So just HOW would you get to go into Elvis Presley's bedroom at Graceland?
While Graceland has become the 2nd most visited home in America with millions of people going through the
mansion where Elvis lived & relaxed, yet Elvis Presley's private bedroom, as in life remains a closed door. With the
exception of the 1981 Warner Brothers movie 'This Is Elvis', very few people have ever seen inside the Kings private

So, just what is it you need to do to be able to get up those stairs and to walk into the King's bedroom?

Access is extremely tight, so tight in-fact that the only two people who have unlimited access to Elvis' bedroom is his
daughter, Lisa Marie and his ex-wife, Priscilla.


Not even EPE CEO Jack Soden or Archives Manager, Angie Marchese have access. Both of these have to get prior
written permission from either Lisa Marie or Priscilla.

So, if you fancy paying a visit to Elvis' bedroom, what are the procedures in order to gain access?

First step is to send a written memo to CEO Jack Soden laying out the reason or reasons for gaining access to the
room, along with an estimated time needed to be inside.

Next, if the Memo gets approval by Jack Soden, he will then send it off to the representatives of either Lisa Marie or
Priscilla. They will then either approve or disapprove the application and send their decision back to Jack Soden.

If approved, Jack Soden will then enter the Graceland Vaults in order to retrieve the keys to the bedroom. The main
door to the room has two combinations. Soden has one, while the other is held by the head of security for the entire
Graceland property.

OK, you have got the approval to enter the bedroom, you are then checked for any cameras or any filming devise
(such as cell phones etc) and then have to complete a form listing any items that you are taking up or bringing down
from the room. If there are any photos of a particular item taken in the room, then each photo is accounted for and
then stored in a safe by Jack Soden all the while the process is ongoing.

Then, Soden or one of the Graceland security staff will escort the representatives, which is usually Angie Marchese
(Head of Archives) to the upstairs area and open the two locked doors to the bedroom.

Once in the room, the amount of time you are inside is logged and documented for the Graceland records.

The carpet, drapes and furniture are still pretty much the same as when Elvis left us. However, most of the
belongings such as his clothes, his jewellery and other perishables have been removed from the room and have all
been catalogued and stored away in the vaults.

It is reported that Lisa Marie has taken many of her friends and husbands, including Nicholas Cage, Pink & Michael
Jackson up to see her fathers bedroom and his private bathroom, where he was found dead on August 16th 1977.
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