personal opinion to say that many of these books are a repetition of
the same things, just portrayed in different ways, but it is always very nice to see all the new photos and look at our hero looking so good
and thinking, how would he have looked today if he was alive? But at the same time I could not say, as with other books I have read, that
I could not put it down.
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